NosyFred's Serial Numbers List

[ 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z ]

D'PEG! v2.3 Name: xOANON [UCF97] s/n: X19161921
D'Peg! v2.13 Win95/NT
Name: Exeron s/n: E171719
Name: SiLicon Surfer s/n: SS1818192117
D'Peg! v2.20 Win95/NT Name: escom+ s/n: E1719
D-Info v3.0 (999 users)
Name: 2U! s/n: 902238
Name: 4U! s/n: 906234
Name: Iceman&Brille /oUG s/n: 3320298
Name: Me! s/n: 1384286
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 333768
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 1140035
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 2715316
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 2693357
Name: Xxx! s/n: 2666999
Name: You! s/n: 1375731
D.B. Express v1.50 Win s/n: PE15003-1194
DAO CDR Utils v3.2c 16bit Dos Name: Masque Company: Masque Inc s/n: 3501924575
DAO v2.3D 32bit (DAO/UNLOCK)
Name: LordByte in 1996 Company: mail : Phrozen Crew s/n: 3191487656
Name: PhRoZeN CReW Comp: CRACKERVILLE s/n: 1447247013
DAO v3.2D Name: Masque Company: Masque Inc s/n: 3501924575
DAO v3.2a Name: 111111 com: 222222 s/n: 3436130787
DB Express Win s/n: PE15OO3-1194
DBase III Plus s/n: 3745331-26
DBase IV v1.1 s/n: TA711C10144812
DBase IV v1.5 s/n: WA711C10152190
DBase IV v2.0
s/n: WA712C50000000
s/n: WA712C50071874
s/n: WA712C50323433
s/n: WA712C50503118
s/n: WA712C50922383
s/n: WA712C52371842
s/n: WA712C53557763
s/n: WA712C55534298
s/n: WA712C56764142
s/n: WA712C57115526
DBase IV v2.0+2
s/n: KD712AA0000005
s/n: KD712AA0006110
s/n: KD712AA0024854
s/n: KD712AA0029694
s/n: KD712AA0048592
s/n: KD712AA0326617
s/n: KD712AA0534495
s/n: KD712AA0979907
s/n: KD712AA3592682
s/n: KD712AA5879450
DBase IV v2.02
s/n: IA712A10014641
s/n: IA712A10161051
s/n: IA712A10518133
s/n: IA712A10805255
s/n: IA712A11127357
s/n: IA712A11771561
s/n: IA712A13543122
s/n: IA712A15537565
s/n: IA712A15753891
s/n: IA712A18857805
DBase IV v5.5 Mac s/n: 1234567-28
DBase V Win Chinese s/n: TA921A10058791
DBase V v1.0 Win
s/n: DA712A10043158
s/n: DA712A10071934
s/n: DA712A10179844
s/n: DA712A10307433
s/n: DA712A10474589
s/n: DA712A10497458
s/n: DA712A12373684
s/n: DA712A13956375
s/n: DA712A18999226
s/n: DA712A19891425
DCC Pro v3.02 s/n: 267109015
DCC Pro v4.0
(DC.exe /R) Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 0194750450
Name: 2U! s/n: 0053034426
Name: 4U! s/n: 0077231134
Name: Me! s/n: 0086420595
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 00224883947
Name: RENEGADE[XADi] s/n: 316024883
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 0215178819
Name: THE RIDDLER 1996! s/n: 245801539
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 0253483663
Name: You! s/n: 0242165421
Name: 2U! bbsName: G!$ s/n: 62687
Name: 4U! bbsName: G!$ s/n: 63269
Name: ???! bbsName: G!$ s/n: 52133
Name: Me! bbsName: G!$ s/n: 5012
Name: NoBoDy! bbsName: G!$ s/n: 135089
Name: SoMeBoDy! bbsName: G!$ s/n: 182778
Name: TeLLeRBoP bbsName: G!$ s/n: 112076
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbsName: G!$ s/n: 329753
Name: Xxx! bbsName: G!$ s/n: 52048
Name: You! bbsName: G!$ s/n: 89781
Name: iCEMAN SuCFC address: Key: 1581343968
Name: iCEMAN SuCFC address: key: -875357703
DDClip v2.20 Win95
Name: Iceman Address: United Cracking Force s/n: 719576921
Name: iCEMAN [uCF] Address: [email protected] s/n: -875357703
Name: iCEMAN [uCF] Address: [email protected] s/n: 1581343968
DDClip v2.22 Win95 Name: Eanette A Simmons email: [email protected] s/n: 2193356
DELPHI Components - AHA v5.X
Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 11548
Name: PCREW RULEZ s/n: 11207
Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: 10815
Name: REGISTERED s/n: 10976
DELPHI Components - GraphIt v5.X Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 12429
DELPHI Components - PrintIt v5.X
Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 12604
Name: PCREW RULEZ s/n: 12263
Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: 11871
Name: REGISTERED s/n: 12032
DELPHI Components - ReportIt v5.X
Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 12646
Name: PCREW RULEZ s/n: 12305
Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: 11913
Name: REGISTERED s/n: 12074
DELPHI Components - SortGrid v5.X
Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 12596
Name: MCC s/n: 9680
Name: PCREW RULEZ s/n: 12255
Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: 11863
Name: PST/MCC s/n: 11679
Name: REGISTERED s/n: 12024
DESQtop Name: Giraffe[PC] s/n: 264640235465
s/n: 0700418QDY
s/n: VW100NAZ0000533-JJZJ-001
DIGIBAND RADIO v3.26 Win95/NT Name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 2277
DIGIBAND RADIO v3.27 Win95/NT Name: CORECRACKER/DrRhui s/n: 4531
DIGIBAND RADIO v3.28 Win95/NT Name: CORECRACKER/DrRhui s/n: 4531
DIGITAL VISION DSP-150 Name: JUANDA SURName: NOELIA s/n: 641719871847244711971596817198711771497171710671
DLL Explorer v2.0 Name: CORE CMT company: CORE s/n: 277079977112
DLL Show v3.2 Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 3841956672 Organisation:
DLL Show v3.3 Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 3841956672 Organisation:
DMKClip v1.2 Win95/NT
Name: 2U! s/n: 30951-26931
Name: 4U! s/n: 28873-28225
Name: Me! s/n: 16528-16279
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 32256-25483
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 28221-02457
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 31629-27117
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 01992-20366
Name: Xxx! s/n: 09785-32609
Name: You! s/n: 20493-15560
Name: random [UCF97] s/n: 21264-31235
s/n: 7847-0C3E-0000-0001
s/n: 784A-363A-0001-0001
s/n: 784E-6037-0002-0001
s/n: 7851-0A33-0003-0001
s/n: 7854-342F-0004-0001
s/n: 7857-5E2C-0005-0001
s/n: 785B-0828-0006-0001
s/n: 785E-3225-0007-0001
s/n: 7861-5C21-0008-0001
s/n: 7864-061D-0009-0001
DNews News Server Win95/NT To enter your license key create a 'dos' box and type in the command: tellnews key xxxx (Where xxxx is your registration key). Your key is: a0a0a0a8k0i8c2 for an unlimited user license .
DPeg v2.7 Name: escom/CORE s/n: E17191917
DS9 Voice Print s/n: 893E09BB
DSTLaunch v1.Xb2 Win Name: kOUGER! [CB4] s/n: 3469811487
DSZ Modem Protocol s/n: N154048100
DSpace v1.3 Win s/n: A2-TWINHEAD [UCF]-D
DSpace v1.3 dor Win s/n: A2-TWINHEAD [UCF]-D
DTS Mail build 22.11.96 Name: ODIN '96 s/n: 093823467698
DTS Mail v2.02 ACP/UCF2000 433069166863
DTS Mail v2.10 Build 33, Build 40
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 276115868246
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 045118590299
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 784981546631
Name: [DE!/MCC] s/n: 299684431188
Name: romeo '97 s/n: 420716873396
DTS Mail v2.30 Build 138 Name: LOMAX [DSI/REQ] s/n: 179194816330
DTS Mail v2.30 Win95
Name: ACP/UCF2000 s/n: 433069166863
Name: ODIN '96 s/n: 093823467698
Name: lgb [REVOLT] s/n: 187119790698
Name: romeo '97 s/n: 420716873396
Name: snowmannen s/n: 894184663884
DTS PhoneTicker v1.0 Win95
Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 246263822489
Name: lgb [REVOLT] s/n: 629946475277
DTSearch v4.1 Win95 s/n: 004b8d7a
DX-Grab v1.2 Name: romeo '97 World Wide License No : 4282249088
DaGesh v2.0c s/n: 334804020072125
DaVinci E-mail v2.52 s/n: 52XVD-GBEUP-6BP3A
Dabbler Mac s/n: 0013058-6239
Dabbler v1.0 Win s/n: 5011380-8195
Dabbler v1.1 Win s/n: 5206700-0349
Dabbler v2.0 Mac s/n: DM200UED0059151-NQUK-001
Dabbler v2.0 Win s/n: DM200UED0059151-RSAY-001
Dabbler v2.1 TIA s/n: DA210RAZ0025041-UAEB-001
DacEasy Accounting v4.1 Win s/n: AC4IB226653
DacEasy Accounting with Payroll v4.1 Win s/n: PR4IB246893
DacEasy Win s/n: WA1IB111835
DacEasy v2.0 Win s/n: 516296
DacEasy v2.04 Canadian version Win Name: George Hiotis compa: HICAM s/n: 216721
DacEasy v5.0 EIS Win s/n: EI50X101175
Daisy Quest v1.0 Mac s/n: DQ 1255
Dan's Demo-It v1.0c Win s/n: DIWO-50200977
Dana v1.02 Win95 Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 0912-2349-A818
Dana v1.04 Name: tHATDUDE! s/n: 0912-2349-A818
Danere Name: Giraffe [PC] s/n: 5A5C4C-DSM-4HB3B797
Danere ColorMaker v3.1 Name: mRFANATIc [D4C] s/n: 133F33-DCM-3F247861
Danere Style Maker v1.3 Name: Rizla+ s/n: D4E39-DSM-4H1A9B71
Danere StyleMaker v1.28 Name: mRFANATIc [D4C] s/n: 121C1-DSM-4H24382
Darts 95 v1.0 Name: romeo s/n: 29701
Data Access tools v2.0a Win s/n: 1F00028-01104360
Data Detective PC Search Win95 s/n: AC-833N7-12
Data Detective PC Search v1.1 Name: xOANON [UCF97] s/n: 26139346
Data Detective PC-search v1.1 Win95 Name: / s/n: 7101-3D91-0861 (then hit "OK", not [Enter])
Data Highway Light v1.81 Win
s/n: 6737169,142
s/n: 6737169142
Data Junction v4.1 Win s/n: 12345678
Data Junction v4.1 for Windows s/n: 12345678
Data Junction v5.0 Win
s/n: W103-10-0217
s/n: W103-100217
Data Junction v5.0 Win3 s/n: W103100217
Data Tree v1.00f Win95/NT Name: {anything you want} Company: {anything you want} s/n: 110288833580
Data Widgets v2.0 s/n: 0420-0100000-3218595
Data Widgets v2.0 (Sheridan Trialware)
s/n: 0420-0100000-7658223
s/n: 0420-1234567-7650897
Data Widgets v2.0.007 Win
s/n: 41032135
s/n: 41037251
DataBoss "C" Dos s/n: 93-1207-000398
DataBoss v1.01 Win s/n: 94-0202-000361
DataCAD Professional v5.05 (update) s/n: DC50C-8298
DataDesk v5.0
Tip: Accepts any hex number between 1 and FFFFFFFF (inclusive) as a SN.
DataFit v4.0.7 (VB4) Name: MCVD 1997 s/n : 1223647033 (2D) s/n : 4468900733 (3D)
DataFit v4.1 Name: TheBrabo s/n 2D: 419984866 s/n 3D: 391470177
DataFit v4.1.19 Win95/NT Name: lxpc97 2D_s/n: 2766988 3D_s/n: 7503066
DataLink v2.05 s/n: 25-400874885
DataList v1.00h Win95/NT Name: lxpc97 2D_s/n: 2766988 3D_s/n: 7503066
DataMaker v2.0 Win s/n: 104010201F6
DataSafe v1.22
Name: Home User Company: Home User s/n: 06059678
Name: ReaPeR Company: ReaPeR s/n: 04266565
Name: Safe_From_No_One Company: Safe_From_No_One s/n: 09395460
Name: TFT97 Company: TFT97 s/n: 02414524
DataView v1.00f Win/Win95/NT Name: {anything you want} Company: {anything you want} s/n: 110288833580
DataViz MacOPener v2.0 s/n: 2208418-2827
DataWidgets v2.0 s/n: 01A0000-7579012
Datacad estimator v4.2 s/n: 5401-1092
Dataviz MacOpener v1.0 Win95 s/n: 2015994-8102
DateBook Pro and TouchBase Pro
s/n: xx8S9Z4C6-2IO9O0
s/n: xxKM9K4Y6V2P-LBM
s/n: xxLA974R6J29IH0T
s/n: xxR79J4Y6J257ZM5
Day Timer Organizer v1.0 Win
s/n: 710000000
s/n: 710000006
s/n: 720022997
Day Timer Organizer v2.0
s/n: 720003976
s/n: 720125452
Day Timer Organizer v2.0 Win
s/n: 41002318602
s/n: 720100000
DayByDay v1.3
hold (SHIFT-F10) note number hold (SHIFT-Fx) (x= curent day: 1 Sunday, 2 Monday etc) enter number
hold (SHIFT-F10) note number hold (SHIFT -Fx)(x= current day: 1 Sunday, 2 Monday etc)
DayMaker v3.0.3
s/n: 0148D-0F68F9-1F100
s/n: 03409-13D8B8-F5000
s/n: 0349-13D8B8-F5000
Dazzle Plus v2.1 Win s/n: DP940235
Dazzle Plus v2.1b Win
s/n: 0503600
s/n: 1234567
s/n: ???????
Dazzle v1.5 Win95 Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 6D110619965104541206510663105
DbMail v1.1 s/n: 1111889198
DbWeb v1.0 Win95/NT s/n: 02-96-98
Dbase IV v1.5 s/n: WA711C10152190D
Dbase IV v2.0 NL s/n: WA712C50000000
Dbase IV v2.02 s/n: IA 712A10518133
Dbase IV v5.0 Win
s/n: DA712A1047458
s/n: IA735A10029453
Dbase IV v5.0 Win Korean s/n: KQ921A10274637
De-Jumble v1.2 s/n: 454434343899
DeBabelizer v1.6.x
s/n: -4010-503318-842332
s/n: -4540-609699-575364
s/n: -9980-700087-963639
DeBabelizer v1.6.x Mac s/n: -0529-328819-739202
DeLuxe Poker Win s/n: !BhH*mDb96fQn11g
DeLuxe Property Manager s/n: 52630
Death Masters v1.02
bbs: 2U! reg. Code: 0082263134183051 s/n: 0408025093
bbs: 4U! reg. Code: 0082263134194861 s/n: 0408025193
bbs: G.!.$ reg. Code: 0082263134125411 s/n: 0408028183
bbs: MCC reg. Code: 0082263134649539 s/n: 0408027960
bbs: Me! reg. Code: 0082263134248005 s/n: 0408026600
bbs: NoBoDy! reg. Code: 0082263134104963 s/n: 04080227811
bbs: SoMeBoDy! reg. Code: 0082263134121113 s/n: 04080233713
bbs: T.G.A reg. Code: 0082263134190730 s/n: 04080212182
bbs: Xxx! reg. Code: 0082263134156561 s/n: 04080212182
bbs: You! reg. Code: 0082263134165237 s/n: 04080212003
Debabelizer Pro s/n: 72854-532757-234223
Deck II v2.5 s/n: 33025-0008-1201-46401
DeckWorks v2.1
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 22198127
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 42351937
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 23956763
Name: Special Phrozen Force s/n: 38039149
DeckWorks v2.1 Win
Name: 2U! s/n: 6616874
Name: 4U! s/n: 6667026
Name: DaRk sTAlKeR [UCf] s/n: 33036832
Name: Me! s/n: 6726678
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 14577198
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 18309994
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 36160897
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 47380746
Name: Xxx! s/n: 10238406
Name: You! s/n: 9660488
Deleter v2.2 bbs: Me! s/n: 0082263134248005
Deletor v1.7 Win95 s/n: 43774077-02110880
Deliverance v1.0 s/n: 51244-442657-100016
Delorme's Street Atlas Usa v4.0 s/n: 710121
Delphi Code Arrange Expert v1.02 Name: NightHang [fcn] E-mail: [email protected] s/n: iandme
Delta CAD v2.3 Win
user: 91471455 s/n: 954829 auth. s/n: ABMXNFO
user: Dark Wolf s/n: 954828 auth. s/n: EMKFYHU
Delta Graph Pro v3.5 Win s/n: MUU35-0827-3837184026
Delta Graph Pro v3.5.x Mac s/n: MUU35-0827-3837184026 vUnknown 2000002464
Delta Graph Pro v4.0 s/n: MUE40-0326-1631366984
Dema Post It v2.0 Name: TheBrabo s/n: AK79109826332461185
Demo Builder v2.0 Win95 s/n: 40456
Demo Builder v2.0.07 s/n: 40938
Demo Maker v1.55 (edit DEMOMAKE.KEY) line #1: 30-1123 line #2: 182220 line #3: (your name)
Demo Maker v2.0
s/n: 32-1123 key: 2412
s/n: 32-1134 key: 2423
s/n: 32-2500 key: 2789
s/n: 32-3129 key: 2418
s/n: 32-3333 key: 2622
s/n: 32-4321 key: 2610
s/n: 32-5136 key: 2425
s/n: 32-5555 key: 2844
s/n: 32-8710 key: 2999
s/n: 32-9709 key: 2998
Demo Maker vx.x (edit DEMOMAKE.KEY) line #1: 30-1123 line #2: 182220 line #3: (your name)
Demo WorkShop Name: Okware s/n: 0AQ6M5RBRATPN8HN64K05I
Demo maker edit DEMOMAKE.KEY Line1: 301123 Line2: 182220 Line3: (Your Name)
Deneba's Canvas Win s/n: 450059719
Depleter v2.2 Win
Name: Registered User s/n: 85971
Name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 s/n: 46203
Design Estimator s/n: 5055-2897
DesignExpress Labels v1.10 Win
Name: PhRoZeN CReW '96 s/n: AUCWRAH
Name: Registered User s/n: QYOBYTK
Name: Saltine/PC s/n: FKUFTRE
DesignExpress v1.13 For Labels (97'May) Name: TheDaemon s/n: kdexpvk
DesignExpress v1.14
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: QCNBQ
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: EAHWOAB
Name: Freeware Version s/n: STQURPJ
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: NETREGK
Name: Riz la+ s/n: JWZFKE
DesignView v3.01 s/n: 73010358
DesignWorks v3.14 s/n: CVFC X9AF VA1J X5KA 95TL
Designer CAD 3D v1.0 Win95 s/n: C723-3304-8095
Designer CAD 3D v3.0 Win95 s/n: 6505-0571-3877
Designer CAD 3D v4.0 s/n: 1500-1181-2696
Designer CAD 3D v5.0 s/n: 1005-1684-7282
Designer CAD 3D v7.0 s/n: 3502-0557-8148
Designer CAD 3D v8.0 Win95 s/n: 6504-0024-1945
Designer Widgets (Sheridan TrialWare) s/n: 0520-1234567-7658223
Designer Widgets v2.0
s/n: 01A0000-7576341
s/n: 510275644142
Desk Tidy v1.1
Name: MCVD 1997 s/n: 00210861
Name: Tailgunner [pc97] s/n: 009B8B84
DeskBar 95 v3.01 Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 6EDBC162-9384
DeskBar v3.01 Win95
Name: Me! compa: G.i.S s/n: 2E6E98AD-0000
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] compa: G.i.S s/n: 0C35F53A-0000
DeskBar v3.x Name: Gauss company: X s/n: 43e2ec53-1306
DeskTidy v1.1 Win Name: ODIN 97 s/n: 0014AB94
DeskTool v2.10
Name: s/n: 9D9USD9SSS
Name: s/n: ASFUDH87Y2
Name: s/n: KFLFJSDXU9
DeskTop Deluxe v1.0 Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 7050
DeskTop Maid v2.2a Name: KiLLa [CoRE] s/n: 1E473C23
DeskTop Solutions v3.12a
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 154062851135
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 895566672718
Name: PC97 s/n: 618898553986
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 898520870616
DeskTop Surveillance 97 v2.12 Win95/NT s/n: ODS28409168125613PR411
DeskTop v1.0 1/2 1) Load the Game 2) quit to bring up the closing Soleau Software screen 3)Press the key
DeskTop v1.0 2/2 4) Enter name 5) Code: 3578$21 Name: Anyone Code: 3578$21
DeskTop v4.0 s/n: 06412
DeskView 32 v1.1 s/n: xxx222
Deskbar Name: brainski Company: RaGe s/n: 12E1FE83-0123
Desktop Themes v1.6 Name: romeo s/n: 2107357436
Desktop Themes v1.73
Name: STaRDoGG [PC] s/n: 2107358646
Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 2107356853
Desktop Twister 32 v1.36 Name: FANATIC s/n: WEKEMASA
DesqView /X NetWork Manager v1.1
s/n: 000-V1-0009
s/n: 003-V1-3616
s/n: 102-V1-9061
s/n: 111-V1-9007
s/n: 201-V1-3102
s/n: 300-V1-4507
DesqView /X OSF/Motif
s/n: 000-R1-0009
s/n: 002-R1-1583
s/n: 101-R1-6009
s/n: 101-R1-6083
s/n: 456-R1-1001
s/n: 906-R1-0002
DesqView /X v2.0
s/n: 000-15X-011980
s/n: 048-X5X-40638
s/n: 323-X5X-63318
s/n: 481-X5X-15929
s/n: 498-X5X-93123
s/n: 754-X5X-14396
s/n: 763-X5X-92958
s/n: 783-X5X-58035
s/n: 805-X5X-02266
s/n: 995-X5X-07054
DesqView /X v2.1 s/n: 100-16X-41940
DesqView 386 & QEMM 386 s/n: 001-32H-72414
DesqView 386 v2.6
s/n: 000-12H-01198
s/n: 000-12H-83189
s/n: 001-12H-72414
s/n: 001-32H-72414
s/n: 003-22H-00006
s/n: 010-12H-95253
s/n: 100-22H-00044
s/n: 221-22H-20011
s/n: 401-22H-11011
s/n: 500-22H-40000
DesqView 386 v2.61 and QEMM 386 v7.02
s/n: 000-15X-011980
s/n: 001-17H-72414
s/n: 001-32H-72414
s/n: 010-17F-95253
DesqView 386 v2.7
s/n: 000-83H-30303
s/n: 010-23H-28256
s/n: 100-63H-00706
s/n: 102-13H-08044
s/n: 103-23H-90808
s/n: 111-73H-11112
s/n: 114-23H-28256
s/n: 333-33H-05050
s/n: 500-93H-22005
DesqView 386 v2.7 & QEMM 386 v7.5 s/n: 114-22H-28256
DesqView 386 v2.7 and QEMM 386 v7.5 s/n: 010-22H-28256
DesqView 386 v2.8
s/n: 000-88W-30303
s/n: 010-28W-28256
s/n: 100-68W-00706
s/n: 102-18W-08044
s/n: 103-28W-90808
s/n: 111-78W-11112
s/n: 114-28W-28256
s/n: 333-38W-05050
s/n: 500-98W-22005
DesqView v2.34 s/n: 047-A74473
DesqView v2.40 with QEMM v6.00
s/n: 000-XQ-0009
s/n: 100-XQ-1205
s/n: 111-XQ-9999
s/n: 201-XQ-9999
s/n: 222-XQ-0003
s/n: 300-XQ-3003
s/n: 400-XQ-0023
s/n: 501-XQ-1110
s/n: 600-XQ-1011
s/n: 702-XQ-0000
DesqView v2.61 with QEMM 386 v7.02
s/n: 000-19T-83189
s/n: 100-27F-00044
s/n: 221-27F-20011
s/n: 401-27F-11011
s/n: 500-27F-40000
DesqView v2.7 with QEMM 386 v7.5
s/n: 000-82H-30303
s/n: 100-62H-00706
s/n: 102-12H-08044
s/n: 111-72H-11112
s/n: 114-22H-28256
s/n: 333-32H-05050
s/n: 500-92H-22005
Developer Suite for NetWare/ActiveX s/n: 3050-1193
Diabetic Mentor v1.4 Win95
Name: Me! s/n: 402654142
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 2613735598
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 3852436206
Name: tHATDUDE s/n: 1073761714
Diaggle v1.1 1) Load the Game 2) quit to bring up the closing Soleau Software screen 3)Press the key 4) Enter name 5) Code: 25$26$81
DiagnoSYS v1.0 Mac s/n: B102131444366
Dial Up Magic
Name: Gauss s/n: 0558028757
Name: Registered s/n: 1045930556
Dial Up Magic v1.0
Name: MCC s/n: 0458705273
Name: Me s/n: 0447911024
Name: PST/MCC s/n: 0554719577
Name: Psychotron s/n: 0742817507
Name: You s/n: 0493330492
Dial Up Magic v1.0 Win95 s/n: 09390915437
Dial Up Magic v1.3
Name: romeo '97 s/n : 0627902388 (single user license)
Name: romeo '97 s/n : 0770613617 (site license)
Name: romeo '97 s/n : 0945018866 (external license)
Dial Up Magic v1.5 Name: blastsoft s/n=0709224533
Dial Up Magic v1.5 Win95
Name: Everyone!! s/n: 1004408996
Name: NuZiN s/n: 0859731580
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 1090628528
Name: kOUGER! [CB4] s/n: 1009617131
Dial Up Pro v1.0 Name: blastsoft s/n: 355744436583
Dial Up Pro v2.1.1 Name: iTR1997 s/n: 468B470EFE3FD847
Dial-Up Magic V1.5.0 Name: blastsoft s/n: 0709224533
DialerPro v1.5 s/n: DRVDDR
Dialog v3.4.9 Win95
Name: CRACKED s/n: -4559090
Name: Samurai s/n: 14143-78141-42553-80403
Dida Pro v2.20 Win95
(License) s/n: 4145740-5879
(Site License) s/n: 4145740-3165
(Unlimited License) s/n: 4145740-3829
Name: xOANON [UCF97] (Single User License) s/n: 4145740-3387
Digi Grabber s/n: 6776-3647-1143-4455
DigiDay Clock v1.6 s/n : 6792
DigiMation Set I Plugin for 3D Studio Max s/n: GZEF-WVZA
DigiPhone Deluxe v1.01 Win95 (Europe) s/n: 2006 2051 60081 5094
DigiPhone v1.01 Win95
s/n: 1005902102952446
s/n: 1006201153977119
Digita Organiser s/n: 150328
Digita Organizer v1.0 Win95
s/n: 9200001
s/n: 9209875
s/n: 9209999
s/n: 9234128
s/n: 9254333
s/n: 9254358
s/n: 9266667
s/n: 9280109
s/n: 9282910
s/n: 9299881
Digital Dead
s/n: AB1235879ABABY
s/n: FD8125231DSFGY
s/n: FR7575757VCGSY
s/n: HG1125899HGLLY
s/n: JN0065764UTREY
s/n: LO3365318OOOEY
s/n: LQ9005009YTRGY
s/n: PA6665555AAZQY
s/n: SE3235049AUEIY
s/n: ZZ5675798RYKWY
s/n: xxnnn5nnxnnnnY ( x= alpha char n= num char )
xxnnn5nnxnnnnY Tip: x = alpha char n = numeric char
Digital Forest s/n: D3013412I
Digital Fusion s/n: D0064004F
Digital Input Noise Reduction DINR v1.0 s/n: yj9660mkk236
Digital Orchestrator Plus v2.11
s/n: DOP211-005050-017
s/n: DOP211-009034-767
s/n: DOP211-013776-953
s/n: DOP211-021216-037
s/n: DOP211-025562-670
s/n: DPO211-016718-447
Digital Orchestrator Plus v2.11 Win95
s/n: DOP211-001679-013
s/n: DOP211-013311-580
s/n: DOP211-013314-851
s/n: DOP211-015015-840
s/n: DOP211-019972-261
s/n: DOP211-021239-096
s/n: DOP211-021253-447
s/n: DOP211-021435-455
s/n: DOP211-031497-347
s/n: DOP211-032745-416
Digital Vision DSP 150 Name: Rizla last Name: (leave blank) s/n: 6497218724161871487126
Digitrax v1.0 to v1.2
s/n: ALS4312135
s/n: ALS4312536
Dilbert Screen Saver s/n: 5180-6344-1654
Dilbert ScreenSaver Collection s/n: 4556-3654-5640
Dima's WinTools v1.0 s/n: 04F6C-dWT10-6761
Dimensions v2.0
s/n: DAW100R3100720-191
s/n: DAW200U3200000-109
s/n: DAW200U3200001-742
Dinosaur v1.0 Win s/n: A1-1758154924821-64
Dir 2 HTM v1.0.20 s/n: 2888-mt-8341-bp
Dir 3D Win95
Name: 12345 Company Name: Blayze User Id
Name: 12345 Company Name: Doomsday Device User Id
Reg Code: Blayze
Dir 3D v1.0 beta
Name: AquAd00d company: PC1997 s/n: 3998468
Name: Joe Blow company: Cracked by AquA s/n: 5133340
Name: John Doe company: AquA-PC1997 s/n: 4903597
Name: Registered company: phrozen crew s/n: 7197090
DirWatch v2.0 Name: ODIN 97 s/n: 03154341
DirWatch v2.0 Win
Name: Me! s/n: 03157566
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 03176258
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 03153036
Name: You! s/n: 03156790
Direct Media Xtra 1.01 Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: DMX6543210
Direct Tex Pro
Beta Testers,None,T-1654327,5257-100226-7817
DirectNet v1.0 Name: Gauss s/n: 11952-105682-2717-1304
DirectNet v1.0 Win95 Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 24165-214537-2607-1084
DirectNet v1.1
Name: Frog's Print s/n: 25614-227452-2722-1314
Name: fx2297 s/n: 10825-95637-2417-704
DirectNet v1.1 Win95/NT
Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: 24165-214537-2607-1084
Name: kOUGER! [CB4] s/n: 21428-190142-2607-1084
DirectNet v1.2+
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 24533-217817-2712-1294
Name: Cracked s/n: 15862-140532-2642-1154
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 27132-240982-2737-1344
Name: Registered s/n: 23981-212897-2642-1154
Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 19772-175382-2727-1324
Director v4.0.? by Macromedia Mac
s/n: DRM403-1799-3074-2073
s/n: DRM404-3752-7670-1030
Directory Catalog v2.0 Name: NUZ s/n: FA9604FDB22B9E89C41E89455BDC2069
Directory Printer v1.6 s/n: 2618572
Directory Sorter v2.0 Win95
1) After installation, run the Directory Sorter program
2) Click on the About button
3) When the About Dialog is displayed type the three letters SMF
4) A registration dialog will be displayed
5) Enter the following information into the appropriate edit boxes Registered Name: Gary Alguire Registration Key: 486985536
6) Click on the OK button of the registration dialog box
7) You should get a thankyou message if you have entered the information correctly
8) Your copy of Directory Sorter is now registered
9) If you make a mistake entering the three letter code then close the about dialog by clicking on the OK button an repeat the process from step 2 onwards.
Directory Sorter v2.1
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 407843249
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 424709229
Name: PC97 s/n: 540629253
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 424769539
Name: teraphy s/n: 242917541
Directory Watch v2.0
Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN s/n: 03170513
Name: tHATDUDE [PC97] s/n: 03156941
Dirt Bike s/n: JCJr9333
DisPatch v1.0 by Qualitas Win
s/n: 100352010180
s/n: 100761030040
DisPlay Doctor v5.3 Scitech
Name: 2U! s/n: 12345-891E13C7-67890
Name: 4U! s/n: 12345-C7E98150-67890
Name: BRiTiSH [BS] s/n: 231BAF2F650DF6EDE6
Name: Me! s/n: 12345-C7A1495B-67890
Name: Mr.Boco / TCP s/n: 12345-DB0D8450-67890
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 12345-8DDBF8E9-67890
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 12345-8DA7A7F8-67890
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 12345-22470350-67890
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 12345-A7F081EB-67890
Name: Xxx! s/n: 12345-C7A1C779-67890
Name: You! s/n: 12345-E903E90D-67890
Name: s/n: 00511-08ADC3C6-04771
DisPlay Doctor v5.3a Scitech Win
Name: DOD'97 single site s/n: DOD97-985A3C52-DOD97
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] single site s/n: 1B6AC-164B376C-AC744 multi site s/n: 28708-9A9A9445-7AC30
Name: tHE RiDDLER [ri/uCF] single site s/n: 1A549-34280570-9CAE4 multi site s/n: 2E498-355A6546-F7115
Disc Play v4.02 Win95 s/n: 10A40153 key: 427a-a1db-25d3-0c3e-02ba-49c5-a457-992f
Disc-At-Once v2.10
Name: ED!SON Company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 601071078
Name: ED!SON '96 company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 601071078
Disc-At-Once v2.20 Dos
Name: ED!SON '96 compa: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 601071078
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] company/email: [email protected] s/n: 1842412222
Disc-At-Once v2.3D
Name: LordByte in 1996 Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 3191487656
Name: PhRoZeN CReW Comp: CRACKERVILLE s/n: 1447247013
Name: kOUGER! [CB4] Company: kOUGER! [CB4] s/n: 3321611771
Disc-At-Once v2.3e Win
Name: Killer+Bee company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 2846170205
Name: LordByte in 1996 Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 3313848739 Run DAO /UNLOCK and enter the info.
Name: PhRoZeN CReW Company: CRACKERVILLE s/n: 1635651505 Run DAO /UNLOCK and enter the info.
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] company/email: [email protected] s/n: 1493777755
Disc-At-Once v3.0 Win
Name: Jeff Aranold company: DaoNet s/n: 732586572
Name: Mr.Joiz compa: Mr.Joiz Cracking s/n: 1808436860
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] company/email: [email protected] s/n: 1029396745
Disc-At-Once v3.0a Win95 Name: Singapore company: Singapore BBS s/n: 2724952174
Disc-At-Once v3.1e
Name: * Jake * Company: * UCF * s/n: 3668146273
Name: REGISTERED company: REGISTERED s/n: 2062404432
DiscJuggler Installer v1.0 Win95 password: BONANZA s/n: CDJ-E7C8D0AC-FU
DiscJuggler v1.0 s/n: CDJ-E7C8D0AC-FU
DiscPlayer v2.00 Win 3.11/95/NT
password: V2.0REGEON s/n: DP2-U123
s/n: DP2-U001
s/n: DP2-U200
s/n: DP2-U235
s/n: DP2-U250
s/n: DP2-U476
s/n: DP2-U676
s/n: DP2-U757
s/n: DP2-U987
s/n: DP2-U999
DiscPlayer v3.2 Win95/NT s/n: DP3-1303 password: SPP-30-DP32A17
Disk Arella v1.0-v1.04 Name: blastsoft s/n: 21375Il company=blastsoft
Disk At Once (DAO 16) Name: Jack Williams (E-Mail [email protected]) s/n: 1778094147
Disk At Once (DAO 32) Name: Jack Williams (E-Mail [email protected]) s/n: 3775051605
Disk Cafe
s/n: DC000444B52
s/n: DC000796A32
Disk Catalog v1.0 OS/2 name1: SkullC0DEr name2: Hacker date: 01-01-6666 vers: 6.6 s/n: 1643418069
Disk CleanUp v3.1 Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] s/n: 3858701120
Disk Copy Fast v4.90+
(Edit your config.dcf) line #1: $REGISTER line #2: THE GUARDIAN ANGEL UEH0D,PiNRh
line #2: 2U! ZgvDL,XowmL
line #2: 4U! Z8wDL,YoxmL
line #2: ???! WwxnT,SUAZh
line #2: ME! Y8wvL,XoyeT
line #2: NOBODY! XoA7V,U9FHb
line #2: SOMEBODY! SUxn4,LhAOX
line #2: TELLERBOP Uoxfs,RMBi5
line #2: XXX! ZgvDE,XowtE
line #2: YOU! Wgwvw,UwytU
Disk Copy Fast v5.1+
(Edit your config.dcf) line #1: $REGISTER line #2: THE GUARDIAN ANGEL UEH0D_NLJfx
line #2: 2U! ZgvDL_KGYmk
line #2: 4U! Z8wDL_MLYok
line #2: ME! Y8wvL_KVYlj
line #2: NOBODY! XoA7V_KIYbt
line #2: Regis,tered
line #2: SOMEBODY! SUxn4_KIOwg
line #2: TELLERBOP Uoxfs_NYCxw
line #2: XXX! ZgvDE_WJRrn
line #2: YOU! Wgwvw_UAPej
Disk Copy Fast v5.1a (Edit your config.dcf) Line1: $REGISTER line2: Underground Empire SUxn4_KIOwg
Disk Express II
s/n: JE103744
s/n: JI103774
s/n: JV103735
s/n: JV103761
s/n: JX103737
s/n: JX103763
s/n: JY103738
s/n: JZ103739
Disk Factory 32 v2.10
Name: TeRaPhY s/n: 132195911
Name: romeo '97 s/n: 1507558471
Disk Factory 32 v2.10j Name: MiRaMaX [RBS] s/n: 24197-1339252807
Disk Image v2.30
s/n: 25111
s/n: 25222
s/n: 25333
s/n: 25XXX where XXX is any number Name: (whatever you want)
Disk Image v2.30 Win
Name: AquA s/n: 25001
Name: AquA s/n: 25091
Name: AquA s/n: 25246
Name: AquA s/n: 25345
Name: AquA s/n: 25389
Name: AquA s/n: 25724
Name: AquA s/n: 25788
Name: AquA s/n: 25939
Disk Management System v6.10
s/n: 64232312
s/n: 64242412
Disk Manager Mac s/n: 190915
Disk Manager v6.03.03 Maxtor HD s/n: 18002629867
Disk Manager v6.03.05 Maxtor HD s/n: 18002629867
Disk Optimizer v1.01 Win s/n: 11111111
Disk copy fast (Edit CONFIG.DCF) line: $REGISTER line: ME Y8vvv,XgxuD
DiskAccess Win Name: Intergraph Evaluation Software s/n: Egymaq43003051
DiskCat v4.3 s/n: DiskCatv4.x-637927712RCLAB
DiskCopy Fast v4.90 (Put these lines in your config.dcf) line #1: $REGISTER line#2: XXX! ZgvDE,XowtE
DiskCopy Fast v4.90 2/2 line #2: THE GUARDIAN ANGEL UEHOD,PiNRh
DiskCopy Fast v4.x 2/3 line #2: (your name) K9JBF,B30QZ
DiskCopy Fast v4.x 3/3 line #2: (your name) R9CS0,IAJM1
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 (edit CONFIG.DCF) (* = free space)
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 02/2 line #2: **BATMAN VovvF_WUFfg
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 03/2 line #2: **XXX Z8vDp_W0Iiu
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 04/2 line #2: **YOU W8wvh_UFAzJ
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 05/2 line #2: **ME Y8vvv_KVOcz
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 06/2 line #2: **NOBODY Xoz7F_KIIwq
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 07/2 line #2: **SOMEBODY TuxnO_LIPiv
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 08/2 line #2: **WHO? Woyvw_SBPxh
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 09/2 line #2: **??? WoxnD_USQhz
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 10/2 line #2: **--- Xgxvg_DSZgj
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 11/2 line #2: **### X8vvg_TNZwj
DiskCopy Fast v5.0 12/2 line #3: $NOMSG
DiskCopy Fast v5.0a 02/2 line #2: (any name you want) bv. Regis, Pinrh
DiskCopy Fast v5.0a 03/2 line #2: Registered UMyv5_LQGtz
DiskCopy Fast v5.1 (Put these lines in your config.dcf) line #1: $REGISTER line#2: XXX! ZgvDE_WJRrn
DiskCopy v3.4 32-Bit Win95 Name: Qapla[Rebels 1997] s/n: REA*,904,
DiskCopy v4.0 32 B win96/NT Name: CORE97 s/n: cTpa,1174
DiskDupe Pro v1.0.3
s/n: 0537912382
s/n: 1641882382
s/n: 1800012382
DiskDupe Pro v2.7 Mac 3 Spaces to register in the copies field.
DiskDupe Pro v5.0 s/n: 030-219-788
DiskDupe Pro v7.1
s/n: 200-468-710
s/n: 200-550-831
DiskDupe Pro v7.x s/n: 200550831
DiskFactory v2.10 Win95
Name: kOUGER! s/n: 6789-14408263
Name: romeo '97 s/n: 1507558471
DiskMaster v1.0 s/n: DMR100AAA00000043
DiskRella v1.12
Name: MiRaMaX Comp/TheForceTeam s/n: 21375IL
Name: WARP Comp/WARP1997RELEASING s/n: 21375IL
DiskTools Collection v3.x.y
s/n: DTC-03xy-013515798
s/n: DTC-03xy-078005618
s/n: DTC-03xy-442515138
DiskTop v4.0 s/n: 06412
DiskTop v4.5.1 - v4.5.2
s/n: 0065279
s/n: 0065449
DiskTop v4.5.1 Mac s/n: 65279
DiskTracker v1.0.3 s/n: UKUYUSYOKE 'Anonymous'
Diskplay v3.4.1 Password: DFCP-324-WWCN2 s/n: DP3-DURK
Disney Screen Saver s/n: DSW-91929-1488
Display Doctor v5.2 (ex. UniVBE) Name: SCITECH s/n: 96089-AB95C66399089
Display Doctor v5.3 Name: Sene s/n: 06892-588818895E-06892
Display Doctor v6.0 s/n: ELEMENT User: FREE USE Reg : s/n: 2FREE-5710A99C-GAMAL
Distinct FTP Client v1.1 Win95 s/n: A00CNET010014445 Key: B6-F9-00
Distinct FTP Server v1.10 s/n: XD00000000113097 key: 21-60-96
Distinct TCP/IP v3.21 Win
s/n: AD00081094 key: 78-17-DF
s/n: R00WELLF00 key: F6-72-F2
Distinct X-Server v4.0 s/n: SEWS01100W0C0JJ0
Distributed v4.0 for smaltalk pro License#: C999-022-2560 AccessKey #: 2976-6226-4364-1583-5690
Ditto v1.0 s/n: XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX (any numbers in this format)
DizCat v1.00 Dos Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: DC29039743938-709
DizIt Pro v1.x s/n: 495084 Name: -- : TwinHead [TWH/UCF] : --
DizIt v1.3 Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: .156024
DizIt v1.3 PRO Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 489984
DizIt v1.6 Dos Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 159864
DizIt v1.6+ Dos
Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 156024
Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 159864
DizIt v1.6+ Pro Dos Name: -- + TwinHead [TWH/BDC] + -- s/n: 489984
DizMan v1.20 Name: A SiN Supporter bbs: A SiN BBS s/n: FC97B1D63C2BC984
DoKo for Omnis 5 runtime s/n: DOKO
DocKIt v1.0 Win95/NT Name: none given s/n: d3dz26
DocMan /Master v0.9.990 Win95/NT s/n: ajv1428ni
DocMan v1.6 Win95 s/n: IFNRUX
DocMan v2.4
DocsBoot v0.41 OS/2 s/n: 5A00000103859DB804wswvefre
Documagix Papermaster deluxe s/n: PMDH-901149-2046J
Document Management System v1.0b s/n: IFNRUX
DogHouse v1.2 Win
Name: Anyone s/n: FWMZX
Name: Bill Gates s/n: FPLAD
Name: Cracked s/n: JQQFB
Name: Me s/n: JDHUD
Name: Phrozen Crew 97 s/n: LPSEAB
Name: Unregistered s/n: LAJHM
Name: [NCG] s/n: MZHJD
Name: madmax! s/n: PLGGEB
Dogs of War v2.0
s/n: DW-PC-1997 pass: UOIBPDLHRI
s/n: DW00000000 pass: RDVOCQNNNH
s/n: DW12345678 pass: JRTTONNXPI
s/n: DW97979797 pass: XZZZZFBFQI
Dogs of War v3.0 s/n: DW00200191 pass: KRNXJBFQIG
Name: mold s/n: 20735329
s/n: 7000-1031-3202
s/n: 7001-4328-4956
s/n: 8000-1830-9488
Dogz (Master sn#) s/n: 4916-0000
Dogz II s/n: 3115-6978-7651
Dogz v1.08p Win
Name: mold s/n: 20735329
s/n: 62473040
s/n: 62473961
Dogz v1.1 Win
s/n: 2505-6331-3911
s/n: 9320-0000-0005
Dogz v2.0 s/n: 2114-0298-9869
Dogz, your adopted cyber pet
Master s/n: 3832-0000
s/n: 2502-1866-4401
s/n: 4209-9926-9397
Dogz, your computer pet s/n: 3000-5031-8234
Dom95 v1.6 Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] s/n: 655126820
Dominoes Name: SPLASH
Domus Cuisine v2.1 s/n: 50-06-80-914
Doorway v2.22 - v2.30
Name: *** s/n: 11915
Name: --- s/n: 33818
Name: ??? s/n: 47027
Name: Batman s/n: 28838
Name: Me s/n: 57604
Name: Me s/n: 57604
Name: Nobody s/n: 53631
Name: Somebody s/n: 6274
Name: Who? s/n: 35095
Name: XXX s/n: 61917
Name: You s/n: 40700
Doorway v2.30+
Name: *** s/n: 11915
Name: 2U! s/n: 25666
Name: 4U! s/n: 55170
Name: ???! s/n: 1443
Name: Batman s/n: 28838
Name: Me s/n: 57604
Name: Me! s/n: 5645
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 19446
Name: Nobody s/n: 53631
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 32670
Name: Somebody s/n: 6274
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 63420
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 53919
Name: Who? s/n: 35095
Name: XXX s/n: 61917
Name: Xxx! s/n: 10695
Name: You! s/n: 51337
Dos Command Centre v4.0
Name: [DYERS EVE / MCC] s/n: 165746099
Name: demo s/n: 216673169
Name: mcc s/n: 49904709
Name: me s/n: 41141613
Dos Modem Server s/n: 1101-4806-8272
Dos Navigator II
line #2: 0756B6F5 line #4: Me line #5: XXX line #7: FFFF8E99
line #2: 075703F3 line #4: You line #5: XXX line #7: FFFFE7D3
line #2: 0768E22B line #4: Batman line #5: Gotham line #7: FFFF97BE
line #2: 0E084725 line #4: XXX line #5: XXX line #7: FFFFC33B
line #2: 1C5D4A13 line #4: Who? line #5: XXX line #7: FFFFDAGA
line #2: 21D46977 line #4: Somebody line #5: XXX line #7: FFFFA6D6
line #2: 227C87DD line #4: --- line #5: --- line #7: FFFFB4C8
line #2: 22E8BEE7 line #4: *** line #5: *** line #7: FFFF9978
line #2: 2835319B line #4: ??? line #5: ??? line #7: FFFFDD3A
line #2: 29A5445F line #4: Nobody line #5: XXX line #7: FFFFD1C3
Dos Navigator II Info (edit DN.KEY) line #1: Register key fur DOS-Navigator line #3: Registered looser line #6:
DosBox-fonts Win Name: MiGHtY j! compa: [NEON] s/n: A136406555
DosFaX Lite s/n: ZOO 1057109
DosMenu v7.5 s/n: SKIPBREMER
Dotso v1.1 s/n: 9556299
Double Dynamite Slots v4.3 s/n: 884916
Double Helix s/n: DHMC180800011V30R1
Double Wild Slots s/n: 317541
DoubleColor v1.6a Dos s/n: 039482-XD
DoubleScroll v2.1 s/n: 11000*FT33$2931
Down to Business s/n: SSN719
DownManager s/n: DWN MANAG 3112 0053
Download Butler v1.1 Win95 Name: lgb [REVOLT] s/n: 0FD2BD53 special: 19791997
Download Butler v1.11 Name: ODIN 97 s/n: 85750671 Special: 19970723
Download Butler v1.4 Name: RTA1997 Reg s/n: c72cc7d3 Special s/n: 328232
Download Manager v1.05 Win95
Edit \WINDOWS\DownloadManager.ini and place the following in it: [Options] Reg Code=DWNMANAG3112
[Options] Reg Code= DWNMANAG3112
Download Manager v1.5 Win95 s/n: DWN-MANAG-3112-3843
Download Mechanic v1.6.3 s/n: BSPC555100
Dpeg v1.4 Win95/NT Name: Revolt 97 s/n: R1719
Dr. Salomon's Antivirus Toolkit v6.65 s/n: TK2285817
Dr. Salomon's Antivirus Toolkit v6.68 s/n: TK2495340
Dr. Salomon's Antivirus Toolkit v6.71 s/n: DTK3H-063095
Dr. Solomon's Antivirus Toolkit Win95 s/n: 0024416
Dr. Solomon's Antivirus Toolkit v7.59 s/n: 1007226
DraftChoice Plus v3.00e Dos s/n: 30-8003-3124 Name: DOD
DraftChoice v2.15a Dos s/n: 23-4234-9999 Name: SaLaMAnDeR
Drag and File Program Manager: 7000000000 Taskbar launcher: 6548751209
Drag and File Desktop s/n: 5438574837
Drag and File Gold s/n: 1231231112
Drag and File Gold Desktop Win95 s/n: ZZZYAAAAAA
Drag and File Gold Win95 s/n: DFG0101010
Drag and File Gold v2.22E s/n: DFG0101010
Drag and File Gold v2.23 Win
s/n: 3220574726
s/n: DFG0101010
Drag and File Gold v3.54 s/n: 12345678790
Drag and File Gold v4.0a s/n: 898989898989ae
Drag and File Gold v4.1 Win95/NT s/n: 1234567890
Drag and File Win95/NT s/n: 7000000000
Drag and File v2.21 Win95
s/n: 0H680FH8N8
s/n: 6K8AAMMCC0
s/n: 9213053111
Drag and File v3.0 Win95
s/n: 5235645734
s/n: 5238574837
Drag and File v3.5 s/n: i987654321
Drag and View Win95/NT s/n: 5000000000
Drag and View v1.24 s/n: DV02020202
Drag and View v2.0 s/n: DV44444444
Drag and View v4.0 beta 4a s/n: 50000000000000
Drag and Zip s/n: 3000000000
Drag and Zip 95 Win95
s/n: 79500000000
s/n: 92130531116
Drag and Zip v2.21b Win95 s/n: 1236543213
DragStrip v2.0.1 s/n: 2RC-Z2D-AQA6
DragText v2.0 OS/2 Name: Bruce Fluffy s/n: 635089
Dragon Dictate v2.01 Win95
s/n: CLWU20100349
s/n: CLWU2010039
Dragon Dictate v2.52B s/n: BDS39702352
Dragon Dictate v3.0 s/n: 0500-0520-5403-6662
Dragons's Castle
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: 2U! s/n: 6202
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: 4U! s/n: 6182
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: ???! s/n: 8212
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: Me! s/n: 5772
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: NoBoDy! s/n: 12202
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 15472
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 15412
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 30902
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: Xxx! s/n: 6822
bbs: G.!.$ sysop: You! s/n: 6932
Dramatica Pro
reg: DR20WIN-9046 s/n: pw4n-qpca-nck4-hzqg-bfvu-ff4a
s/n: 2344-2344-ABCD-2344-2344-3U35
Draven's Diablo Trainer s/n: 902016669 no name is required
Draw Plus v.0g s/n: 80767
DrawFix Quick CAD v3.01 Win95
s/n: 302067-QC301
s/n: 813371DP-301
DrawFix QuickCAD v4.0 Win95/NT
s/n: 326422QC-400
s/n: 366422QC-400
Drawing Hand Screen Saver v1.3b s/n: 92490
Dream Solver '95 Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 42117200819784560
Dream Solver '95 Summer Edition
Name: Perry McGee s/n: 3415037668882416
Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 42117200819784560
DreamROM v1.3
Name: *** bbs: *** s/n: 316
Name: --- bbs: --- s/n: 339
Name: ??? bbs: ??? s/n: 474
Name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 1502
Name: Me bbs: XXX s/n: 532
Name: Nobody bbs: XXX s/n: 1194
Name: Somebody bbs: XXX s/n: 1516
Name: Who? bbs: XXX s/n: 813
Name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 901
Name: You bbs: XXX s/n: 741
DreamROM v1.3 (CD-Rom AccessDoor)
Name: 2U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 485
Name: 4U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 488
Name: ???! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 566
Name: Me! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 550
Name: NoBoDy! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 1115
Name: SoMeBoDy! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 1390
Name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 1399
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 2470
Name: Xxx! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 775
Name: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 758
DreamWeaver v1.0
s/n: DWM100-08082-87025-214
s/n: DWW100-07785-53546-55079
Drive Image Pro s/n: DM101ENRCD-193411
Drive Image v1.0 s/n: dm12345-6
Drive Image v1.0 Win95 s/n: DM100ENRCD-142067 (Answer "YES" at following prompt)
Drive Pro v1.15c s/n: WBJK10
Drive Pro v1.5 s/n: DEPW16
Drive Pro v1.7 s/n: VSVP22
Drive Pro v2.0 - v2.0c s/n: LAKS11
Drive Pro v2.30 s/n: XEGQ07
Drive Rocket Utility v1.15 s/n: 00089549
Drive Wizard "On the Wire 95" v4.1 Win95 s/n: 34287561
DriveCopy v1.01 Name: FRANCESCOFELICIANI s/n: DC101ENDL-112255
DriveMan v1.4
Drop It 32 v1.1 and v1.5 Name: donut
Drop It v2.0
Name: Cyborg^SNT s/n: 506130747
Name: M00nshadow Revolt 1997 s/n: 203622622
Name: Syntonic s/n: 381130113 ( Also installed Drop-it 2.5 over 2.0 and it held )
Name: Underworld^SNT s/n: 150113516
Drop It v2.7 Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN PC s/n: 611025256
Drop It v3.0 Name: Regged s/n: 052835505
DropIt v1.5 Name: donuts
Drums Pro v2.0 Name: Misha Address/[UCF] s/n: 23912804
Dummy 32 Name: renton hammer s/n : 07RJU7QKTERVERW83NFH
Dummy v1.0 by Sausage Win95/NT
Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 023X7CVL6H1C3NERMFH7
Name: Authorized User s/n: 04V6Q0DKRN0XXTLJYFJP
Name: Xerox's CompuTerror s/n: 0PMHPXE48Y2BUT9JVM
Name: Zephyr s/n: 04KAWZYZ94JMA6N6N0ME
Dungeon Battle 2 v2.09 Name: /\/\ tHE pHARAO%mSH /\/\ BBS_name: /\/\ m00NSH+Ne /\/\ s/n: 192316596356993366795356
DustMan v2.00.103
Name: Everyone s/n: 1362298D2F
Name: NuZiN s/n: 1203118092
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 12DBEE9081
Name: Registered s/n: 1231E55668
DustMan v2.00.103 Win
Name: kOUGER! [CB4] s/n: 118D6ECD57
Name: {SoDoM} by TanaKa s/n: AA352EECB8
Dweezil's Golf Companion s/n: 1823-0568-8700-0000 Name: Bill Smith
DynaSys v2.1 Name: Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasisum Anschrift: Schul Stra+e 34 Postleizahl: 71672 Marbach s/n: 83470721
DynamiCube OCX v1.4 Win95 s/n: DD-DC-11-0600001
Dynamic Mail v1.2b Win s/n: DY-419-59762
Dynasys v2.1 Name: Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasisum Anschrift: Schul Straße 34 71672 Marbach s/n: 83470721
Dyno Designer v3.14
s/n: 14450700
s/n: 1445070E

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