NosyFred's Serial Numbers List

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01W Editor v1.0 Win95 Name: [email protected] s/n: 2888,29 or s/n: 2888.29
1-4 All v0.92 Win Name: tHATDUDE s/n: 000000000004686 or s/n: 000000000104685
1-4-All English Version Name: psychobit s/n: 035820179101791
1-4-All HTML Editor v1.0 Name: dumbo s/n: 020210101001011
125% Service-Providers Marketing Software Win95 s/n: 14106-124-0145506
1st Contact (16-bit) v1.05.00 Win Name: TheBrabo Company: Brabo IDActivation: 6455474253354245
1st Contact (32-bit) v1.07.00 Win95/NT4 Name: TheBrabo Company: Brabo IDActivation: 6455474253354245
2020 Install Creator DOS s/n: enterprise
2020 PC-Install Pro v5.08 s/n: prov5
2020 PC-Install v4.16 Win s/n: foresight
2020 PC-Install v4.16 Win95 s/n: focalpoint
2020 PC-Install v4.2 DOS s/n: enterprise
2020 PC-Install v5.08 Win s/n: bird7
2020 SoftSentry v1.03 s/n: nimbus14
2020 SoftSentry v1.03 Lite Win s/n: westlake16
2020 SoftSentry v1.03 Lite Win95 s/n: joe88
2020 SoftSentry v1.11 Lite Win Run SSLITE16.EXE and use - s/n: westlake16
2020 SoftSentry v1.11 Lite Win95/NT Run SSLITE32.EXE and use - s/n: joe88
21Dic v5.0 s/n: 21D5TS-FXyH-000293
32 Card Bridge v1.5
Name: s/n: 039031
Name: Riz la+ s/n: 6225733
Name: my Mom s/n: 356970
Name: the Public Domain s/n: 852131470
386 MaX v7.0
s/n: 240-104343
s/n: 40070455048
s/n: 40090206002
386 MaX v8.0
s/n: 820229830945
s/n: 820600430043
s/n: 820600430304
s/n: 820600430430
s/n: 820600433004
s/n: 820600433400
s/n: 820604030043
s/n: 820604030430
s/n: 820604033004
s/n: 820925031207
3D Animation v5.0 s/n: A50070205
3D Audio v0.99b Win
Name: [email protected] s/n: 1fd518681b8097b
Name: MCVD 1997 s/n: 4a3811dd93d8123
Name: lgb [REVOLT] s/n: 3a1d4b789388173
3D Audio v1.0 Name: MCVD [DARK EMPIRE] s/n: c951443fe72c5d7
3D Audio v1.0a Name: Rizla+ Code: 2d112edf7f16117
3D Calendar 32 v2.30
Name: Happy New Year 1998 s/n: 8CCD6C5C
Name: PhaNToM 98 s/n: AD1252AC
Name: Registered s/n: E7298AC6
3D Dominoes v1.0 s/n: SPLASH
3D Dominos v1.4 Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 521126820
3D Express Win95 s/n: fp079-851-920-960
3D Express by Syntonics s/n: fp475-554-326-366
3D HotSlots s/n: 374296
3D KeyBoard v2.4 Win95 s/n: 3DK-W31-20002
3D Stereo v2.0 Name: Nambulu s/n: 605-199-924
3D StudioMAX Win95 s/n: 820-6040-30430
3D StudioMAX v2.0 (Build 220) Win95 s/n: 465b9874
3D View v1.0 Win s/n: 460140
3D Website Builder v1.0
s/n: 3DWAE316-000-3549
s/n: 3DWAG033-000-28A1
s/n: 3DWEB053-000-1C10
s/n: GMCAH109-000-9AC8
3D Website Builder v1.0 by Virtus Win95/NT
s/n: 3DWAE316-000-3549
3D v1.2 by MacroMedia Mac s/n: T120-12345-CP4U
3DS Max Kinetix Character Studio v1.1
a1. Run the SETUP.EXE file found in the /CStudio11 dir
a2. In 3dsmax, the first time you click the Create Biped button it will ask you for a serial number, use s/n: F9B1DA43
3DS Max v1.2 by Kinetix
a1. Run the SETUP.EXE file found in the /3dsmax12 dir
a2. When prompted to insert diskette, choose browse, and navigate to the /3dsmax12/Disk2 dir.
a3. After Setup is complete, go to the installed /3dsmax dir on your hard-drive. Rename the 3dsmax.exe file to 3dsmax.old
a4. Now copy the file 3dsmax.exe from the /3dsmax/Crack dir to the installed /3dsmax dir on your hard-drive alt ver note: auth: 4C8E9915
4D Backup v1.5x Mac
s/n: 176286538597270
s/n: 433986608542308
s/n: 640992100238542
4D Calc v1.5x Mac
s/n: A/063110740054
s/n: D/021528454403
s/n: O/627866751536
4D Chart v1.1x Mac
s/n: CM645230973406
s/n: DB397566567613
s/n: KR803043753200
4D Compiler Pro v2.5.1 s/n: 7455FAF5575E7A
4D Compiler Pro v2.5.2
s/n: 2ED49AF2D242E4
s/n: 7DF77DFF4520F4
s/n: 97AED0AE2FE004
s/n: 9E4DFADEF97DF4
s/n: D00FE4E477459A
s/n: E49A4A0DA7F09A
4D Compiler v2.3 Mac
s/n: 20996169922891
s/n: 20996169923881
s/n: 20996169924871
s/n: 20996169925861
s/n: 20996169926851
s/n: 20996169927841
s/n: 20996169928831
s/n: 20996169929821
4D Connectivity v1.5 Mac
s/n: 7803D4C8AD6EC6
s/n: 7804D4C8AD6EC6
s/n: 7812D4C8AD6EC6
s/n: 7A22B8578D3510
s/n: 7A25B8578D3510
s/n: 7A34B8578D3510
s/n: B7CAA0A7ED407A
s/n: B7DBA0A7ED407A
s/n: B7DCA0A7ED407A
4D Developer v3.0.1 and v3.2 Mac s/n: 34868520554560
4D Developer v3.5x Mac and Win
s/n: 10732252575221
s/n: 15163178775271
s/n: 30882059141450
s/n: 34868520554560
4D Insider v2.0.1 s/n: 11306000000000
4D Insider v2.5x Mac
s/n: 11306000000000
s/n: 16841263497281
s/n: 56570463850540
s/n: 82708755461001
4D Online Help v3.0.5 Mac s/n: 123456400
4D Online Help v3.15 Mac and Win
s/n: 123456400
s/n: 131777221
s/n: 144835511
s/n: 146565601
s/n: 654321301
4D Online Help v3.x.x
s/n: 131777221
s/n: 144835511
s/n: 146565601
4D Runtime Classic v3.5 Mac
s/n: 41576482682631
s/n: 57447624808840
s/n: 79808969582911
4D Runtime v2.01
s/n: S-342590516249
s/n: T-302092506051
s/n: T-302092516051
s/n: U-302191537161
s/n: V-302290527273
4D Server NEW! LIC: 82C740E7EB64CCCD s/n: 92019594 ID: 09822727A44E3C8
4D Server v1.5x Mac
s/n: 06000C008189283
s/n: 07008015908800E
s/n: 0D81C62A82C4508
4D Web SmartServer v3.5x Mac
s/n: 64704D55C91049
s/n: 64734D55C91049
s/n: 64774D55C91049
s/n: 80D1466D342A3B
s/n: 80D2466D342A3B
s/n: 80D5466D342A3B
s/n: A80315CB7A7D2C
s/n: A80415CB7A7D2C
s/n: A80715CB7A7D2C
4D Write v2.1
s/n: 16841263497281
s/n: 522691 Card: P.040029220455
s/n: 56570463850540
s/n: 82708755461001
4D Write v2.5x Mac
s/n: F.042101062113
s/n: V.022123232255
s/n: W.133100569738
4DoS v5.00 s/n: 111209 Code: 8VS2PGCK
4Files v3.30+
Name: THE KEY s/n: 63349995394
Name: TwinHead s/n: 63459995756
4Play v4.95.30 Win95/NT Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 3729617
4th Dimension v2.0.11
s/n: D-205200607255
s/n: D-225490055617
s/n: H-243178434494
s/n: X-242064960694
4th Right s/n: V-302290527273
4th Right Mac s/n: Butterball
5-Or-More v1.0a Win Name: romeo '97 s/n: 16135510
5-Or-More v2.0 Name: "Put your name" s/n: 16135510
8 Ball Deluxe s/n: ZJLFDN5TMAJ
8 Ball Deluxe v1.0.1 s/n: 6267EM11002
8 Ball Slots v1.1 s/n: 748119
80C196 C-compiler v5.0 s/n: 7265
8Ball DeLuxe II s/n: EZ001114301
8Leg Web Studio Name: LordByte in 1996 organisation: #cracking s/n: 145E6063
95 Systeme Backup v3.0 Win95 s/n: PT-645-1865 Code: c-17.031 Name: lxsc97 Reg#: 19971234 NetworkRegNumber: 11112222
9x WebSpider v3.7.71 Win95/NT s/n: CNT1997-114

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