NosyFred's Serial Numbers List

[ 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z ]

C.B.S.O v2.6 s/n: SYSTEM
C999-022-2560 s/n: 6235-6371-9731-4525-7831
CA CliPPeR v5.30 build 32? Name: MarQuiS De SoiRée comp/UCF s/n: 085511-432164
CA Clipper DOS s/n: FCD101080
CA Clipper ToolKit Win s/n: FTK201021
CA Clipper v2.0 Win s/n: FCW201169
CA Clipper v5.01a s/n: CDX 232393
CA Clipper v5.3 Win s/n: 1055110-23047
CA Clipper v5.3+
Name: MarQuiS De Soire company: UCF s/n: 085511-432164
Name: MarQuiS De Soir‚e company: UCF s/n: 085511-432164
CA Clipper v5.30 build 32x
s/n: 085511-432164 Name: MarQuiS De SoiR+e Compa: UCF
s/n: 085511-732209 Name: bit miXer Compa: THHG
s/n: 085511-732209 Name: bitmiXer Comp: THHG
CA DBfast v2.0 Win & OS/2 s/n: 026220D30200
CA REALIZER v2.0 Win & OS/2 s/n: 1064100-20010
CA Simply Accounting v3.0a Win s/n: 1021602-52559
CA Simply Accounting v4.0b Win s/n: 1020602-212703
CA Super Project Win v4.0 s/n: 1071300-22830
CA Visual Object v1.0 Win s/n: 1062301-96825
CAD DRAW v4.23 by Tommy Software Win
Name: THE RIDDLER [X-FORCE TEAM] s/n: 04352-04.16-55170-075
Name: [email protected] s/n: 04200-04.10-29235-525
CAD Easy Electrical SymBols for AutoCad LT s/n: 11301-001403-0120
CALMon v1.0 Win95 Name: [NCG] Company: DrStorm s/n: 72859591
CAM Wiz For Netmeeting v3.10 Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 44508-1682943421
CANDI Realmode NDIS-2 driver (CANDI 561E0800000 Candi.ini) s/n: 561E00800000
CANDI v1.31 Name: Floppy of RealLife s/n: 000000ff559f
CB Suite v7.0 for Delphi 2&3 Win95/NT Name: cbs s/n: c9734
CC Mail DOS v2.01 s/n: 19344030400
CC Mail user pack s/n: STP270J$67TPUD
CC Mail v1.11 Win s/n: 19342030390
CC Mail v4.0 DOS s/n: 19340030380
CCGREP v96.7.25 First Name: tHATDUDE Last Name: PC'96 Company: Cracker Reg Number: CYBERGREP
CD Alarm v2.12 Name: blastsoft s/n: 6ZA18655V
CD Alarm v2.2 Name: Durk [pc97] (press R on the nag or about screen) : s/n: 2WG18398D
CD Audio Dump v1.42 OS/2
(Press Alt-Shift-R on the about box) Name: FireHawk/UCF s/n: 5velrb2bth2vafg9osgzxqd3thfxm8rb
Name: DoH Enterprises s/n: kfg1a120ht61a2c6nvebavej1a2k582k
CD Automatic v1.0 Name: -=[PC]=- s/n: 89375227277519
CD Copy v1.0 s/n: C.012169
CD Directory v1.0 Mac s/n: 0400-5678-9012-5236
CD Directory v1.0.x
s/n: 0400-4880-7344-0743
s/n: 0400-5045-8441-9806
s/n: 0400-5283-5483-8636
CD Gen v4.1 Win s/n: GEN-W-9507-008
CD Label Printer Pro v1.1 Name: hbYd;fM s/n: The Key
CD Label Printer Pro v1.1.1
Name: CDWarez s/n: 498673851
Name: Cosmo Cramer s/n: 0498673851
CD Label Printer Pro v1.1.1 Win95
s/n: 118741873
s/n: 241834818
s/n: 498673851
s/n: 874871134
CD Namer v2.0.x s/n: 0027001335 'Anonymous'
CD Player v1.30 and v1.31 Win95 s/n: VW926AR2
CD Player v3.xx Name: THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] s/n: 79FB
CD Quick 95 v1.10 (cdquick.reg)
Line#1: REGEDIT4 Line#2: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Circuit Systems\CDQUICK] Line#3: "CacheName"="BYTE RIPPER" Line#4: "CacheKeyCode"="995C"
Line#1: REGEDIT4 Line#2: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Circuit Systems\CDQUICK] Line#3: "CacheName"="PHROZEN CREW 96" Line#4: "CacheKeyCode"="877F"
CD Quick Cache 3 Name: fACTOR_98 s/n: 0EE4
CD Quick Cache v1.10
Name: Dir&&Mir s/n: 96EE
Name: Dir&Mir key: 96EE
CD Quick Cache v1.11
Name: ??? key: 7BBD
Name: Batman key: DDB4
Name: Nope key: 0D33
Name: Who? key: 142E
Name: \\\\\\ key: 2A15
CD Quick Cache v1.20+
Name: 2U s/n: D987
Name: ????? key: B43C
Name: BEOWULF key: 3816
Name: DIR&MIR s/n: 96EE
Name: ME key: DF92
Name: NOBODY key: 3BCC
Name: SOMEBODY key: C864
Name: XXX key: 1209
Name: YOU key: 00FD
CD Quick Cache v1.30
(CDQ /NAME= /KEY=) Name: Me key: DF92
Name: ??? s/n: 7BBD
Name: Me key: DF92
Name: Nobody s/n: 3BCC
Name: Nope s/n: 0D33
Name: Somebody s/n: C864
Name: Who? s/n: 142E
Name: XXX s/n: 1209
Name: You s/n: 00FD
Name: \\\\\\ s/n: 2A15
CD Quick Cache v2.0 & v2.01 Win95
"CacheName"="_GIO_'96 [ICW]"
put this into the registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Circuit Systems\CDQUICK]
CD Quick Cache v3.0 Win95 Name:_GIO_'96 [ICW] s/n: 2884
CD Quick v3.00
Name: CARLSBERG s/n: A6E2
Name: MSP! s/n: DA67
CD QuickShare v1.0 Win s/n: 1021-0656-3338-4191
CD Spectrum Pro s/n: 64222
CD Spectrum Pro v2.0 Win95 s/n: 51095
CD Spectrum Pro v2.3 s/n: 51095
CD Spectrum Pro v3.1.310 Win95/NT
s/n: 51095
s/n: 51095-CB4-1996
s/n: 63827
s/n: 64222
CD Spectrum Pro v3.2 build 322 s/n: 64222
CD Speedster v1.0 s/n: PCVA-ZDDC-POAC-DAKCN
CD WiZZard v4.31 Win95
FName: 2U! LName: G.!.$ s/n: 3823
FName: 4U! LName: G.!.$ s/n: 3829
FName: CORE LName: JES s/n:4797
FName: DjPaul LName: [uCF] s/n: 2813
FName: Me! LName: GiS '97 s/n: 7132
FName: NoBoDy! LName: G.!.$ s/n: 9159
FName: ODIN initial: OF LName: PROVIDENCE s/n: 2323
FName: SoMeBoDy! LName: G.!.$ s/n: 3174
FName: TeLLeRBoP LName: [TeL/GiS] s/n: 8049
FName: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] initial: of LName: GiS '97 s/n: 8126
FName: You! LName: G.!.$ s/n: 5270
FName: romeo Initial: '97 LName: montaque s/n: 9008
CD Wizard v3.10 s/n: 12349 key: 20517 First_Name: MaC Initial: uCF Last_Name: Thunderbyte
CD Wizzard
Name: Bad s/n: 3680
Name: Byte s/n: 3459
Name: FVR s/n: 4051
Name: SAB s/n: 5795
CD Wizzard Demo (from VOB) Name: Saltine [PC] company: Phrozen Crew '98 s/n: 37319-10442644-11066
CD Wizzard v3.10 First_Name: MaC initial: uCF Last_Name: Thunderbyte key: 20517 s/n: 12349
CD Wizzard v4.14 First_Name: romeo Initial: '97 Last_Name: montaque s/n: 9008
CD Wizzard v4.2 First_Name: Mister Initial : Last_Name: WIL s/n: 8671
CD Wizzard v4.24 First_Name: GHOST initials: GRS Last_Name: RIDERS password: 7841
CD Wizzard v4.31
First_Name: Free Initial: R Last_Name: Reveal s/n: 5478
First_Name: teraphy Initial: Last_Name: pc97 s/n: 2800
CD Wizzard v4.x First_Name: tHATDUDE mid. initial: A Last_Name: Hacker (The key will be 13975) s/n: 3236
CD Worx v2.10.0579 Win95
Name: Cosmo Cramer KagiRegNo: 1212121212121212 s/n: VPATCJUEBDRJDLGM
Name: MCVD 1997 KagiRegNo: 1111111111111111 s/n: HILHLRGIVGZQALQX
CD Worx v2.10.0579 Win95/NT
Name: MCVD 1997 kagi-reg-no: 1111111111111111 s/n: HILHLRGIVGZQALQX
Name: Nihil / Breed KagiRegNo: 1234567890123456 s/n: NOCQCIVFRTYVHTFQ
Name: United Cracking Force KagiRegNo: 6666666666666666 s/n: INLFXCNSQPUUWBWR
Name: kOUGER! [CB4] KagiRegNo: 666-666-666-6666 s/n: AZHDTDCGIPMTALMU
CD Worx v2.21.0046 WinNT Name: Cosmo Cramer KagiRegNo: 1212121212121212 s/n: ZQIYKOBNKXVPDWFM
CD Writer v1.1 s/n: 1110100659950601
CD Writer v1.1 Win s/n: 111010065995601
CD-R Extensions v1.41c Win95 s/n: SW-CDRX-CD
CD-ROM Archiving Drag-N-Drop Nt3.51 & Win95 s/n: 12108084
CD-ROM Archiving Drag-N-Drop Win95/NT s/n: 12108084
CD-ROM Cheater v2.1 Win
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n #1: 3804 s/n #2: 7897 s/n #3: 4713 s/n #4: 1755 s/n #5: 3380 Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n #1: 3864 s/n #2: 7965 s/n #3: 5037 s/n #4: 1823 s/n #5: 3312 Name: Me! s/n #1: 2819 s/n #2: 6918 s/n #3: 6070 s/n #4: 0772 s/n #5: 2283 Name: You! s/n #1: 3144 s/n #2: 7245 s/n #3: 4349 s/n #4: 1103 s/n #5: 4000 Name: 2U! s/n #1: 3069 s/n #2: 7160 s/n #3: 5960 s/n #4: 1018 s/n #5: 2069
Name: [eGiS] / PCE s/n #1: 3442 s/n #2: 7543 s/n #3: 4551 s/n #4: 1397 s/n #5: 3738
CD-ROM Emulator (run CDCR REG) Name: CyBoRG^TpiNC s/n_1: 3702 s/n_2: 7796 s/n_3: 4803 s/n_4: 1649 s/n_5: 3486
CD-ROM Recording Tools v3.3F Name: TheBrabo company: TheBrabo unlock#/12-26-EED1-EA4B4BEA check#/EA4B4BF8-34-EEF7-EA4BA53B
CD-ROM Update v0.3 beta
(edit CDROM.REG)
(edit CDROM.REG), Name: Batmanm bbs: Gotham, line #1: Registration key : 26579781
Name: *** bbs: *** line #1: Registration key : 1419400
Name: --- bbs: --- line #1: Registration key : 1726522
Name: ??? bbs: ??? line #1: Registration key : 4669252
Name: Batman bbs: Gotham line #1: Registration key : 26579781
Name: Me bbs: XXX line #1: Registration key : 48085
Name: Nobody bbs: XXX line #1: Registration key : 33226941
Name: Somebody bbs: XXX line #1: Registration key : 25479647
Name: Who? bbs: XXX line #1: Registration key : 14504475
Name: XXX bbs: XXX line #1: Registration key : 12640594
Name: You bbs: XXX line #1: Registration key : 21353794
CD-ROM Update v0.3+
bbs : G.!.$ Name: 2U! s/n: 2660038
bbs: G.!.$ Name: 4U! s/n: 2761018
bbs: G.!.$ Name: ???! s/n: 12361499
bbs: G.!.$ Name: Me! s/n: 4760422
bbs: G.!.$ Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 1219538
bbs: G.!.$ Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 13907134
bbs: G.!.$ Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 25544768
bbs: G.!.$ Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5348233
bbs: G.!.$ Name: Xxx! s/n: 15526867
bbs: G.!.$ Name: You! s/n: 128531
CD-Rom Recording Tools v3.0d by Golden Hawk
Name: PC '97 Company: [email protected] s/n: 2397899852
Name: PhRoZeN CReW Company: [email protected] s/n: 2993633995
Name: The Keyboard Caper Company: PC '97 s/n: 2366225075
Name: The Keyboard Caper Company: [email protected] s/n: 2134003540
Name: [AquA] Company: [email protected] s/n: 3328579628
CD-Rom Recording Tools v3.0e by Golden Hawk Name: Killer+Bee Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 2846170205
CDDA Win s/n: D16C37D17575F13737370012657
CDMatic v1.0 Dos/Win s/n: 9703728
CDR 32bits Win95 Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] company/email: [email protected] s/n: 2869351628
CDR Win v3.1D (Golden Hawk) Name: Prizna Company : Plate Steel Productions s/n: 1180236277
CDR Win v3.1c Name: Hackerjack! Company: PHRoZeN CReW s/n: 413236786
CDR Win v3.1e DAO Win
Name: Jeff Aranold Company: DaoNet s/n: 732586572
Name: REGISTERED: company: REGISTERED: s/n: 713697866
CDR Win v3.2D Name: |JAKE| Company: [UCF97] s/n: 2074800868
CDR Win v3.3 Win Name: Robert Herrin Company: Email : [email protected] Unlock-key: 30d86468-6834917d-d2cad3da-d74da4ac Check-key: e795c0c4-58ecf515-bafe42a7-05877776
CDR Win v3.3a DOS Name: Val Petru Company: Email: [email protected] Unlock key: 85ebc3a5-c85ce953-e49ff048-f4de3f7d Check key: 7135fcd8-4db72af6-2cc3191b-1041cf35
CDR Win v3.3a Win Name: Val Petru Company: Email: [email protected] Unlock key: cc3f7ae2-45ff6b16-c428c6dd-c24bd933 Check key: 0e74a3d1-89c011f4-81d7adcb-06631fee
CDRom Recording Tools v3.1e by Golden Hawk Win
Name: 2U! company/email: G.i.S s/n: 598412664
Name: Hackerjack! company/email: PHRoZeN CReW s/n: 413236786
Name: Jeff Aranold compa: DaoNet s/n: 3784026825
Name: Killer+Bee company/email: Phrozen Crew s/n: 2846170205
Name: Lost Soul [UCF] s/n: 2454787388
Name: Me! company/email: G.i.S s/n: 1261719534 Name: You! company/email: G.i.S s/n: 378378855
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] company/email: [email protected] s/n: 1881524694
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] company/email: [email protected] s/n: 2336486537
Name: Zoji Madago company/email: [email protected] s/n: 408310765
Name: tHEpHARAo^mSH company/email: [email protected] s/n: 4277893861
Name: xOANON company: UCF-97 s/n: 913672926
CDValet v3.01 Win95 Name: lgb s/n: dORfK-CRACK-CRACK-CRACK
CDValet v3.30 UserName: CGTDRDQDLBB SCPDGL ---> Key: bfdde-fcfdf-fcccb-afddf
CDValet v3.31 Name: [anything you like] s/n: BAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA
CE Tiles v1.0 s/n: 100369
CGI Executor v1.01 s/n: 05000000
CGI Star Duo v1.02 Win95 s/n: t6f667
CGI Star Duo v1.03 Win95 s/n: AA3852-AA912-45AAA-12345-7896385
CGI Star Duo v1.04 s/n: CD1096-US173-57UNT-00101-3207634
CGI Star Pro
s/n: CM5104-XV697-PC5C8-67529-6304796
s/n: CW0939-BM076-WV9Z6-71542-7138631
s/n: RT8449-SJ318-OL3X0-69969-4878764
s/n: XB4673-MY849-SU5L5-12851-3602448
CGI Star Pro v2.0 Win
s/n: AI3653-BH281-ML6C5-00098-9076833
s/n: CE2511-SY073-ZE7R8-19363-5036765
s/n: HD4288-UY746-VW8N7-73884-8485847
s/n: KZ2869-CB727-UC1B2-51213-5442539
s/n: MR9266-UY337-OH0O7-54477-3013451
s/n: NI3694-SH780-MO6T7-82218-5639934
s/n: QH5195-CK623-LX9W3-70008-0088706
s/n: RG1940-SX825-TG3N4-77234-6777652
s/n: VO5895-YW689-OP5L2-67064-4260083
s/n: YX3341-LJ410-LT1V1-51443-1863228
CGI Star Pro v2.2
s/n: CPAWMV-US173-JK1N1-LEVKG-3207634
s/n: CPETPG-US173-JK1N1-HNMRT-3207634
s/n: CPFFFF-US173-JK1N1-FFFFF-3207634
s/n: CPJUHF-US173-JK1N1-WURTY-3207634
s/n: CPYYGV-US173-JK1N1-VYNRF-3207634
CGI Star Pro v2.4 Win
s/n: CPBAVP-US173-JK1N1-BRMYD-3207634
s/n: CPBMWT-US173-JK1N1-IFPQJ-3207634
s/n: CPFRYO-US173-JK1N1-DDHGQ-3207634
s/n: CPGBEI-US173-JK1N1-PJDNN-3207634
s/n: CPIGYB-US173-JK1N1-WYAQK-3207634
s/n: CPIYKA-US173-JK1N1-NVEGD-3207634
s/n: CPMHQY-US173-JK1N1-OAXVR-3207634
s/n: CPSLWB-US173-JK1N1-JTCPX-3207634
s/n: CPTXJW-US173-JK1N1-HQTVP-3207634
s/n: CPVMIS-US173-JK1N1-YIENR-3207634
CGI Star Pro v3.1 s/n: CPXXXX-US173-JK1N1-XXXXX-3207634
CGI Star Pro v3.1 Win95/NT s/n: CPXXXX-US173-JK1N1-87437-3207634
CGI Star Pro v3.2 s/n: CP1013-US173-JK1N1-31337-3207634
CHESSTREE v1.10 Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 3732795-2631321
CICS for smaltalk v4.0 Win95 s/n: C999-022-2560
CICS v2.01 OS/2 single-user s/n: UN74802 multi-user s/n: UN74786
CICS v2.01 OS/2 multi user s/n: UN74786
CICS v2.01 OS/2 single user s/n: UN74802
CIDMan v1.28
Name: PrOmetheus Tel No: 555-000-9999 s/n: [email protected]
Name: [NCG] Phone Number: 1111111111 s/n: 108X645N98
CM TextFind v2.5 Dos
(Cmtfind.exe /NRI) Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + -- bbs: Blue Devils Courier s/n: 377462064
Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 377197731
CM Textfind v2.5 Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] bbs: Blue Devils Courier s/n: 377462064
CM Viewer v3.10 s/n: 44718494P31
CM-Textfind v2.5 Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] bbs/Blue DevilsCourier s/n: 377462064
CMED v1.08b Name: Crack da WareZ s/n: BMBKEJANEJ
CMED v2.0 html editor
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: BOBPELHPLO
Name: everyone s/n: IJKOIKDTFO
Name: me and just to me s/n: GKDMESJNFJ
Name: surva / pc96 s/n: ASEKINBNHM
CMED v2.0a 95 Name: Aesculapius s/n: JTANBSFTGN
CMED v2.0a HTML Editor Name: Gauss X s/n: DQGPKSJKBJ
CMED v2.1b
Name: MJ13 Friends s/n: BKCNANCNCP
Name: Marylin Monroe s/n: CLBJENCJCL
CMEditor v1.08a
s/n: CMBKBMDNEJ Name: mARQUIS 1996 [uCF]
CMP QWK-reader v1.42 Win
Name: 2U! s/n: 33333 key: 68343
Name: 4U! s/n: 33333 key: 68345
Name: Me! s/n: 33333 key: 68354
Name: Misha [UCF] s/n: 33333 key: 73051
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 33333 key: 70693
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 33333 key: 71863
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 33333 key: 71901
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 33333 key: 77090
Name: Xxx! s/n: 33333 key: 69516
Name: You! s/n: 33333 key: 68966
CMP QWk-reader v1.42
Name: Me! s/n: 33333 kry: 68354
Name: tHATDUDE! Reg: 66666666 key: -27246
CMed v2.1b Win95/NT
Name: Cell Block 4 s/n: EMEJBJEKDN
Name: Crack da WareZ s/n: BMBKEJANEJ
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: BOBPELHPLO
Name: TheForceTeam s/n: HLIJFKHPCR
Name: everyone s/n: IJKOIKDTFO
Name: mARQUIS 1996 [uCF] s/n: CMBKBMDNEJ
Name: me and just to me s/n: GKDMESJNFJ
Name: surva / pc96 s/n: ASEKINBNHM
CO/Session Remote v7.0 DOS/Win/Win95
s/n: 46290017865
s/n: 86290020428
CO/Session v5.0 Host s/n: TT122335
CO/Session v6.1
s/n: T500600845
s/n: TT122337
COM v5.05 Name: Gauss X Code: 295369-195456
CPIC 32 Name: JT Phone : 8649 Key : HG6AGF2BBB
CPIC 32 v1.52 Name: Ronald Abarca Phone Number: 7709859164 Registration No: RGM-SP8-W42C
CPIC 32 v1.61
Name: cookie king Phone Number: 9043880869 reg: 314-WTF-QBBB
Name: cookie king ph: 9043880869 reg: 314-WTF-QBBB
CPU Indicator v1.1
Name: COSMO CRAMER s/n: 049B2600
Name: NAMBULU s/n: 326F1D00
Name: PC 97 s/n: AA5D6C00
Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: 5A9B2600
Name: REGISTRED s/n: 17801C00
CPU Meter v1.1b OS/2
Name: Bingo Bongo s/n: RDCIBKKUSN
Name: John Doe s/n: FGQKRAP
CPU Monitor Plus v2.30 OS/2 v2.1 s/n: CPUP-V230-512073
CPU Monitor Plus v2.31 OS/2 s/n: CPUP-V231-500113
CRACKING fORCE s/n: 100-29692373
CRT v1.1.2 Terminal program Win95 Name: FuJY Company: axis s/n: 00-00-000000 key: 135MJDRGQNMDMJPAGEK8SFJVNOIIBR35
CRT v1.12 b6.4 telnet Name: FuJY Company: Axis 9t6 s/n: 00-00-000000 expiration: 01-01-2000 s/n: QNF7QKLSJ27K654VR2LSIONRJ6B1K4JT
CRT v1.1B1 uNLOCK Code: 1111201 Name: DjPaul [uCF] cOMPANY : [lEAVE eMPTY] s/n: 00-00-000000 kEY : JJJF DH1P 98R1 55T9 SQH0 JMLG A9S7 EL9D
CRT v2.0 Name: CDWarez Company: Crack Da Warez 97 Expiration: Never (EVEN THIS IS CASE SENSITIVE) s/n: 12-34-567890 key: DTIT FKMJ 40BN NCRG NPQV RO1D 8958 E1E6
CRT v2.0 Final Name: ODIN 97 company: REBELS s/n: 06-66-000000 expires: never key: 8088 3602 1373 7638 2091
CRT v2.0B Name: Reveals Company: Serial Backup Serial N: 01-11-002795 Expiration: Never s/n: 9AV377AD6AM52PM34TQLCLH3JQ26TVAL
CRT v2.0b (official release) Name: VdR Company: VdR Team s/n: 01-20-999999 Expiration: Never key: 3918 1387 0325 9891 2134
CRT v2.0c Win95 Name: low budget Company: low budget s/n: 01-11-002794 Expiration: Never key: 9lb7 m1bn b5ge vpsu soif 8e7p fhf2 acqp
CRT v2.0e Name: _RudeBoy_ Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 01-20-999999 Expires: Never key: 4420 8099 6299 2000 9448
CS1x Edit v1.22a Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: $54FC894E
CSE 3310 HTML Validator Win
Name: FLiPKiCK [ORBiT/GNX] s/n: Uf{av: Q`>UcYcXFvZ9we
Name: FLiPKiCK [ORBiT/GNX] s/n: Uf{av:Q`>UcYcXFvZ9we
Name: FLiPKiCK [ORBiT/GNX] s/n: Uf{av|Q`>UcYcXFvZ9we
CSE 3310 HTML Validator v2.0
Name: Bill Gates s/n: l7UYfNRcU8
Name: Cosmo Cramer 1997 s/n: ecEcRdwc3b<`bw5 watch out upper and lower case
CSE 3310 HTML Validator v2.00 Name: romeo '97 s/n : F57cRc7OZR (note : its an "O", not a zero
CSE 3310 HTML Validator v2.00B Name: MCVD [ZIPWAREZ] s/n : ScWb>ceLd5VYad}Z
CSE 3310 HTML Validator v2.01 Name: romeo [d4c] s/n : dqO78M8TRPV8 (that's an `O', not a zero)
CSE 3310 HTML Validator v2.01a
Name: MCVD 1997 s/n : K4U788q488
Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: KLc7TpC3l3a7
CSE 3310 HTML Validator v2.50 Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: V87mMQZOWWV8
CSE HTML Validator v2.5 Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: KLc7TpC3l3a7
CSE HTML Validator v2.50 Name: -= +ALI-BABA =- s/n: Sn558VM6B9B7
CStar v1.0 Win
s/n: 4690289681360
s/n: 50113808195
CStar v2.0 Win s/n: 4690289681360
CT Launcher v2.0 Win95/NT Name: {anything you want} s/n: 17B*,*97020
Name: Bill Gibbons Adresse: PO Box 295 WEST KEMPSEY 2440 Phone: 065631736 Mobile: 0411496127
s/n: SCNE-011Y-04GN-20CL
CU-SeeMe Enhanced
s/n: SCNE-0016-0YRY-KCCC
CU-SeeMe Enhanced v2.0 Win s/n: SCNE-0016-OYB8-2QC4
CU-SeeMe v2.0 Enhanced
s/n: ZCBE-0100-0F0X-15C0
s/n: ZCBE-0100-0S07-01C0
s/n: ZCBE-0100-0W0D-2RC0
CU-SeeMe v2.0 Win95 s/n: DCNE-0110-0ML4-KJCD
CU-SeeMe v2.02 Win95
s/n: SCNE-001D-0W35-W3CW
s/n: SCNE-001G-03JW-0KCL
s/n: SCNE-001R-083P-8CCT
s/n: SCNE-0113-0AMF-1ECD
s/n: SCNE-0118-0QTH-LWC3
s/n: SCNE-011C-00RZ-TPC4
s/n: SCNE-011C-05EC-B3CD
s/n: SCNE-011E-0WF7-8SCY
s/n: SCNE-011P-05JE-TZC6
s/n: SCNE-011Q-0LBL-4RCG
CU-SeeMe v2.1 Enhanced Win95 s/n: SCBE-011Y-05KC-NRC8
CU-SeeMe v2.1.1 Win s/n: SCBE-001Y-0SAP-XECX
CU-SeeMe v2.1.1 Win95
s/n: SCBE-001Y-0J8R-SWCT
s/n: SCBE-001Y-0SAP-XECX
CU-SeeMe v2.11
s/n: SCBE-001Y-0QJX-ZPCW
s/n: SCBE-011Y-05K0-2TCW
CU-SeeMe v2.1x
s/n: SCNE-0015-0WXM-35C9
s/n: SCNE-011N-08XW-YHCQ
s/n: SCNE-011T-02XD-3TCE
CU-SeeMe v3.0 s/n: SCBE011BW1R7WC7
CU-SeeMe v3.0beta Win95/NT Name: CDWarez s/n: DCZ-DEPIGL-BNIIAE-MHCBGE-BLNEEK
Cabinet Shell v1.04 Name: Riz la+ s/n: 17544
Cable Management Systems v2.01 Win s/n: CMS94DA0066
Cabview v1.2 s/n: 2901-2940-3092-3095
Cache Compactor v3.11 Win95 s/n: 78920+xOA+uCF!
Cache Compactor v4.0 Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 78920--7467829
Cache Compactor v4.01 1/3
Name: astaga [d4c/97] s/n: 78920912104209 Registered Copy 789209-6934707
Name: romeo [d4c/97] s/n: 78920912104209
Cache Compactor v4.01 2/3 Registered User 789209-7886275 Registered Company 789209-4674739 Registered University 789209-6197798 Registered Site 78920982124160
Cache Compactor v4.01 3/3 Free Copy 789209-9543452 Free Complimentary Copy 78920917803409 Free Educational Copy 789209-1377969 Microsoft Corp. 78920912678796
Cache Master v1.04 Win95
Name: Maura Boyle s/n: 3q476f5i
s/n: 3q476f5i Name: xygorf [cb4] s/n: 33174c28
Cachet Mac
s/n: CM0000045VPM
s/n: CM0000567VOM
Cachet v1.05 Name: FANATIC PIN: 2039,329
Cachet v1.05 Win95/NT Name: CORE/JES s/n: 2592,305
Cadra Win s/n: C0415022D
Caere Image Assistant s/n: 3304B-D00-999999
Caere PageKeeper v2.01 s/n: 3254A-C00-019114 p/n: 872-1052-011 Rev A
Caere Pagekeeper v2.01 s/n: 3254A-C00-019114 p/n: 872-1052-011Rev A
Caffeine Password: say moof and enter
CakeWalk Pro Audio v5.0 s/n: PCI12345666
CakeWalk Pro v2.01 s/n: 209038-CPW-2.01
CakeWalk Pro v5.0 s/n: 615460-3869
CakeWalk Pro v5.0 Win s/n: CW95-2U-4-ADANCE-FROM-BIGGUY
CakeWalk Pro v6.0 s/n: E85E-43C2
Calamus s/n: 0LM051LY51Y199085
Calamus Win s/n: 0LM051LY51Y19G085
Calander Widgets s/n: 0610-1234567-7655543
Calander Widgets v1.00c Win95 s/n: 0610-1997123-1126283
CalcWorks v1.4.x Mac s/n: 0000000416 'Anonymous' To register: bring up the about box,
CalcWorks v1.5.x
Hold down option key when clicking on Register s/n: 1526543729
Hold down option key when clicking on Register s/n: 152654372916682723061593518657
s/n: 1593518657
s/n: 1668272306
Calculator v1.1 by Aepryus Win
Name: 2U! / GiS s/n: 3226906516
Name: 4U! / GiS s/n: 3226906514
Name: Giraffe / PC97 s/n: 2339881709
Name: Me! / GiS s/n: 3226902507
Name: NoBoDy! / GiS s/n: 2937384108
Name: SoMeBoDy! / GiS s/n: 3041235885
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 3105346231
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 3676941787
Name: Xxx! / GiS s/n: 4016627403
Name: You! / GiS s/n: 4016425418
Calendar 98 Code: EPOCH s/n: ( any digits you want! )
Calendar Builder v2.2b
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: RKS-1545668
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: RKS-3175209
Name: Oscar80 s/n: RKS-958553
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: RKS-1707424
Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 s/n: RKS-2592088
Calendar Maker v4.1 s/n: 2000000
Calendar Quick v3.2 Win
Name: 2U! / GiS '97 s/n: 74006878
Name: Me! / GiS '97 s/n: 58031974
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 72035858
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 72029844
Name: You! / GiS '97 s/n: 82038370
Name: j0b / pc97 s/n: 52039062
Calendar Quick v3.2+
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 35977112
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 44033616
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 64030270
Name: Special Phrozen Force s/n: 69992632
Calendar Widgets v1.0 s/n: 01A0000-7573661
Calendar v3.0 Enterprises s/n: 61001234 key: 191715
Calera WordScan v3.0
s/n: BB3123456
s/n: BB3450110
s/n: BB3921343
Calera WordScan v3.1 Win s/n: HP3102305
California Beach Girls Screen Saver v2.08 (12 Pictures) s/n: x2985-5245/02-42/305
Calitz Bros. -Suite v5.x
Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 12663
Name: PCREW RULEZ s/n: 12322
Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: 11930
Name: REGISTERED s/n: 12091
Caller ID PRO v1.6 Name: g-rom s/n: 40250
Caller ID Pro v1.4 Name: G-RoM s/n: 31780
Calmon v1.2 Name: Cosmo Cramer 1997 s/n: 79175889
Calypso File Manager v1.0 Name: TheForceTeam s/n: ZX*TFT*ROX*212
Calypso Mail v2.30 Name: - s/n: 3M9B79VKVK5L7N6SYUB9
Calypso v2.2 s/n: 3Z9FQBZ9SERUR6D4Z5LQ
Calypso v2.2.0 s/n: 3Z9FQBZ9SERUR6D4Z5LQ
Calypso v2.20.23 s/n: 3ZVLSZK99E8MR3C9CLUD
Calypso v2.30
s/n: 3M9B79VKK5L7N6SYUB9
s/n: 3M9B79VKVK5L7N6SYUB9
Calypso v2.40.39 s/n: 3C7RPAX69WFYLZPHHX2V
Calypso v2.40.40 s/n: 3MBJ-8B4Y-GHFN-9X4G-89J7
CamShoot WebCam HTTP Server v2.1 Name: EzD s/n: 14065-17383
CamShoot v1.1
Name: 123 s/n: 13866-17239
Name: 123456789 s/n: 12858-16375
Name: ABC s/n: 14058-17335
Name: Everyone s/n: 14217-17461
Name: NuZ s/n: 14140-17373
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 14549-15035
Name: Registered s/n: 14107-17465
CamShoot v1.1 Win Name: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ; s/n: 22277-25983
CameraMan v2.0 s/n: CMSV0336
CanTax for 1995 v1.0 Win s/n: 134-950128-0374079
Canasta v4.0 Name: Gauss Code: 119628
Canasta v4.02 Win95/NT Name: STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC97 s/n: 185456
Canvas Win s/n: 5035430458
Canvas v3.5 s/n: 5035430458
Canvas v3.5.2 Mac s/n: 3001700735
Canvas v3.52 Win
s/n: 450059719
s/n: 469748712
s/n: 485110842
s/n: 5035430458
Canvas v5.0 s/n: W000-754710
Canvas v5.0 Mac/Win s/n: M141-86935740
Canvas v5.0 Win s/n: W122-779214527
Canvas v5.0b2 s/n: 1565464
Caos Graph v2.0 Name: SiLicon Surfer company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 27905-123545
Captain Kirk v2.00 Name: MarQuiS De SoiRée s/n: CK2-L7R:IYD:KM1:LLG
Capture Pro v1.1 Name: >>> BILL HATES <<< company: United Cracking Force s/n: Y6792ih6t##f
Capture Pro v1.1 Win s/n: Y6792ih6t##F Name: >>> BILL HATES <<< company: United Cracking Force
Capture Pro v3.0 Name: lgb Company: REVOLT'97 s/n: C6-666-666-I67
Capture Pro v3.12 Name: CORE/JES Computer: CORE s/n: C6-C11-111-6UY
Capture Pro v3.13 32bits Name: lupin company: Trapper Club s/n: C6-C11-222-FRI
Capture Professional v3.05 Win95 user/^PAIN^ '97 s/n: REBELS s/n: C6-RN1-VYH-4G1
CaptureEZ 97 Name: lupin company: Trapper Club s/n: 6615470387900054
CarBon Copy v3.0 Win s/n: W30104791
CarBon Copy v6.0 Win s/n: 21566
Carbon Copy 32 Win95/NT s/n: W30277077
Carbon Copy Mac
s/n: 100003660
s/n: 100003661
Carbon Copy v2.5 Win s/n: 15003149
Carbon Copy v3.0 Win
s/n: W30094665
s/n: W30096162
Carbon Copy v6.0 Guest and Utils Win s/n: 760835
Carbon Copy v6.0 Host Win s/n: 805335
Carbon Copy v6.0 Plus Win s/n: 10588
Card Master v2.0 s/n: 27xxx (x is any#) to register the prog
Card Master v2.0 Win
s/n: 27149
s/n: 27162
s/n: 27251
s/n: 27277
s/n: 27335
s/n: 27566
s/n: 27588
s/n: 27660
s/n: 27791
s/n: 27871
Card Organiser v1.0 Win95/NT
Name: Free Man s/n: 5551-4222-51
Name: Free Use s/n: 8683-5483-11
Name: dwolf s/n: 5797-9352-11
Name: kOUGER! [CB4] s/n: 9862-9863-11
CardBase v2.6 Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 3609402043
CardFile 97 v1.4 Win95/NT Name: Reginaldo Duran s/n: RD840347hm
CardGames I v2.7 OS/2 Name: DoH RuLeZ! s/n: RG42277
CardGames I v3.2 OS/2
Name: Masque s/n: 1223779
Name: SkullC0DEr s/n: SK30871
CardShop Plus Win s/n: 0729
Carnet v1.4 s/n: A6b45zxs
Carouselle v1.06 Win95 s/n: C231111100000
CaseLinr v5.0 Name: BLASTSOFT s/n: sMbJAwZYUn
CaseLinr v5.1
Name: Gauss Code: v0V26GcQLn
Name: Me s/n: w4Dq6GcQLn
Name: Phrozen Crew '96! s/n: a9QV7Jv63s
Name: Saltine s/n: b0O5UApQLn
Name: You s/n: h6Vq6GcQLn
CaseLinr v5.6
Name: PHRoZeN CReW s/n: aIqVOJT63S
Name: blastsoft s/n: S5B21Uz84N
CaseLinr v5.6 Win
Name: 2U! s/n: 342q6GcQLn
Name: 4U! s/n: 542q6GcQLn
Name: CiB s/n: r8aq6GcQLn
Name: G-RoM s/n: vwqV8GcQLn
Name: Me! s/n: w42q6GcQLn
Name: PHRoZeN CReW s/n: aIqVOJT63S
Name: Phrozen Crew '96! s/n: a9QV7Jv63s
Name: Saltine/PC s/n: b0O5UAp9XB
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: e4o5PxWIXQ
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: e9Fi2Ztt4h
Name: You! s/n: h6Vh6GcQLn
CaseLinr v5.7 Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: b0O5UAp6SQ
Caselinr v5.1 Name: jake cwc s/n: T0HUeLbELn
Casif v1.9a Win s/n: 6890164667 REG_USER: LIDU ##
Casino Madness 98 v1.5 Name: Chephren Cu98 password/Goober s/n: 13169-44669248-CM14
Cat95 v2.01 Win95/NT3.51
s/n: 29571842
s/n: 34927502
Cat95 v2.04.c1 s/n: 34927502
CatDisk v7.xx (put the next line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT) SET CATDISK=XYZZY
CatDisk v8.x Name: Maroon brand s/n: G445000QIR
CatDisk v9.00 Name: Maroon s/n: G445000QIR
CatFinder v1.5.5
s/n: 235642596
s/n: 235983691
s/n: 258605775
s/n: 453029002
s/n: 687233582
un: shadow fax s/n: 109176985
Catalog v1.51 Name: madan s/n: 10010F6C
Catz II
s/n: 3114-1867-6899
s/n: 3115-6978-7745
Catz, Your Computer Pet
s/n: 1287-5759-7505
s/n: 1287-6097-3288
s/n: 1287-6664-2199
s/n: 5467-2039-9862
s/n: 5501-8984-3486
Catz, your computer Petz Win95
s/n: 1287-6817-5268
s/n: 4402-7486-7694
CdProw v1.5 Win
1. erase CDPROW.INI in program directory 2. erase MSZZ15AA.DAT in C:\WINDOWS 3. set date at xx/xx/xxxx (future) 4. run CDPROW.EXE 5. set current date (no 1-2 passes if 1st run) [by MG Italia]
For other 30 day use: 1. erase CDPROW.INI in program directory 2. erase MSZZ15AA.DAT in C:\WINDOWS [by MG Italia]
CeQuadrat's VideoPack VideoCD v2.0 s/n: 00846-940375991
Cel Assembler v1.1e s/n: LamaLo
Cel Assembler v1.2c Name: zzzzzz2 s/n : ca117987654321
Central v5.1 Ultra
s/n: 10000-BADE9C00-00003
Chamaleon NFS v4.0 s/n: 34059131041712S3 key: A224
Chamaleon NFS v4.5 s/n: 34768840199594I3 key: 2FA2
Chameleon 95 build 44 Win95
s/n: 34590440184409S3 key: 7B9B
s/n: 34982645014339I3 key: 68FA
Chameleon NFS v3.14 Win
s/n: 34059131041712S3 key: A224
s/n: 3433223117197 P3 key: C4ED network auth: 077633 access Code: 1-3-0-671515
s/n: 3433223117197P3 Key: C4ED
Chameleon NFS v3.14 Win (NET) s/n: 077633 (ACCESS CODE) 130671515
Chameleon NFS v3.14 Win3 s/n: 3433223117197 P3 key: C4ED
Chameleon NFS v4.01 Morpher s/n: 34649640121147S3 key: D7D0
Chameleon NFS v4.5 s/n: 34768840199594I3 key: 2FA2
Chameleon NFS v4.5 Win95
s/n: 34866345044981I3 key: EAAB
s/n: 34866345049070I3 key: 464B
s/n: 34866345051840I3 key: A171
Chameleon NFS v4.x s/n: 34059131041712S3 key: A224
Chameleon NFS v5.0 NetManage s/n: 34933445047297S3 key: B27E
Chameleon NFS v5.0 NetManage WinNT s/n: 34933445047297S3 key: B72E
Championship Spades v3.1 Name: tHATDUDE PC s/n: RedRulez
Championship Spades v4.0c Win95 Name: Registered User s/n: 39715
Changer Option v2.0 (Cheyenne NT trial) s/n: WXYXK-C14XL-XI9YM-M7XIZ
Chaosoft FMStepup v3.25 Name: Dark Storm s/n: 2526773784
Character Mate v1.1 s/n: CMATE-21375
Character Studio Rel. 1c1 Application ID: 629-00000666 s/n: E34E4A7D
Character Time v1.01 Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 21375IL
Charisma v4.0 by Macromedia Win s/n: 0501522000256OEM
Chat with Lisa bbs: Registered BBS First Name: Registered Last Name: Sysop s/n: 456600268275
Chat with Lisa v1.8 bbs: Registered BBS FName: The Free Debugger LName: Moonshine s/n: 344617730582
ChatWare 1.1c Win s/n: kr8dhdl-49r8gtxcrkf2g7m7r-dzytu
Cheap Date v1.0 s/n: PhrozenCrw-0298
Cheat Engine v2.54b2
(edit ce.key) line#1: 16883 line#2: Phrozen Crew
Line#1: 63505 line#2: Byte Ripper
line#1: 34208 line#2: Free Registered Version
Cheat Master Make a empty file named "A FOREST.SIG"
Cheat Master (all versions) (Make a empty file "A FOREST.SIG") (Free space between A and F is very important)
Cheat Win
Name: - address: - city: - Phone: - s/n: 3131
Name: 2U! address: GiS City: GiS Phone: 031 s/n: 4896
Name: 4U! address: GiS City: GiS Phone: 031 s/n: 4896
Name: Byte Ripper address: Phrozen Crew city: #pc96 Phone: 96 s/n: 5598
Name: Me! address: GiS city: GiS Phone: 031 s/n: 4896
Name: NoBoDy! address: GiS City: GiS Phone: 031 s/n: 4907
Name: Saltine/PC address: Phrozen City: Crew Phone: 1997 s/n: 5554
Name: SoMeBoDy! address: GiS City: GiS Phone: 031 s/n: 4912
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] address: GiS City: GiS Phone: 031 s/n: 4938
Name: The GuaRDian aNGeL [TGA/GiS] address: GiS '97 City: GiS-city Phone: [email protected] s/n: 5004
Name: Xxx! address: GiS City: GiS Phone: 031 s/n: 4899
Name: You! address: GiS City: GiS Phone: 031 s/n: 4899
Name: none address: none city: none Phone: none s/n: 7523
Name: address: 0 city: 0 phone: 0 s/n: 3353
Name: x address: x city: x Phone: x s/n: 8156
Check It Road Kit s/n: D4-011083
Check Mail v1.0
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 7121-8375-31
Name: Free!!! s/n: 1739-2840-31
Name: PC96 s/n: 631-4698-34
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 8248-10611-28
Name: Registered s/n: 6197-9130-33
Name: Saltine s/n: 3097-9072-34
Check Mail v1.0 Win
Name: 2U! 16 bits s/n: 333-1836-24
Name: 4U! 16 bits s/n: 335-1908-26
Name: Me! 16 bits s/n: 329-2808-29
Name: NoBoDy! 16 bits s/n: 2379-3160-28
Name: Saltine/PC 16 bits s/n: 5108-6468-35
Name: SoMeBoDy 16 bits s/n: 3962-3528-35
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] 16 bits s/n: 17948-9520-42
Name: Teraphy 16 bits s/n: 3187-10880-33
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] 16 bits s/n: 35066-8585-43
Name: Xxx! 16 bits s/n: 850-3293-27
Name: You! 16 bits s/n: 824-3330-20
Name: lgb [REVOLT] 16 bits s/n: 7015-11445-25
Check Mail v1.0 Win95
Name: Teraphy 32 bits s/n: 541-51937-80
Name: lgb [REVOLT] 32 bits s/n: 1001-6312-07
Check Mail v1.02 Name: Gordon Liu s/n: 5582-9144-35
Check by TouchStone s/n: D2-002587
Check40 v4.0a
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 7113-3454-65
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 14901-3454-65
Name: Pepper [PC] s/n: 6876-3454-65
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 7809-3454-65
CheckIt Analyst v1.0 Win
s/n: A4-137070
s/n: A7-100163
CheckIt Diagnostic Kit v4.0 CD s/n: D3-110036
CheckIt Pro Deluxe v2.0 DOS s/n: A5-175324
CheckIt Pro v1.06 - v4.0+ Win s/n: A4-115796
CheckIt Pro v1.06 Win/DOS and Checkit v4.0+
s/n: A3-097582
s/n: A3-098294
s/n: A3-114035
s/n: A5-171754
CheckIt Pro v1.06+ (sysinfo) Win
s/n: A1-001725
s/n: A2-003581
s/n: A3-062402
s/n: A4-115796
CheckIt Pro v1.11 Dos
s/n: A5-171677
s/n: AS-171677
CheckIt Pro v4.0 DOS s/n: D4-155195
CheckIt Pro v4.0+
s/n: A3062402
s/n: A3097582
s/n: A3098294
s/n: A3114035
s/n: A5171754
s/n: A7100163
CheckIt Pro v4.0+ Dos
s/n: A3-062402
s/n: A3-097582
s/n: A3-098294
s/n: A3-114035
s/n: A5-171754
s/n: A7-100163
CheckIt Pro v5.0 s/n: DH-200004
CheckIt Pro v5.0 and v4.0 s/n: 000-237032
CheckIt v4.0 Dos s/n: D4-115602
CheckMail 32 Name: Riz la+ s/n: 468-000064
CheckMail 32 v1.0 Name: Phrozen Crew 1997 s/n: 1425-4912-64
Checkmail v1.15 16-bit 1/2 Name: romeo s/n: 1677-13340-29 Copy-s/n: 13034-11288-28 User-s/n: 13043-10707-23 Company-s/n: 19326-11537-35
Checkmail v1.15 16-bit 2/2 University-s/n: 26825-10126-30 Site-s/n: 12904-9628-38 Free-Copy-s/n: 4614-9230-26 Name: Andreas Johansson s/n: 17469-8382-45
Chem3D Plus Mac s/n: 60086 KYAKRP
ChemDraw Plus v3.0 s/n: 40770 Registration Code: CQXWPQ
Cheques v1.23 Company: IR 1997 Identification Number: 9899482792 Users:1/Class:1/Product: Cheques/Version:1 License Number: 584U ZNPK 7212
Cherry 95 Name: --- s/n: 316247
Cherry Delight Slots s/n: 316247
Chess Tree v1.2
Single User Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 3177342-3521272
Site License Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 2853887-4535554
World Wide Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 2972672-3640365
Cheyenne ARCserve Win NT Single Server Edition v6.0 s/n: CYLTY-C14XX-XK9WC-R7CXR
Cheyenne ArcServe v6.0x Multi Protocol Client s/n: 1896715
Cheyenne Auditware v1.1 for NDS s/n: J1AAN328C008997
Cheyenne Backup Win95 s/n: 2045685
Cheyenne Bitware FDV v3.30U K56Flex s/n: 1600016761171
Cheyenne Bitware Fax s/n: 1600010526172
Cheyenne Bitware v3.30U Win s/n: 1600010823417
Cheyenne Bitware v4.0 Registration Number: 5104902939 System Purchased From: Drink Or Die '97 s/n: 17000800004138
Cheyenne Infinite Disk s/n: 2058298
ChiWriter v4.1 DOS s/n: C42243-ENWNU9X
Chicago (Win95 build 177) betaside id: 101907 s/n: 999670C9E
Chili Pepper S/W Infinate Disk Advanced s/n: CP913BC123388
Chinese Star v2.5 Win95 s/n: 801-252362263396
Chord Pro Manager v1.4 Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 10598319
Chromassage v2.0 s/n: CH1-1500349
Chromatica v1.0 Photoshop plugin by Chroma Graphics
s/n: CCB-100-0001-00030125645
s/n: CCB-100-0001-000301256458
s/n: CCB-123-1234-123456-330658
CiAll Universal Message Decoder v1.0 s/n: 123456789012d0
CiPA (Common ISDN PAcket driver) (CIPA 562200000000 [0x??] CIPA.INI) s/n: 562200000000
CiTrix Multi-User Link
s/n: 91126000197
s/n: 9112600197
Cinco NextRay v3.0 (2.9.2) WinNT RC1 Password: Dt8q3n26h s/n: 1D-00000011-PPAZBk
Cinco NextRay v3.0 bata (2.9.0) WinNT s/n: Dt8q3n26h
Cindi v2.0 (NDIS-2 driver) (CINDI 555000D20000 cindi.ini) s/n: 555000D20000
CineMac v1.1.1 s/n: CFD101C3222
CineVideo/Direct v1.16 s/n: B10008885 Registration number: 1143387200
Cinepak Toolkit
s/n: 1\15:90.99014:2558263296987C21:N/0
s/n: 1\15:90.99014:2756968448A45421:N/0
CircSolver v1.0 Name: Registered User s/n: 01ak4Z6DYZYkAD
Cisco TCP IP Suite 100 ( MultiNet ) s/n: 0-uc0c-gh27-9j06-xszz-nr9s-wfn7
CityDisc Nederland s/n: YL161-10384-252
CityDisk for the Netherlands s/n: 7L160-05521-193
Clarion +v1.002 Win s/n: 407457
Clarion Pro v2.0 Win95 s/n: 701392-GRB s/n: 721266-JBC
Clarion v1.5 Win
s/n: 40734X
s/n: 40735X
Clarion v2.0 Win s/n: 721266-JBC
Claris Draw v1.0v2 32 bit s/n: 417007001210
Claris Easy Business Card Maker Win s/n: 0005866781
Claris Emailer v1.0 s/n: f804977886.3295
Claris File Maker Pro Deluxe v2.1 Win95 s/n: 0006063450
Claris Homepage v2.0 trial s/n: 0005866781
Claris Impact v1.0.x
s/n: 0003116155
s/n: 0003119496
Claris Impact v2.0 Win 3.1 and Win95 s/n: 0006055899
Claris Organizer 1.0v2
Enter any number with 6
more digits
Claris Organizer v1.0.2
s/n: 00000011
s/n: 00072922
s/n: 02141243
s/n: 09823443
s/n: 12432499
s/n: 19028429
s/n: 22333355
s/n: 31232132
s/n: 77723217
s/n: 90100882
ClarisWorks Mac s/n: 1120000
ClarisWorks v4.0 Win95 s/n: 011-245578-112
Clasp 97 v2.1.2
Name: -= +JUANDA = s/n: 415834-110838A-= --3538356
Name: -= +JUANDA =- s/n: 415834-110838A-=--3538356
ClassAction v1.0b2
[Trontech Pty. Ltd.] Name: Registered s/n: 107568522938
[Trontech Pty. Ltd.]Name: Riz la+ s/n: 130710364886
[Trontech Pty. Ltd.]Name: Shareware sucks s/n: 105536070088
ClassAction v1.1.01 Win95/NT Name: fjalar97 s/n: 126754881603
ClassAssist v1.01 s/n: 01A0000-7575625
Classified 97(build 2.02) Win95/NT s/n: 737441
CleanSweep 95
s/n: 000-16C-72992
s/n: 001-16C-26703
s/n: 001-26C-26712
s/n: 001-56C-23300
s/n: 002-16c-22085
s/n: 004-16C-68867
s/n: 022-18C-96622
s/n: 039-16C-57898
s/n: 042-16C-82571
CleanSweep 97 s/n: CSWU3000080111
CleanSweep Win95
s/n: 000-16C-03475
s/n: 026-16C-86098
CleanSweep the uninstaller Win95 s/n: 002-16c-22085
CleanSweep v1.0 Win s/n: 000-15C-72794
CleanSweep v1.0 by QuarterDeck Win s/n: 115-25C-22620
CleanSweep v1.02 by QuarterDeck Win
s/n: 000-15C-72794
s/n: 000-25C-23455
s/n: 111-15C-00123
s/n: 111-15C-12733
s/n: 111-25C-39545
s/n: 115-25C-22620
s/n: 191-15C-44721
s/n: 666-15C-12567
s/n: 666-25C-23457
s/n: 999-25C-99356
CleanSweep v2.0 Win s/n: 002-16c-22085
CleanSweep v2.0 Win95 s/n: 005-15C-50595
CleanSweep v2.0 by QuarterDeck Win95
s/n: 001-16C-26703
s/n: 001-16C-56728
CleanSweep v2.03 by Quarterdeck Win95
s/n: 000-16C-76312
s/n: 000-26C-00162
s/n: 000-26C-12781
s/n: 000-26C-22555
s/n: 000-26C-33733
s/n: 001-16C-26703
s/n: 009-26C-10127
s/n: 123-26C-13478
s/n: 124-26C-68134
s/n: 234-26C-33671
CleanSweep v3.0
s/n: 022-18C-96622
s/n: CSWI3031646262
s/n: CSWU3000072702
s/n: CSWU3000087905
s/n: CSWU3010127217
s/n: CSWU3050299563
s/n: QDC300-9873-0105
CleanSweep v3.0 Win s/n: 000-16C-00009
CleanSweep v3.01 by Quarterdeck Win95
s/n: CSWU3010073165
s/n: CSWU3010080188
CleanUp Win95 Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 635290755798
CleanUp v1.1
Name: EMX97 s/n: 558056299756
Name: blastsoft s/n: 616432050500
CleanUp v1.1 Win
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 616579072624
Name: D4C/1997 s/n: 862995877141
Name: EMX97 s/n: 558056299756
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 637164661398
Name: ODIN 97 s/n: 403987285460
Name: PC97 s/n: 782703089265
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 635290755798
CleanUp v1.1 Win95 Name: Tailgunner [pc97] s/n: 264802904074
CleanUp v1.2 Win Name: BLACK THORNE s/n: 970681673710
CleanUp v2.2 Win Name: TRPS s/n: WERULE!
CleanUp v2.2 Win95 Name: -= +JUANDA =- s/n: N0B1E0z
Cleansweep DeLuxe v3.0 s/n: CSWU306R071961
Cleansweep v3.0 s/n: CSWG3033353549
ClearLook v1.71 OS/2 s/n: 11-000-453-18529
Cleo Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 60D430BC-0001
Cleo v2.0 Win95
Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 60D430BC-0001
Name: [NCG] Company: DrStorm s/n: 2A64060B-0001
ClickBook v2.01 Win95
s/n: A8890C4434
s/n: D2221B9995
s/n: T0188H1100
s/n: T0453H1852
s/n: T0695H0767
s/n: T2345H6098
s/n: T3010H0731
s/n: T6530H1008
s/n: W1120B3587
s/n: W1122M2400
ClickNet v2.42 Win95/NT s/n: CN300-70000867E Expansion: P00001-7WA5G Enterprise: P00010-GC5AG
Clickbook v2.0 s/n: 1120B3587
Clickette of the Sausage Software
Name: Martin Karlsson s/n: 0N32YYVM6VRMHB23E5PJ
Name: renton hammer s/n : 0K6FKTUZCAJFK0NTKXJ3
Clickette of the Sausage software
a- Name: Compu Terror company Name: (Anything you Like)
b- Expiry Date: (Leave Blank) registration key: 050YPQE8YLARYLH2JW6W
Clickette v1.27b by Sausage Win
Name: Authorized User s/n: 077X5PV25KAYMNJ18Q0Z
Name: Compu Terror compa: (Anything you Like) Date: (Leave Empty) s/n: 0C5Z2NZ43A8DXWX720KC
Name: Compu Terror compa: expiry date: s/n: 050YPQE8YLARYLH2JW6W
Name: Elizabeth Carpenter Company: (Anything you like) date:(Leave Empty) s/n: 06HEKYBV0C9CUFPED5JP
Name: Martin Karlsson s/n: 0N32YYVM6VRMHB23E5PJ
Name: Xerox's CompuTerror s/n: 07XQY6KX7F1X746B0VDZ
Client Biller v2.5 Win95 s/n: 19735368
Clikette Name: Xerox's CompuTerror s/n: 07XQY6KX7F1X746B0VDZ
Clikette v1.4 Name: Scottie Breed s/n: 0LB7ATE8XYU2YKHC0XUP Order_Number: 9706291554010000120
Clinical Pharmacology v1.2 Win s/n: 6015526
Clinical Pharmacy Win s/n: 9412345
Clip Hound v1.0 Win
Name: [2U!/GiS] s/n: D21100000
Name: [4U!/GiS] s/n: D7A100000
Name: [Me!/GiS] s/n: 0U3100000
Name: [NoB/GiS] s/n: M40020000
Name: [SoM/GiS] s/n: 2R1100000
Name: [TGA/GiS] s/n: AIO100000
Name: [TeL/GiS] s/n: 0U4020000
Name: [Xxx!/GiS] s/n: K610600000
Name: [You!/GiS] s/n: VM51000000
Name: [kOUGER!] s/n: 95G100000
Clip4Win Database Server v1.01 s/n: DDS101065
ClipAid v2.0 Name: The Key s/n: yeK ehTjeT
ClipFile v1.1 Win95 Name: Lost Soul [uCF] s/n: WNLAGFK
ClipHistory v1.1 Win95/NT Name: lxcore97 s/n: 1997-55-23421
ClipHound (TM) v1.0a Name: MegaDoc UCF s/n: 32501
ClipMate Name: PrOmetheus [Db0/BS96] s/n: F0113042612
ClipMate v4.0
Name: CLIPMATE s/n: FFF02011948
Name: Registered s/n: F0110717988
Name: tHATDUDE # of liscenses: 200 Reg: FC800378828
ClipMate v4.0 32bit Win95
Name: Byte Ripper L:/255 s/n: FFF11614788
Name: Cracked L:/255 s/n: FFF15395484
Name: PC97 L:/255 s/n: FFF09474220
Name: Phrozen Crew L:/255 s/n: FFF07664172
ClipMate v4.01 Name: F6411605348 Code: DjPaul [uCF]
ClipMate v4.1 Win95 - 100 users
Name: DjPaul s/n: F6411605348
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: F6405481196
ClipMate v4.21 Win95 - 255 users
Name: 2U! s/n: FFF09554460
Name: 4U! s/n: FFF09554460
Name: Dyers Eve s/n: FFF02701068
Name: Me! s/n: FFF09155620
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: FFF08612844
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: FFF01419588
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: FFF10333308
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: FFF05481196
Name: Xxx! s/n: FFF03494004
Name: You! s/n: FFF03208444
ClipMate v4.26
Name: Alex lee s/n: FFF15945364
Name: Free Licensed Copy s/n: FFF01240276 # of liscenses: 255
Name: Internet edition s/n: FFF03503516 # of liscenses: 255
Name: Registered s/n: F0110717988
ClipMate v4.26 build 146
Name: MCVD 1997 s/n : F0102384804
Name: ODIN 97 s/n: F0101242564
Name: Registered s/n: F0110717988
ClipMate v4.2x Name: Freeware Version s/n: F0506217516
ClipMate v4.5.1 build 178 Name: Cosmo Cramer s/n: F0104454572
ClipMate v4.51 Name: CORE/JES s/n: 00002049708
ClipMate v4.51 Build 178 Win95/NT Name: TheForceTeam s/n: F0102594892
ClipMate v4.52 Name: ToP Reg s/n: F0110835964
ClipWatch v2.4 s/n: 23xxx (x is any#) to register the prog.
ClipWatch v2.4 Win
s/n: 23003
s/n: 23068
s/n: 23233
s/n: 23460
s/n: 23768
s/n: 23772
s/n: 23844
s/n: 23883
s/n: 23921
s/n: 23945
Clipfolio v1.2 Mac s/n: 1231120413450001
Clipfolio v1.5.1 s/n: 1502091113247000003
Clipper v5.3+ Win s/n: 085511-432164 Name: MarQuiS De SoiR‚e comp/UCF
Cloaking Device v1.10 Win95
Name: Me! s/n: 03118-01.17-12088-945
Name: Tawni s/n: 03293-01.32-05992-760
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 03244-01.19-44368-768
Clock Manager Win
Name: 2U! key: 633259 s/n: 0003000000
Name: 4U! key: 343565 s/n: 0003000000
Name: CHIANGMAI key: 743239 s/n: 0003000000
Name: ME! key: 411223 s/n: 0003000000
Name: NOBODY! key: 588139 s/n: 0003000000
Name: SOMEBODY! key: 563465 s/n: 0003000000
Name: TELLERBOP key: 349913 s/n: 0003000000
Name: THE GUARDIAN ANGEL key: 237883 s/n: 0003000000
Name: XXX! key: 078875 s/n: 0003000000
Name: YOU! key: 067607 s/n: 0003000000
Clock Talk 16 4.0 Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 4710-4314-7636-8250
Clock Tick v2.0 Name: Dark Stalker sERIALNO: 1817490024
Clock Tick v2.1.1
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 1699746552
Name: Cracked s/n: 1158413760
Name: Freeware Version s/n: 2459335536
Name: PC97 s/n: 546722064
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 1862002800
Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1402516080
Clock Tick v2.1.4
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 1699746552
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 3376873080
Name: MCVD 1997 s/n : 961696008
Name: PC97 s/n: 546722064
Name: Teraphy s/n: 1227336768
Name: romeo '97 s/n : 1221593184
Clock Tick v2.1.4 Win95
Name: 2U! s/n: 416055528
Name: 4U! s/n: 418927320
Name: Dark Stalker s/n: 1817490024
Name: JESTRZ/PHROZEN CREW '96 s/n: 2469386808
Name: Jestrz [PC] s/n: 1617900480
Name: Mad Jester s/n: 1505900592
Name: Me! s/n: 477799056
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 1019131848
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 1281900816
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 2414822760
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 3381180768
Name: You! s/n: 677388600
Name: kOUGER! s/n: 930106296
Clock Tick v3.0.0 beta 13 Name: QuQ/Factor98 s/n: 1072558364
ClockMan 95 v1.0.054
Name: 2U! s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 055067
Name: 4U! s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 764989
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licensenumber: 986481
Name: Cracked s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licensenumber: 550387
Name: Me! s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 207959
Name: Menacing Cracking Alliance s/n: 003-009600 users: 999999 License number: 571927
Name: Nemesis '96 s/n: 3203821921 users: 999999 license: 505435
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 759451
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licensenumber: 502553
Name: Registered s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licensenumber: 736667
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 140753
Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 1203009890 # Users: 1 L: 597451
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 970563
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 265675
Name: You! s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 774295
Name: surva / pC97 s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 793253
Name: uCF s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 Licence: 793253
ClockMan 95 v1.0.069 Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: 1203009890 Users: 1 License: 315241
ClockMan 95 v1.0.170 Name: any name will do s/n: 200398Durk users: 1 licence: 456715
Clone Master Win95 Name: :MARQUIS: s/n: 79619AB5
Clone Master v2.14 Name: Michael Howell s/n: 7905A4110
Clone Master v2.16 Name: ODIN 97 s/n: 3b12133
Clone Master v2.18 Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: 93830B48
Clone Master v2.19
Name: Durk [pc97] s/n: 967959B7
Name: Jan Klaassen s/n: 056B8BA8
Name: Underworld^SNT s/n: 678358010
Clone Master v2.19 Win95/NT Name: KiLLa [CoRE] s/n: A0347988
CloneCleaner v2.2 OS/2 Name: Masque s/n: 2004-NTQ-07904-IM3ME
Close Combat s/n: 446-3770891
CloseUp v5.0 Win
s/n: 1BB463-852875
s/n: IBB463-852875
CloseUp v6.0 Win Host/Remote s/n: 31B57D-1121111
Closer v1.1 Name: romeo '97 s/n : 266551777659
Closer v1.5 Name: ibm registration s/n: 422013844604
Closer v1.7 Name: -= +JUANDA = - s/n: 522346625797
Closer v1.x Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: 925867086108
ClothReyes v1.02 - 3D-Max plugin Hardlock ID: 6551 Company: Name: The Riddler / X-Force Authorization s/n: 102095
Clox v5.5d s/n: *199898FFR0858G3
Name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 313548
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 282384
Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 142782
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 598635
Name: Sabotage96 s/n: 231822
ClysBar v1.08b Name: Crack da WareZ s/n: BMBKEJANEJ
ClysmicBar Win95
Name: 2U! s/n: 27030
Name: 4U! s/n: 27030
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 282384
Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 142782
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 598635
Name: Me! s/n: 57876
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 170289
Name: Sabotage96 s/n: 231822
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 227370
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 256626
Name: The GuaRDian aNGeL s/n: 462531
Name: Xxx! s/n: 79659
Name: You! s/n: 81408
Coach & Coach Pro s/n: 1552467
Cocker Spaniel ScreenSaver Edit the dogsavr.ini file in Windows and add: [Registered] (ENTER) RegCode=andrea
Code Navigator C++ v1.12 Win95/NT s/n: AKAD-VHOZ.
CodeBase v5.1.1995 s/n: PM1C5.189
CodeBase++ v5.10 Dos s/n: PM105.189
CodeDigger v2.0
Name: Riz la+ s/n: X91R1E330A
s/n: 2CZCPQJ3B9
CodeDigger v3.0 Name: Riz la+ s/n: 2CZCPQJ3B9
CodePad2 Name: :MARQUIS: [UCF] s/n: 24357800
CodePrint v1.0 Win95 Name: [NCG] s/n: 220DXP101
CoderPad Win95 Reg. Name: Misha [UCF]Reg. s/n: 23976045
Codereview v5.0 s/n: 2450-000000-00
Collage s/n: 06-1748-1438
Collage Mac s/n: 06-1405-6209
Collective WEB v1.0 Win95/NT s/n: *#06R15KW91#*
Color Fast v1.0 Win95 s/n: CF0104614
Color Minder v5.5 Mac s/n: 188877
Color Studio Mac s/n: CS11305
Color View v3.10 Name: Twinhead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 378839
Color View v3.20 s/n: 147250 Name: MaRooN
Color View v3.20+
Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + -- s/n: 378839
Name: MaRooN s/n: 147250
ColorDesk v1.5 s/n: C1104071D
ColorHunt v1.0 Name: (anything) s/n: 01553161
ColorIt v2.0 Mac
s/n: C120A-01019
s/n: C120A-15891
s/n: C120A-18494
s/n: C120A-32543
s/n: C120A-54675
s/n: C120A-76425
s/n: C120A-81744
s/n: C120A-93887
s/n: C120A-97992
s/n: CI20A-04615
s/n: CI20A-xxxxx
ColorMaker v3.1 Name: mRFANATIc [D4C] s/n: 133F33-DCM-3F247861
ColorWiz v1.01 by Game Tool Tech.
FName: Byte LName: Ripper Date: 01/01/1994 s/n: 33-29979
FName: Phrozen LName: Crew Date: 01/01/1994 s/n: 45-08433
FName: Registered LName: Version Date: 01/01/1994 s/n: 50-30861
FName: me LName: you Date: 01/01/1994 s/n: 27-41749
Colorado TapeBackup v2.5 Win s/n: 80-0151-250
Com v4.1
Name: Anyone s/n: 136442-193792
Name: Cracked s/n: 376665-193920
Name: Me s/n: 153118-193792
Name: Phrozen Crew '96 s/n: 674008-167040
Name: madmax! s/n: 195769-169728
Com v6. Win95/NT
Name: Anyone s/n: 136442-193792
Name: CORE/JES s/n: 359944-196096
Name: Cracked s/n: 376665-193920
Name: Me s/n: 153118-193792
Name: Mnemonic Crackers s/n: 691415-192000
Name: Phrozen Crew '96 s/n: 674008-167040
Name: The Force Team s/n: 384524-192768
Name: kOUGER! [CB4] s/n: 556179-194816
Name: madmax! s/n: 195769-169728
Com v6.6.7 32bit Win95/NT Name: CORE/JES s/n: 359944-196096
Com v6.6.8 Name: TheBrabo s/n: 801387220155
Com v6.9 Build
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 25214321
Name: SiLicon Surfer PC'97 s/n: 15542141
Com v6.9.1 Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 124781625
ComPact Disc Master v3.4
Name: THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] s/n: 79FB
Name: The Hand Of FATE! [THOF!/UCF] s/n: D8F2
ComRate v2.02 Win95 Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 s/n: 828341
Comet/CG 2.3 Mac s/n: 22001175
Comic Soft v2.0
Name: pc97 s/n: 042566726433
Name: zircon / pc97 s/n: 422027175646
CommSuite 95 by Delrina
s/n: 7000-7166-2050
s/n: 7000-7166-2080
s/n: 7020-2175-6499
s/n: 7020-5876-1441
s/n: 7250-6333-4585
Comma Net Mail v2.50 Win s/n: 19211134581-6
Command Line 95
Name: Bad Crc s/n: 667852
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 938188
Name: Command Line s/n: 1018060
Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 901324
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 1843404
Name: MCVD [ZIPWAREZ] s/n: 1377484
Name: Me s/n: 352460
Name: Sabotage s/n: 874700
Name: United Cracking Force s/n: 2022604
Name: You s/n: 468172
Command Line 95 v1.0 Name: fx22 s/n: fx22 - King of Cracking 2597068
Command Line 95 v1.1
Name: FX22 s/n: 696524
Name: THE KEY s/n: 796876
Name: anything you want s/n: 56745674
Command Line 97 Name: -= +ALI-BABA =- s/n: 885964
Command Line v1.1 Win95
Name: (Anything you want) s/n: 56745674
Name: 2U! s/n: 348364
Name: 4U! s/n: 354508
Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 901324
Name: Me! s/n: 431308
Name: ODIN s/n: 518348
Name: PROVIDENCE s/n: 1013964
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 959692
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 968908
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1743052
Name: You! s/n: 559308
CommandLine 96 s/n: 753868
CommandLine97 v1.0 Name: FACTOR s/n: 624844
Comment s/n: 1897867
Commercial Workstation Modemservers (unlimited license) s/n: 8300A7030392EE
Communicate Lite v1.0.1 Mac s/n: 802860000000
Communicate v8.0
s/n: 500001058743
s/n: 500703061451
Communications/Transactions SmallTalk License #: C999-022-2560 s/n: 6235-6371-9731-4525-7831
Communique v2.20
Name: CePhYR SUREName: /|/|GE s/n: 0005604bc11111110
first Name: 2U! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??A4D18AE1??????
first Name: 4U! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??0CB6C53D??????
first Name: Me! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??4B044C46??????
first Name: NoBoDy! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??880888E2??????
first Name: ScSi2 last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??6E6B40EE??????
first Name: SoMeBoDy! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??AED124EE??????
first Name: TeLLeRBoP last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??576821A1??????
first Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??FBD492C5??????
first Name: Xxx! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??40DF95C2??????
first Name: You! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ??8BBE22E3??????
Compact Disc Master v3.5 s/n: 4E94 Name: LostSoul [uCF]
Compact Disk Master v3.5 s/n: 4E94 Name: Lost Soul [uCF]
Compact Pro v1.5.x Mac
s/n: 10710103 Name: anonymous
s/n: 41206611 Name: ANONYMOUS
Compactor Pro v1.51 Mac s/n: 16225913
Companion Reader v2.0 with NSR8 Serial for Numerology Star Reader v8.0: 383757 Serial for Companion v2.0: CER208739
Compath v1.0 Win s/n: 209113
Compel PE s/n: ASYM10288
Complete Program Deleter v1.4 Win s/n: 728679
Complete Program Deleter v2.7 Win95 s/n: 2147483000
Complete Writers Toolkit s/n: WT51191850
Compress & Expand v1.0 s/n: 5341
Compress/DeCompress Utility v1.0 s/n: 5341
Compupic v1.29b17 Name: Me Phone: 999999 s/n: BBWKBBVEPC
Compupic v1.32+ Name: tHATDUDE Phone: 765-4321 Reg: HX6TCFZBBB
Compupic v1.52 build 147 Win95/NT
Name: Dyers Eve phone: 999999 s/n: BBEKBWTUY
Name: Me phone: 999999 s/n: BBWKBVEPC
Name: Ronald Abarca phone: 7709859164 s/n: RGM-SP8-W42C
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL phone: 999999 s/n: GDB0N4VBBB
Name: tHATDUDE phone: 765-4321 s/n: HX6TCFZBBB
Compupic v1.53 Name: tHATDUDE Phone#: 765-4321 s/n: HX6TCFZBBB
Compupic v1.6 Name: hans stjernfeldt Phone: 794-0545 s/n: rf7cgybbbb
Compupic v1.61
Name: Hans Stjernfeldt phone: 794-0545 s/n: RF7CGYBBBB
Name: photodex Phone: 512-452-6825 PSWD: MX1BN3WBBB
Compupic v1.61 build 19 Name: nobody Phone: 4567890 s/n: PDXEC1BBBB
Compupic v1.71 build 238 16 bit Name: ragger/core Tel.Number: 000-0000 s/n: 725NMKSBBB
Computer Sounder v2.4 Code: flucoteolislik67longerplznot
Computer Works Win s/n: F16881
ConCat/Split v3.1 Name: Riz la+ s/n: 705B415833450F3A1159050E
Concatenate/Split Context v3.1.0.0 Name: LOMAX s/n: 76595C562D476E1C415B3139
Condiz v1.20+ s/n: 29944150 Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + --
Condiz v1.20b s/n: 29944150 Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC]
Conference Room v1.1 s/n: 1154-1154-2154-1154
Conference Room v1.22 s/n: F5EA-23E8-49D2-E689
Conference Room v1.x s/n: 1A5F-356E-860F-08DB
Conference Room vx.x (IRC SERVER) s/n: F5EA-23E8-49D2-E689
Config v8.02+ (fullversion) Line#1 regnam: RENEGADE [XADi] Line#2 regkey: 75000
Config v8.02+ (fullversion) (Edit config.reg) Line#1 regnam: RENEGADE / XADi Line#2 regkey: 60262
Config v8.xx (write in CONFIG.REG) Line#1 REGNAM=THE RiDDLER [E0D/P0W] Line #2 REGKEY=2048149648 Line #3DEMOKE=1358645280
Conflict Catcher 3.0.x Mac s/n: CC3-001-849-809
Conflict Catcher v4.0 Mac s/n: STA-332-654-662
Connect 4 v.1.1 s/n: 74hf76hdg3e75hf
Connect SMTP Gateway for Novell s/n: 00000744
Connect and Notify v1.2 Win95
Name: MCVD [ZIPWAREZ] s/n : e10926
Name: PhRoZeN CReW 97 s/n: g73016
Name: madmax! s/n: u25929
Name: tHATDUDE PC s/n: y60451
Name: tHATDUDE PC97 s/n: y57839
Contact Browser v4.04 1st Name: -= +ALT-BABA =- last Name: CRACKER company: D4C / 1997 reg kay: 153532
Contact Coordinator v1.2 Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 980490525610
Contact Lens v2.173 Win95/NT s/n: GPF key: X1RJP0001
Context v2.0 Name: ODIN 97 company: REBELS R0: 0a01b6ab R1: dad4265e R2: 70f290f1 R3: b714199f
Context v2.0 OnLine Dictionary Win s/n: 04.4101.20
Conundrum Red v1.0
Name: CDWarez s/n: 6956294
Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n : 12214303
Name: Phrozen Crew 1997 s/n: 19721651
Name: teraphy s/n: 8661207
Conversions Plus Win 2 s/n: 823605-3171
Conversions Plus v2.0 Win s/n: 11111111
Conversions Plus v2.53 Win s/n: 983798-0308
Conversions Plus v3.5 Win95/NT s/n: 2004112-1209
Conversions Plus v3.50a Win95
s/n: 123456x-xxxx
s/n: 1913279-1312
s/n: 2219800-1060
s/n: 445940x-xxxx
s/n: 732991x-xxxx
s/n: 904954-2539
s/n: 90495x-xxxx
s/n: 972319x-xxxx
s/n: 983798-0308
s/n: 98379x-xxxx
s/n: xxxxxxx-xxxx
Convertable v2.0.0 Unlock key: Garbonzo
Convertable v2.0105 Win95/NT s/n: Elwood
Cookie Crumbler97 v2.5 s/n: Poise-987
Cookie Crumbler97 v3.0 Final (32-bit) s/n: asd456
Cookie Crusher v1.01 Win95 s/n: 14613 Name: Hackerjack! Registration_Number: 30892977 User_ID: Michael H Howell s/n: 31043907
Cookie Crusher v1.5 Name: TheBrabo s/n: 11111111 r/n: 78217650
Cookie Crusher v1.6 rev 4 Name: Mad Jester activation: 12 s/n: 506077
Cookie Pal v1.0 Name: Cosmo Cramer 1997 s/n: 2061869
Cookie Pal v1.02 Name: Hackerjack! s/n: 3388964
Cookie Pal v1.02 Win95/NT
Name: 2U! s/n: 3332882
Name: 4U! s/n: 2040926
Name: Durk s/n: 2217778
Name: Me! s/n: 1731980
Name: Phrozen Crew 1997 s/n: 1321145
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 2684948
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 2561561
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 1589142
Name: You! s/n: 2139227
Name: razzia [pc97] s/n: 1241159
Name: romeo '97 s/n: E1095498
Cookie Pal v1.0a - v1.0b Name: romeo '97 s/n: E1095498
Cookie Pal v1.0b
Name: Phrozen Crew 1997 s/n: 1321145
Name: razzia [pc97] s/n: 1241159
Cookie Pal v1.0b Win95 Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 2649362
Cookie Pal v1.1b Name CORE/DrRhui s/n: 2649362
Cool Checka! v3.001
Name: Cosmo Cramer s/n: $DA158DYF
Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: $D7B84B35t
Cool Clock v1.0b Name: lgb [REVOLT] s/n: 611822988357
Cool Edit
Name: Uridul s/n: XZFZTRVZ
Name: cracked s/n: lyaqbell
Cool Edit 95
Name: Crack by Mustang s/n: GWTDCQZZ
Name: Inner Circle s/n: TIZTVHAB
Name: Me s/n: RENBSXVE
Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: CMFRQENH
Cool Edit 95 Final / Cool Edit 96 Name: Gauss sernum: ANVHTSFN
Cool Edit 95 Full version Win95
Name: 2U! s/n: REAMQTND
Name: 4U! s/n: REAKORHD
Name: Andre Lagua s/n: TNDTMEWV
Name: ChiangMai Cracker s/n: UGKVQKVT
Name: Me! s/n: REABFIKN
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: QQHWBMGU
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: OJXZPCEQ
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: HEYVAGAI
Name: You! s/n: UTDUCFMR
Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: CMFRQENH
Cool Edit 96
Name: Andre Lagua s/n: TNDTMEWV
Name: Armageddon Dildos s/n : OPEXURQL
Name: Cool Edit s/n: HAKPMSIS
Name: Deluxe user s/n: SYPHVSQQ
Name: DiGe s/n: HZVDWZGP
Name: George Jetson Code=TLHNLGEW
Name: Internet Edition s/n: XUEIOCQN
Name: NosyFred s/n: FRJRMJRD
Name: PhRoZeN CReW 97 Code: SIYVBHZE
Name: Steve Hsu s/n: NJIRSMOP
Name: me me s/n: ONBDLOJE
s/n: ****224 ( * means any number )
Cool Edit 96 beta3 Name: ORBiT s/n: DQDSAVNQ
Cool Edit Full v1.52 Win Name: RCI s/n: KEADHKTT
Cool Edit HTML Editor Name: You21 s/n: BMJZCPUX
Cool Edit Win95 Name: Andre Lagua s/n: TNDTMEWV
Cool Edit v1.50 Win
Name: Guardian Angel s/n: BZFLNMAR
Name: You! s/n: BMJZCPUX
Cool Edit v1.51 Win
Cool Edit v1.51+ Full Win Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: XDRFJLMI
Cool Edit v1.51+ Lite Win Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: ZPXSEWLF
Cool Edit v1.51+ Win
Name: 2U! s/n: ZREBGTYI
Name: 4U! s/n: ZREZERAI
Name: Me! s/n: ZREKPCZY
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: IACXAURO
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: GAFSNOMS
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: BZFLNMAR
Name: Xxx! s/n: AJUZREJM
Name: You! s/n: BMJZCPUX
Cool Edit v1.52
Name: AlienSoft s/n: YUKVIJNL
Name: Bad Crc s/n: AWLBAIUA
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: MUSEPOOG
Name: Cracked s/n: LYAQBELL
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: CMVHJQGL
Name: Me! s/n: REABFIKN
Name: Sabotage s/n: CNILCCNW
Name: Satan s/n: MDBHSUMZ
Name: Storm s/n: IVBMXLFV
Name: United Cracking Force s/n: KNLSMZZO
Name: letis s/n: CPADSSLP
Cool Edit v1.52 Full Win Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: CMFRQENH
Cool Edit v1.52 Lite Win Name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: NTCSJCLB
Cool Edit v1.5x Win95
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: MUSEPOOG
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: CMVHJQGL
Name: Phrozen Crew 96 s/n: QGZUAFAQ
Cool Wave Editor v1.52 Name: tHATDUDE! Reg: VLLTICVT
CoolChecka! v3.05
Name: CoolChecka! s/n: $46362B43
Name: Registered s/n: $3A505279
CoolClock v1.0b Win95
Name: MCC s/n: 998484418267
Name: MCC'97 s/n: 994436792555
Name: [DE!MCC] s/n: 898482707307
Name: lgb [REVOLT] s/n : 611822988357
Coolchecka! v3.001 Name: CKL!1997 s/n: $549C839D
CopsTalk s/n: TRYM05301167
Copy That v1.0
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 6012752432752460
Name: Registered User s/n: 60124454832856828398
Name: razzia s/n: 6012010840222667180
Copy-That v1.0
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 601275243252460
Name: Registered User s/n: 6012445483285628398
CopyPaste v1.20 s/n: THURSDAY
CorStream Dedicated Server v1.0 s/n: CBA 0009432
Corel Click and Create Win95 s/n: CNC-095U365763
Corel Click and Create v2.0 beta1 Win95 s/n: BTA-3467364G91
Corel Draw English (CD-ROM) s/n: Q640-IRE-ENG
Corel Draw v4.0 NL Win
s/n: CD4-114-654-454
s/n: CD4-234-345-567
Corel Draw v4.0 Win
s/n: CD4-112-698959
s/n: CD4-114-647459
s/n: CD4-114-654454
s/n: CD4-123-879-893
s/n: CD4-139-512793
s/n: CD4-234-345567
Corel Draw v5.0 Rev.E2 Win s/n: CD5-050-118034
Corel Draw v5.0 Win
s/n: CD5-050-216533
s/n: CD5-050-259244
s/n: CD5-123-456789
s/n: CD5-D50-819051
Corel Draw v6.0
s/n: 1773-8307-4234
s/n: 2684-7686-1719
s/n: 4480-1415-5172
Corel Draw v6.0 Win95
Name: compa: telephone: 446718 s/n: 3701-5405-6823
s/n: CD6-2354-3963-4625
Corel Draw v7.0
s/n: DR7-02W1371484
s/n: DR7-2249035W24
s/n: DR7-3104H87151
s/n: DR7-683219552-7-8
s/n: DR7-7296W63372
s/n: DR7-863690R359
s/n: DR7-9P49406981
s/n: DR7-J259438336
s/n: DR7S6511503L46
Corel Draw v7.0 Italian s/n: DR7-5259r60xxx ( x any number )
Corel Draw v7.0 Win
s/n: BTA-02637H8810
s/n: DR7-863690-R359
Corel Draw v7.0 Win95/NT
s/n: DR7-305173814Y
s/n: DR7-6832I95527
s/n: DR7-91656B1961
Corel Draw v8.0
s/n: DR8XR-0074G719
s/n: DR8XR-51190275
s/n: DR8XR-Q2636556
Corel Draw! v6.0 build 6.00.169 (Dutch) s/n: 0629-4619-5101
Corel Flow v2.0 Win
s/n: CF2-050-259244
s/n: CF2-123-456789
s/n: SAT-507-300794
s/n: SAT-577-300794
s/n: SW-Q023-CF-E
Corel Flow v2.0 Win Chinese s/n: CF2-C20-577300
Corel Gallery v2.0 Win s/n: CG2-020-123456
Corel Graphics Pack Win95 s/n: 25-2934-1801-8124
Corel Perfect Office s/n: 755-1234567
Corel PhotoPaint v5.0 s/n: PP5-063003
Corel PhotoPaint v5.0 Win
s/n: PP5-062483
s/n: PP5-113889
s/n: PP5-211831
s/n: PP5-2522-97100
Corel PhotoPaint v5.0+ Win s/n: PP5-062483
Corel Photopaint v5.0 Win s/n: PP5-0624-83
Corel Print and Photo House 2 Win95/NT s/n: PH2-J931745321
Corel PrintHouse Win95
s/n: 20-1446-3914-5310
s/n: 20-3122-3260-5235
Corel Ventura 5 Win
s/n: CD5-050-118034
s/n: CD5-123-456789
Corel Web Designer v1.1 Build 78 Name: any name s/n: 29-1620-7559-1675
Corel Web Gallery v2.0 s/n: CWG1201EGC1
Corel Web Graphics s/n: WGS-2206P04122
Corel Word Perfect s/n: wp7-7K34932899
Corel Word Perfect Office v7.0 s/n: WP7-8Q45777988
Corel Word Perfect Suite v7.0
s/n: WP7-471BR62733
s/n: WP7-Z541586101
Corel Word Perfect Suite v8.0 s/n: WP8XA-000A1712
Corel Word Perfect Suite v8.0 Win95 s/n: 7 35163 05396 8
Corel Word Perfect v7.0 Name: any name s/n: cwq 023 wpen8 70700
Corel WordPerfect Suite v7.0 Win95 s/n: 735136035940
Corel Wordperfect Suite v7.0 Academi s/n: AW7-8576367167
Corel Xara v1.2 Win95 s/n: 22-1211-0257-0165
Corel v4.0 s/n CD4-114-442-936
Corel v7.0
s/n: DR7-45A7002640
s/n: dr7-71k5843201
Corelflow v2.0 Win s/n: SWQ-023-CFE
Correcteur 101 Mac s/n: 0382752-0369610-0049402
Correcteur 101 v3.0 s/n: t9r u8x h6w r7s
Countdown Screensaver v1.2 Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 0616-836
Cover your Applications by Qualitas Win s/n: 600000010258
Crayola Magic 3-D s/n: 500000-6487
Crazy Bytes 3 CD-ROM RAR files s/n: [email protected] [email protected]$
Crazy Gravity v2.0E Name: Randall Flag s/n: CGE111111-7951-6981
CreateIt Mac s/n: CRM9301513
CreateIt Win s/n: IFSD-CI1.0-117
CreateIt Win3 s/n: IFSD-CI1.0-177
Creative Partner v1.0 Mac s/n: 2B044-D29F-25567
Creative WebPhone
s/n : 3D045G4EA9F2C11F
s/n: VH565W3W6096B32B
Creatix Online PowerPack v3.12 Win95
s/n: 901w 8548 3828 3871
s/n: 901w 9115 7274 7940
Cross Communications v2.1 s/n: 01159
CrossEye v1.2 Name: Computerror s/n: 03MH0PEHJK8F4TVZXQ8Z
CrossPoint v3.1
s/n: C0-1736661
s/n: C101-300477 (Registered networks includes RFC/UUCP)
CrossPoint v3.1+
(Registered networks includes RFC/UUCP) s/n: C0-1736661
s/n: C101-300477
s/n: C11232-2075543
s/n: C12034-2255889
s/n: C12345-2176741
s/n: C23435-375295
s/n: C32164-1218450
s/n: C33110-342192
s/n: C34521-144162
s/n: C54321-1379929
CrossTalk XVI v3.81 Dos s/n: 004133
CrossTalk v2.3.1 s/n: any number: ********** key: any: **-**-**
CrossTies Win
s/n: USA-101-00368376
s/n: USA-101-00779084
s/n: USA-101-0368376
CrossTies v2.0 s/n: USA-101-00830576
CrossWords U Create v2.0 s/n: two waffles
Crosseye 1 Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 0H97DZBEYKHE3DYB0CET
Crosseye 32 Name: Xerox's CompuTerror s/n: 010KU7HPU6THQU039KH4
Crosseye of the Sausage Software
Name: Computerror Company: (Anything you Like) Expiry Date: Registration s/n: 0HP1J4Y2TZV1DBRPD6VT
Name: Daniel Barfie company: (Anything you Like) Expiry Date: Registration s/n: 03MH0PEJK8F4TVZXQ8Z
Name: Daniel Barfie company: (Anything you Like) Expiry Date: Registration s/n: 0N8FVA60WC9N6JA2P52K
Crosseye of the Sausage Software v1.0 Name: Daniel Barfie company: (Anything you Like) Expiry Date: (Leave Blank) s/n: 0N8FVA60WC9N6JA2P5ZX
Crosseye of the Sausage Software v1.21
Name: =x=(x force)=x= Compa: (Anything you Like) Date: s/n: 0AKEHYFEPY179Q2FLM5Y
Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 0H97DZBEYKHE3DYB0CET
Name: Authorized User s/n: 0915X8AZR2KNFAHEU9EM
Name: Computerror Compa: (Anything you Like) Date: s/n: 03MH0PEHJK8F4TVZXQ8Z
Name: Computerror Company Name: Expiry Date: Registration s/n: 0HP1J4Y2TZV1DBRPD6VT
Name: Daniel Barfie compa: date: s/n: 0N8FVA60WC9N6JA2P5ZX
Name: Xerox's CompuTerror s/n: 010KU7HPU6THQU039KH4
CrowCall v1.10 Name: G-RoM User ID : PiNNaCLe s/n: 100YAFI
Crowd Control v1.1
s/n: 1111201
s/n: 9876224
Crowd Control v1.1 Win95
s/n: 0009224
s/n: 1218224
s/n: 2075224
s/n: 2391224
s/n: 3332224
s/n: 3461224
s/n: 4396224
s/n: 5644224
Cruiser Browser v1.37 Win95/NT Name: Any NAME Comp/ANY NAME s/n: 3WNWEA6XQK
Crumbler v2.5 Win95 s/n: dsm-8969
Crumbler97 v3.0 s/n: asd456
Crush Beta Mac s/n: tioga
Crypt-O-Text s/n: 00092*410177
Crypt-O-Text v1.22 s/n: 123493*387224
Crypt-O-Text v1.24 s/n: 121269*021841
Crypt-o-Text v1.23 Win95
s/n: 00092*410177
s/n: 123493*387224
s/n: ICE186*691717
s/n: KOU961*889379
s/n: UCF945*439650
Crypten v1.03 Name: romeo [d4c/97] s/n: 9612A4730T
Crypto v3.0
Name: The Keyboard Caper organization/Phrozen Crew '98 s/n: 3563301562
Name: tKC organization/PC '98 s/n: 3344510990
Crypto++ SDK v1.0 s/n: 441hee
Cryptomatic v1.01 Mac s/n: 346190
Crystal 3D - Impact email = a s/n: a to support on register then ok, then register, then ok and software throws all alone and one can undertake safeguards!
Crystal 3D Designer s/n: rd10-0029-****
Crystal 3D Impact v1.1 Win95 email: [email protected] s/n: 5264
Crystal CaliBurn v1.02 Win
s/n: 2552CCW126345-U1
s/n: 6511ccw1o4413-u1
s/n: 9525ccw1o2365-u1
s/n: CPP-5655455
Crystal Caliburn Pinball
s/n: 9525CCW102356-U1
s/n: 9525CCW102365-U1
Crystal Ftp v1.0 Beta 3 Name: qua8SIXhqua8SIXh s/n: 000701233100000000000000000701233100000000000000000
Crystal Graphics 3d-Impact email : [email protected] s/n: 2474
Crystal Graphics Flying Fonts v2.0 Win
s/n: RB10-0140-1022
s/n: RB10-0140-1023
s/n: RB10-0140-1104
Crystal Reports Pro for VBasic v5.0 s/n: 1231467890
Crystal TOPAS v1.5 Mac s/n: RB20-0110-0730
Crystal Topaz 3D Pro s/n: 1010-1010-1010-1010
Crystal graphics flying fonts Win s/n: RB10-01401-104
CuSeeMe v2.1.1 Demo s/n: KCNF-4067-0H06-BCCE
Cumberland Diary v1.60 s/n: NUGCDW-11505769
Cumberland Family Tree v2.23 (16bit) s/n: BRCFTW-45879822
Cumberland Family Tree v2.23 (32bit) s/n: CFTWNF-19531636
CuneiForm 97 v4.0 Win95 Comp/Pentium Name: Pentium s/n: 57057899
CuneiForm OCR Win v1.20 s/n: 150394CLC01
CuneiForm OCR v1.20 Win s/n: 230494CLC31L
CuneiForm OCR v1.22 Win s/n: CRE075122-NET
Cuneiform v1.3 Win s/n: 310394CLC33A
CurvePlots v2.11 Name: romeo s/n: UXZZfU26Dd comp: d4c
CyBerCom v1.00 Dos
(Cyber.exe /R) Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 170169191160190187183186
Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + -- s/n: 308382164167177184176181
CyBerCom v1.60 Dos
Name: 2U! s/n: 72264226435944904627476249035042
Name: LURKER/REBELS s/n: 57897220672956204756672967294756
Name: Me! s/n: 59304762422643594490462747624903
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 60836246435562464631792642304355
Name: SULVIAN [UCF] s/n: 68877223579053437402534342396090
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 68806248592047524365624846337928
Name: THe aNGRy youTh s/n: 70715199475842386091505467317934
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 70654752578557854752673343656248
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 70425202474750277211424367424610
Name: You! s/n: 79256245722942294352449346284765
CyBorg Script s/n: 082807961961229
Cyber Contact Pro v1.0 Win95/NT Name: TheForceTeam s/n: MM34539TFT
Cyber Lom CD Player v1.8 Gold s/n: BEE-300-272302
Cyber Lom CD Player v1.8.3 Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: LOM-088-11288
Cyber Patrol v4.01 s/n: 2176 unlock: 540814 Name: TheBrabo
Cyber Snoop v2.06 - v2.07 s/n: 20-1005-96
CyberCom v1.00 Dos (Cyber.exe /R) Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 170169191160190187183186
CyberFinder v2.?? Mac
s/n: CYBE-587-336153
s/n: CYBG-699-146342
s/n: CYBK-425-815180
CyberJack v7.0 by Delrina Win95
s/n: 1321-2123-7176
s/n: 7000-7166-2080
s/n: 7000-7166-6499
CyberSpyder Link Test v2.0 Name: EZD Key/227436 s/n: 123409945
CyberWorks Telecommunications
s/n: 752441946
s/n: AJ45950
Cyborg^SNT s/n: 506130747
Cygnus v1.5 Name: United Cracking Force Company: UCF2000 s/n: 311-1210-222
Cyr Win95 s/n: IN000000000CN315E

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