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GEcho v1.11
(Gsetup keys)
(Gsetup keys) Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL gecho s/n: 1411311282 mbutil s/n: 3886165407
Name: 2U! gecho s/n: 475488014 mbutil s/n: 699737661
Name: 4U! gecho s/n: 1691968622 mbutil s/n: 842381677
Name: Me! : GECHO1427322596 : MBUTIL3481302705
Name: Me! gecho s/n: 1427322596 mbutil s/n: 3481302705
Name: NoBoDy! gecho s/n: 1326804516 mbutil s/n: 2896890905
Name: SoMeBoDy! gecho s/n: 796141946 mbutil s/n: 4053313932
Name: TeLLeRBoP gecho s/n: 3821572508 mbutil s/n: 1521357198
Name: Tormentor gecho s/n: 3219175017 mbutil s/n: 2760487261
Name: Xxx! gecho s/n: 1943227044 mbutil s/n: 2525023618
Name: You! gecho s/n: 227420408 mbutil s/n: 1811798054
gecho475488014 mbutil699737661
GFI Faxmaker for Exchange v4.04.25 Licence s/n: DE2-88C6F-19CA4-51010
GFI Faxmaker for NetWorks v6.0.5.5 License s/n: 996-5AC0E-FFF33-00747996-5AC0E-FFF33-00747
GIF Construction Set 32 Beta 1.0q4 Name: peido97 s/n: VYLPB
GIF Construction Set v1.0 N 32 bit. Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: okevgbdtcfjl
GIF Movie Gear v2.03 Name: McGyver Universal s/n: LamaKen Site License s/n: mvg2sPLU1175 Personal s/n: mvg2PLU1175
GIF Movie Gear v2.03 (Site License) Name: romeo s/n: mvg2sd4c3412
GIF Movie Gear v2.03 95 Name: Nambulu s/n: LamaKen
GIF Movie Gear v2.5
Name: CoffeeGIF s/n: mvg21012034
Name: Free Field s/n: lamaken
GIF Movie Gear v2.5+ Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: mvg2s151417
GK Web Promotion s/n: RBS-925-42
GProxy v1.0 Name: kOUGER! s/n: 4035VSRYVRVASVVDF
GProxy v1.0 Win95 Name: CORE/JES s/n: 4113XSKAJTXOPTSUE
GProxy v1.15 Name: LOMAX s/n: 3627QSTWGCWVXBDWJ
GRBackup Cross Backup Utility v1.90 Win95/NT s/n: 81DF632F843001FE
GSI Max Idea s/n: 622022
GWD Text Editor v1.2 s/n: GTExx/xxx-xxx (x is any number)
Gaffer v1.0 Plugin for 3D Studio Max s/n: 92364 id: 34660 authorization Code: 93646104
Galleria v2.2 OS/2 Name: Cheng Li s/n: 3411-6987-8498-6256
Gallery Effects v1.5.1 Mac s/n: 02-4008-200010087
Gallery Effects v1.52 s/n: 36-1527-303714207
Game Cheating Sys v3.0 Win95 s/n: cs2196
Game Runner v2.0 QEMM/AXIS s/n: 001-17G-67933 label of disk = GAMERUNNER2
Game Runner v2.2a from QuarterDeck
s/n: 000-07A-00009
s/n: 010-17F-95293
Game Runner v2.2a+ from QuarterDeck
s/n: 000-02T-89138
s/n: 000-07A-00009
s/n: 000-32X-891100
s/n: 010-17F-95293
s/n: 011-22F-09990
s/n: 033-CGH-22568
s/n: 103-27E-53601
s/n: 213-07H-70213
s/n: 301-BGE-01356
s/n: 411-822-65822
Game Runner v3.0 from Quarterdeck
s/n: 000-08G-00577
s/n: 000-18G-79741
s/n: 000-18G-79751
s/n: 001-18G-65322
s/n: 006-18B-38309
s/n: 222-08G-90239
s/n: 333-08G-01199
s/n: 444-08G-28999
s/n: 555-08G-89881
s/n: 666-08G-09778
s/n: 777-08G-20989
s/n: 888-08G-10004
s/n: 999-08G-00156
Game Wizard Pro v2.0b s/n: ESD-GW-002001
Game of Stars v2.5 s/n: WV9NBSGY
GameHack v1.0 Name: acpizer/UCF (CTRL+cursor above pic+left click) : s/n: cb8bb7de
Gamma Universe v1.03 Win s/n: UV0103-000-43LPBSW-6548
Garbage Can (01/97)
s/n: 1412967205
s/n: 2414002265
s/n: 2414280255
s/n: 3419127265
s/n: 4417664205
s/n: 5412159215
s/n: 8411266205
Gardian Angel v1.0b Win95
Name: 2U! s/n #1: FE1F s/n #2: 7B54 s/n #3: 3DAA s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: B8C0
Name: 4U! s/n #1: FE3F s/n #2: 7B74 s/n #3: 3D8A s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: B924
Name: Me! s/n #1: 0550 s/n #2: 801B s/n #3: C6E5 s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: 39FB
Name: NoBoDy! s/n #1: BFEO s/n #2: 3AAB s/n #3: 7C55 s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: 10FC
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n #1: 0BEF s/n #2: 8EA4 s/n #3: C85A s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: 366B
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n #1: 348B s/n #2: B1C0 s/n #3: F73E s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: D2D3
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n #1: 423B s/n #2: C700 s/n #3: 818E s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: 7599
Name: You! s/n #1: 14D0 s/n #2: 919B s/n #3: D765 s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: 4E6B
Name: [eGIS] / PCE s/n #1: 8792 s/n #2: 02D9 s/n #3: 4427 s/n #4: 0000 s/n #5: 127C
GatherTalk v1.0 Win95/NT s/n: XTDCX9JW7IU7
GatherTalk v1.01 Name: romeo '97 s/n : KMOTQAR8S9R9 (note : its an "O", not a zero)
GatherTalk v1.5 beta 6 Win95/NT s/n: 98761GU7JVCL
Name: Grafx Creations s/n: 0KDEWB8MAJHYD65NN3ZB
Name: Martin Karlsson s/n: 0407HMQ29Z1Q52NJZ4FU
Name: Xerox's CompuTerror s/n: 0B776RWN76AFLT7ME1KW
Gatling FTP 32 Name: renton hammer s/n: 0F3TLHAUMQJLRK8AQWP5
Gatling v1.0 by Sausage Software Name: Authorized User s/n: 0QWCE82H97U1YH76EVK5
Gator Edit v1.2 Name: tHATDUDE! Reg: 66666666 key: 133343023
Gator Edit v1.201 Win Name: MOD Cracking Force s/n: 54919 key/129278
Gator Edit v1.201+ Win
Name: 2U! s/n: 33333 key: 69846
Name: 4U! s/n: 33333 key: 69848
Name: MOD Cracking Force s/n: 54919 key: 129278
Name: Me! s/n: 33333 key: 69857
Name: Misha [UCF] s/n: 33333 key: 78562
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 33333 key: 74200
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 33333 key: 76372
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 33333 key: 76410
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 33333 key: 86108
Name: You! s/n: 33333 key: 70970
Gear Audio v1.0 s/n: 696969696969696969 Regkey: 9585519558246858
Gear MM Dos, OS/2 and Win s/n: G67658U99
Gear Win95
s/n: G00400E89
s/n: g96690e19
Gear v.4o2/3.32 s/n: G48682059
Gear v3.2 Win95/NT s/n: G12345U69
Gear v3.22 Dos, OS/2 and Win s/n: G18520E99
Gear v3.22/v4.02 Name: Elektrosan s/n: G48682059
Gear v3.23 Dos, OS/2 and Win
s/n: G02632U89
s/n: G79610E99
s/n: G88608U89
Gear v4.0 (CDR) s/n: GA3620U99
Gear v4.0 Win95/NT s/n: G48666E09
Gear v4.01 CD-Writer Win95/NT s/n: G48666E09
Gear v4.01 Dos/OS/2 & Win95/NT s/n: GA1602U19
Gear v4.2 s/n: G44691E890
Gear v4.2 Win95/NT s/n: G10766E69
Generic Cad v2.0b Mac s/n: 72205-4725
GeoBee v1.0 s/n: RCLAB_633562_GEOBEE
GeoBoy v1.2 from NDG SoftWare pw for unzipper is "nxy2K6ndg"
GeoBoy v1.3.1 installshield password: nxy2k6ndg
GeoBoy v1.3.1 Win95 Name: STaRDoGG PC97 s/n: 8135774427229693
GeoFinder Data s/n: 3000442
GeoFinder v2.1a s/n: 100992
GeoPublish Graphic Win Environement s/n: 1000-0022-0278-1056
GeoWorks Ensemble v2.01 s/n: 1000-0022-0278-1056
GeoWorks Pro s/n: 2001-0082-0805-2181
German Assistant v1.0 Mac s/n: M4100441
German Translation Program s/n: 45014774
Get It Right v2.2a Win95 Name: TheForceTeam s/n: RKS-RKS-2910235
Get v1.0 Win E-Mail: [email protected] s/n: YOPGSW2VTB
GetRight s/n: 232644085076
GetRight v1.0 s/n: 028191158200
GetRight v1.2c
s/n: 028191158200
s/n: 124552157104
GetRight v1.3
s/n: 0281911582GR
s/n: 2185542550AB
GetRight v1.3a
s/n: 2185542550AB
s/n: 815000269493
s/n: R281911582DV
GetRight v1.3a Win
s/n: 000000309258
s/n: 028000159200
s/n: 028191158200
s/n: 218554255000
s/n: 238009000050
s/n: 815000269493
GetRight v2.0
s/n: 136551068192
s/n: 333373036925
GetRight v2.01 & v2.02 & v2.03 s/n: 333373036925
GetRight v2.04
s/n: 000000339228
s/n: 112005244116
GetRight v2.1 Win95/NT s/n: 254002827034
GetRight v2.10
s/n: 000000369298
s/n: 136551068192
s/n: 238000059000
GetRight v2.10 & v2.11 s/n: 000000339228
GetRight v2.11 s/n: 000000369298
GetRight v2.20 s/n: 813000269495
GetRight v2.20 Win95
s/n: 000000319248
s/n: 000000349218
s/n: 111191218147
s/n: 166556743112
s/n: 231646083077
s/n: 410824245818
s/n: 813000269495
GetRight v3.0 s/n: 238009050000
GetRight v3.01
s/n: 231646003057
s/n: 410824215848
s/n: 813000229435
s/n: 813000249415
GetRight v3.01 1/3 s/n: 122006123136 To get it to work before you install over the top of your old copy go in to the registry with regedit and go to
GetRight v3.01 2/3 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HeadLight\GetRight\Config] there you will find RegistrationCode double click and change it to the above code
GetRight v3.01 3/3 Also go in to [HKEY_USERS\.Default\Software\HeadLight\GetRight\Config] and do the same. Then install the v3.01 and it will work perfectly
GetRight v3.02
s/n: 046287942212
s/n: 266550749012
s/n: 285282547013
s/n: 815004265493
GetRight v3.0x s/n: 103642317145
GetRight v3.1
s/n: 126559150102
s/n: 228191158000
s/n: 414826243814
s/n: 542004965796
s/n: 744288981574
s/n: 813000249415
GetTime Server v2.1 Name: UNDERWORLD^SNT Licenses: 999 s/n: 3336696000
GetTime v2.01 Name: STARDOGG CHAMPION # of licenses: 1997 s/n: 960541824
GetTime v2.1 Win95
Name: 2U! license: 999 users s/n: 528418784
Name: 4U! license: 999 users s/n: 1397562176
Name: CORE/JES Licenses: 999 s/n: 153224128
Name: JAKE [UCF/RCI/SW97] license: 999 users s/n: 3019124512
Name: ME! license: 999 users s/n: 3438885664
Name: NOBODY! license: 999 users s/n: 836699456
Name: SOMEBODY! license: 999 users s/n: 3830022752
Name: TELLERBOP [TEL/GIS] license: 999 users s/n: 3977170560
Name: THE GUARDIAN ANGEL [TGA/GIS] license: 999 users s/n: 6741696
Name: XXX! license: 999 users s/n: 2730121184
Name: YOU! license: 999 users s/n: 868370720
GetTime v2.1b2
Name: Byte Ripper Licenses/500 s/n: 1547681056
Name: CDWarez Number of Licenses: 500 Registration Code : 488107648
Name: Free Registered Version Licenses: 500 s/n: 2744389984
Name: PC97 Licenses: 500 s/n: 2721059040
Name: Phrozen Crew Licenses: 500 s/n: 789754592
Getright Info 1/4 If you are unable to enter the unlock code, then uninstall get right: select custom then "SELECT ALL" for all of the options.
Getright Info 2/4 Now run regedit.exe and go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE HEADLIGHT and delete the key GETRIGHT
Getright Info 3/4 Then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE HEADLIGHT and delete the key GETRIGHT
Getright Info 4/4 Now install GETRIGHT and USE YOUR VERSIONS UNLOCK CODE!!
Getright v3.1 trial s/n: 122006123136
Ghost Professional Multi-User Win
(Ghost -#e=ghost.env) (Make a file ghost.env with Banner to Address2)
Line#1: Banner : Ghost Professional
Line#2: Switches: ffc-011d-57da
Line#2: Switches: load=y,dump=y,disk=y,peer=y,write=y
Line#4: Keynum : 4701
Line#5: License : BM-1234
Line#6: MaxUsers: 20000
Line#7: Name: madmax!
Line#8: Address1: Brought to you by
Line#9: Address2: Phrozen Crew 97
Ghost v1.6.1 Win
key: 00013580 s/n: MS021234
key: 00014048 s/n: BS979797
Ghost v1.6.1+ & v2.1.4+ For License Enter: BS979797 key: 14048
Ghost v2.04 license: JS123456 s/n: 25240
Ghost v2.1.4 Win
key: 2000 s/n: JM970320
key: 55956 s/n: BM-1234
key: 57644 s/n: MS021234
Gibbon Finger Package v1.0 OS/2
GCPFINGD.EXE: Name: DoH Enterprises s/n: 163-4776-873
GCPFINGR.EXE: Name: DoH Enterprises s/n: 163-4420-950
GCPFNGSU.EXE: Name: DoH Enterprises s/n: 163-4776-873
GCPLM.EXE: Name: DoH Enterprises s/n: 247-4555-177
Gibbon Finger v1.0 OS/2 Name: **** Free License Copy **** s/n: 389-4535-999
Gibbon Talk OS/2
GCPLM.exe: Doh Enterprises s/n: 247-4555-177
GCPTALK.exe: DoH Enterprises s/n: 139-7049-558
GCPTALKD.exe: DoH Enterprises s/n: 139-7049-558
Gif Construction Set
Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: okevgbdtcfjl
Name: ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] s/n: calwcalw
Gif Construction Set v1.0P(patch 4) Name: AlienSoft s/n: LXLVD
Gif Construction Set v1.0 N 32-Bit Name: DjPaul [uCF] s/n: okevgbdtcfj1
Gif Construction Set v1.0j Win95
Name: a.b.warez s/n: nobs
Name: warez i am s/n: flicker
Gif Construction Set v1.0p
Name: romeo!!! s/n : hohfhohf
Name: romeo!!! s/n : hohfhohf
Gif Converter v2.1.1 s/n: 62-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B2
Gif Converter v2.2 - v2.3.7
s/n: 162-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B3
s/n: 862-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B2
Gif Converter v2.3.7 s/n: 162-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B2
Gif Movie Gear v2.0
Name: CKL!1997 s/n: LamaKen
Name: Killer+Bee s/n: LamaKen
Name: Reveal s/n: mvg2snt-384
Gif Movie Gear v2.0 Win95 Name: {anything you want} Company: s/n: LamaKen
Gif2HTML v1.3 Win95 Company : TheForceTeam s/n: 204534
GifLink (Giflink /register)
Name: Betamax s/n: GK123456445
Name: Okware s/n: GK123456940
GifLink v2.01
Name: *** s/n: GK665577302
Name: --- s/n: GK456456125
Name: ??? s/n: GK678546181
Name: Batman s/n: GK123456449
Name: Me s/n: GK546354872
Name: Nobody s/n: GK740284619
Name: Somebody s/n: GK836433524
Name: Who? s/n: GK989879016
Name: XXX s/n: GK758930120
Name: You s/n: GK010192762
GifLink v2.01+
Name: 2U! s/n: GK480198183
Name: 4U! s/n: GK460386143
Name: ???! s/n: GK700912956
Name: Me! s/n: GK506718232
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: GK610770439
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: GK847643649
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: GK288175311
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: GK181042944
Name: Xxx! s/n: GK585667440
Name: You! s/n: GK292816365
GifLite (GifLite /R)
Name: Betamax s/n: GL123456689
Name: Okware s/n: GL123456798
GifLite v2.0
Name: *** s/n: GL465394682
Name: --- s/n: GL444111370
Name: ??? s/n: GL210000988
Name: Batman s/n: GL757568315
Name: Me s/n: GL868695771
Name: Nobody s/n: GL858576379
Name: Somebody s/n: GL654648094
Name: Who? s/n: GL666666088
Name: XXX s/n: GL665544280
Name: You s/n: GL342452454
GifLite v2.00
Name: 2U! s/n: GL260901983
Name: 4U! s/n: GL385168647
Name: ???! s/n: GL789936803
Name: Me! s/n: GL342697259
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: GL105343889
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: GL275604164
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: GL166651699
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: GL936342256
Name: Xxx! s/n: GL735401840
Name: You! s/n: GL216610183
GifLite v2.10
Name: 2U! s/n: GL210000433
Name: 4U! s/n: GL210000255
Name: ???! s/n: GL210000830
Name: Me! s/n: GL210000698
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: GL210000099
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: GL210000154
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: GL210000575
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: GL210000572
Name: Xxx! s/n: GL210000200
Name: You! s/n: GL210000620
GifSee v1.8
Name: *** bbs: *** s/n: 54915921647800
Name: --- bbs: --- s/n: 57618270647800
Name: ??? bbs: ??? s/n: 73835766647800
Name: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: 4284343146413117217
Name: Bi$0 from Koruña bbs: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 27729248175416923096
Name: Me bbs: XXX s/n: 642470196532964252
Name: Nobody bbs: XXX s/n: 205832461653747114
Name: Somebody bbs: XXX s/n: 2754237486538347612
Name: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: 9634205647800
Name: You bbs: XXX s/n: 1038181973631510
GifSee v2.00 (edit GifSee.cfg) bbs: G.!.$ Name: 4U! s/n: 1054395156472232216
GifSee v2.00+
(edit GifSee.cfg) bbs: G.!.$ Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 7503193576155814651
bbs: G.!.$ Name: 2U! s/n: 1049390516472434366
bbs: G.!.$ Name: ???! s/n: 1393516146439726126
bbs: G.!.$ Name: Me! s/n: 1156490276477453677
bbs: G.!.$ Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 293855896388844250
bbs: G.!.$ Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 3814481606351212681
bbs: G.!.$ Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 383149552637786231
bbs: G.!.$ Name: Xxx! s/n: 174218326645867773
bbs: G.!.$ Name: You! s/n: 1713157746458619598
Gin rummy v4.2
Name: Phrozen Crew 1997 s/n: 393-710-364
Name: razzia [pc97] s/n: 527-633-627
GirlFriend Teri s/n: 240-104343
Global TimeKeeper v1.6
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: -:YfL:!(t:
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: n#%)qxdMTD
Name: TKC dude s/n: Aa&UT%GU
Global Timekeeper v1.6
Name: 2U! s/n: gFmw$fPR=U
Name: 4U! s/n: !LKc#=sX(+
Name: Me! s/n: 2jHtCFPtV!
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: UF5OXog#pU
Name: Saltine /PC s/n: O=zbm=e^K=
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: $;uZN:x2LT
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 1;[email protected]);#
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TgA/GiS] s/n: !LKcH=SXC+
Name: Xxx! s/n: F=yZ&v'ZeQ
Name: You! s/n: %4PxD);Sa)
Global War
bbs: 2U! s/n: VN185TDTJLB
bbs: 4U! s/n: VO892WCDGVM
bbs: ????! s/n: OH173KVODSX
bbs: G.!.$ s/n: KD249BYCJKD
bbs: Gotham s/n: XE287RHXFYU
bbs: Me! s/n: FM906SGCIPB
bbs: NoBoDy! s/n: CP258HXDBRL
bbs: SoMeBoDy! s/n: UM359JGVPID
bbs: Xxx! s/n: KH755XHTZGS
bbs: You! s/n: KB188JWPEUG
Global War (any version)
bbs: ### s/n: ES203YPUFSC
bbs: *** s/n: EG511IKYSYV
bbs: --- s/n: EB492NUXHRN
bbs: 123 s/n: FJ258FNWZZP
bbs: ??? s/n: GV422DTCGFM
bbs: ABC s/n: GQ892HIRTFG
bbs: Gotham s/n: XE287RHXFYU
bbs: Nope s/n: LSI55KFUETV
bbs: XXX s/n: 1V685NSTWDR
Global war (any version) bbs: ?-? s/n: FU4920LHCZD
Go!Zilla v2.1 address_user @under.ground(no space in e-mail address s/n: L3WTALZGVZ
Go!Zilla v2.1 Win
Name: [email protected] s/n: GVC4IJUAUN
Name: [email protected] s/n: GVC4IJUAUN
Name: [email protected] s/n: JVC4IJUAUN
Name: [email protected] s/n: H2EXI5IAUN
Name: [email protected] s/n: J2GMS5CZBA
Name: [email protected] s/n: K4C4IJUAUN
Name: [email protected] s/n: KMY4IJUAUN
Name: [email protected] s/n: YQDE1RSJAI
Name: [email protected] s/n: M2LE1RSJAI
Name: [email protected] s/n: 34BZ4JCVQD
Go!Zilla v2.11a adress: [email protected] s/n: X4FWWI21EU
Go!zilla v2.0++ use this "kinda" universal serial email : [email protected] s/n: YOPTILNN2C
Go!zilla v2.0, v2.1 - v2.11 adress: [email protected] s/n: Z2WVWATVYN
Go-Get-It 2.0 Win95 s/n: 7147-5516-5922
Go-moku 95 Win95/NT Name: lgb [cORE'97] s/n: DEE54BCACEF1
GodFather oF CriMe v1.21
sysop: Fred Flinstone bbs: The Ultamed Stallion s/n: M5282
sysop: The Masterboy bbs: The Hackers Paradies s/n: M5282
GodFather of Crime v1.21 sysop Fred Flintstone bss: The Ultamed Stallion s/n: M5282
Gofer Mac s/n: 504209
Gold Digger 1.0 Mac s/n: 3024849 Name: 'Doom'
GoldED v2.42
(edit GOLD242.KEY)
(edit GOLD242.KEY) line #1: REGISTERNAME Batman line #2: 1685731035172C0543100651
(edit GOLD242.KEY) line #1: REGISTERNAME TGA line #2: REGISTERKEY DCD5651620764D7A
line #1: REGISTERNAME *** line #2: 0F281B7B4B764D7356
line #1: REGISTERNAME --- line #2: B7UA1C7C4C764D785D
line #1: REGISTERNAME ??? line #2: 9A9F0E6E5E764D7A5D03
line #1: REGISTERNAME Nobody line #2: 9E767F1E23152912431000517
line #1: REGISTERNAME Somebody line #2: 4F8A621E2C1F2F042B691F4575
line #1: REGISTERNAME TeLLeRBoP line 2#: REGISTERKEY 0AE465142D1628192D7F63496452
line #1: REGISTERNAME Who? line #2: ABAC66192E65416B5B03
line #1: REGISTERNAME XXX line #2: FF32690939764D725808
line #1: REGISTERNAME You line #2: E7DF681E34764D795B
line #1: REGISTERNAME You! line #2: REGISTERKEY 420A681E347B416B5E
line 1#: REGISTERNAME Me! line 2#: REGISTERKEY 514F7C1440764D7A
GoldED v2.50
(Include in GOLDED.CFG the line: "include gold250.key") Make a file named golded.key
line #1: REGISTERNAME *** line #2: REGISTERKEY BF5C1B7B4B764D7256090A
line #1: REGISTERNAME --- line #2: REGISTERKEY 098D1C7C4C764D7256090A
line #1: REGISTERNAME ??? line #2: REGISTERKEY 8F080E5E764D7256090A
line #1: REGISTERNAME Me line #2: REGISTERKEY C9987C144D7A54725609
line #1: REGISTERNAME Nobody line 2: REGISTERKEY AC1B7F1E2315291243100A5C7D5A
line #1: REGISTERNAME Somebody line #2: REGISTERKEY D225621E2C1F2F042B691F457D5A7B51
line #1: REGISTERNAME Who? line #2: REGISTERKEY 5BCD66192E65416B56090A5C
line #1: REGISTERNAME XXX line #2: REGISTERKEY CC07690939764D7256090A
line #1: REGISTERNAME You line #2: REGISTERKEY 87D9681E34764D7256090A
line#1: REGISTERNAME Batman line #2: REGISTERKEY C501731035172C0543100A5C7D5A
GoldED v2.50 A0715+ for DOS and OS/2
REGISTERNAME TeLLeRBoP REGISTERKEY 160365142D1628192D7F63497526085B
GoldED v2.50 A0715+ for DOS and OS/2 (01) 1/2 (combined key) (Include in golded.cfg the line: "include gold250.key". Make a file named
GoldED v2.50 A0715+ for DOS and OS/2 (01) 2/2 golded.key and put here in 2 lines with registername and -key)
GoldED v2.50 A0715+ for DOS and OS/2 (02) 1/2 REGISTERNAME The GuaRDiaN aNGeL
GoldED v2.50 A0715+ for DOS and OS/2 (02) 2/2 REGISTERKEY 99726519247A2A1E2E62772C052D62291B7F72154B67611052
GoldED v2.50-A0715+ Dos
REGISTERNAME NoBoDy! REGISTERKEY 27017F1E231529124E1C02577757043C64
REGISTERNAME SoMeBoDy! REGISTERKEY 8F37621E2C1F2F042B6912497551715C167106
REGISTERNAME TeLLeRBoP REGISTERKEY A39E65142D1628192D7F63497551715C186A06
GoldED v2.50-A0715+ Dos (01) 1/2 Include in golded.cfg the line: "include gold250.key". Make a file named.
GoldED v2.50-A0715+ Dos (01) 2/2 golded.key and put here in 2 lines with registername and -key)
GoldED v2.50-A0715+ Dos (02) 1/2 REGISTERNAME The GuaRDiaN aNGeL
GoldED v2.50-A0715+ Dos (02) 2/2 REGISTERKEY 4EA76519247A2A1E2E62772C052D62291B7F72154B670362551E387A
GoldED v2.50.A0715 Dos/Dos386/OS2 1/3 (edit GoldED.key) SERIALNO 4711
GoldED v2.50.A0715 Dos/Dos386/OS2 2/3 REGISTERNAME EVIL UNCLE
GoldED v2.50.A0715 Dos/Dos386/OS2 3/3 REGISTERKEY 4CA2740728164D1E21737F206843765F6409780A54
GoldED v3.0 Alpha (edit GoldED.KEY) s/n: 7777DK7 Name: Everyone key: 731E74072408340421751F527354752C1E0F
GoldED/2 v2.50-A0715+ OS/2
GoldED/2 v2.50-A0715+ OS/2 (01) 1/2 (Include in golded.cfg the line: "include gold250.key". Make a file named
GoldED/2 v2.50-A0715+ OS/2 (01) 2/2 golded.key and put here in 2 lines with registername and -key)
GoldED/2 v2.50-A0715+ OS/2 (02) 1/2 REGISTERNAME The GuaRDiaN aNGeL
GoldED/2 v2.50-A0715+ OS/2 (02) 2/2 REGISTERKEY C4C66519247A2A1E2E62772C052D62291B7F72154B67751F53
GoldMine 10 user Win95 s/n: 30010669-2991
GoldMine Win95 s/n: 13021271-4997
GoldMine v1.0 Win95 s/n: 13037867-5547
GoldMine v2.5a Win
s/n: 10576345
s/n: 10803999/5
GoldMine v3.0 Win95 s/n: 11428171950
GoldWave 3.02 First Name: REALLIFE Last Name: THE ONE AND ONLY s/n: CTORAVC
GoldWave v3.0
Name: Bad Last_Name: Crc s/n: DWLIHS
Name: Bill Last_Name: Gates s/n: QPQXKBB
Name: Byte Last_Name: Ripper s/n: XBSXLEB
Name: Dr Last_Name: Dobbs s/n: EWHLHV
Name: Fire Last_Name: Star s/n: ESKEKY
Name: Me Last_Name: You s/n: WHLVFP
Name: Microsoft Last_Name: Microsoft s/n: OGSPXCC
Name: Peter Last_Name: Gabriel s/n: VBNNOKB
Name: Peter Last_Name: Norton s/n: JPGTNHB
Name: UCF Last_Name: Misha s/n: UCVEJY
Name: none Last_Name: none s/n: MLVHKY
GoldWave v3.0 First First Name: Alien Last Name: AlienSoft s/n: FCEUPQB
GoldWave v3.02 Win s/n: XJUINBB Name: fName: MenetZ lName: RCI
GoldWave v3.03 First First Name: AESCULAPIUS Last Name: VENEZUELA 96 s/n: WHFODSC
GoldWave v3.03+ Win
first Name: 2U! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: YPJMIY
first Name: 4U! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: MJBNIY
first Name: Me! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: KGDQIY
first Name: Misha last Name: UCF s/n: BQSFLY
first Name: NoBoDy! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: OWCCQKB
first Name: PaSSed last Name: iNSPeCTioN s/n: LRBOSWB
first Name: SoMeBoDy! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: ADHVTQB
first Name: TeLLeRBoP last Name: G.!.$ s/n: GKGIUQB
first Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL last Name: G.!.$ s/n: WYNDKSC
first Name: Xxx! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: WQRZKBB
first Name: You! last Name: G.!.$ s/n: KAYVKBB
GoldWave v3.22 Name: ROMEO Company : MONTAQUE s/n: MLLIPNB (type without CAPSLOCK on)
GoldWave v3.22 Win Name: jake Last Name: cwc s/n: qmkgjv
GoldWave v3.24
First Name: MIRAMAX Last Name: THE_FORCE_TEAM Password : OVIOXLC
GoldWave v3.24 Win95 first Name: Access last Name: Denied s/n: YCHGPKB
Golded v2.42 (Edit GOLD242.KEY) line: REGISTERNAME Me line: 35AF7C144D7A5F7F5B
Golded v2.42 - v2.50 Name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: FB717318456A4D0D3D7F7E450F2C103DF1791B79566603
Golden Bow Text Editor s/n: 925613
Golden ComPass OS/2 (Press and hold C+A+S then hit R) s/n: RFB6409
Good Solitaire v2.1a (press ALT-18)
Name: AquA dude s/n: 85840
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 143528
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 167750
Name: TKC dude s/n: 65540
GoodSol v1.2a
Name: 2U ! s/n: 4455
Name: 4U ! s/n: 4521
Name: AquA /PC s/n: 57424
Name: Me ! s/n: 4818
Name: NoBoDy ! s/n: 15147
Name: SoMeBoDy ! s/n: 20130
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 467847
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 220050
Name: Xxx ! s/n: 8712
Name: You ! s/n: 8349
Gopher Golf v1.1.0 Name: Reveal s/n: REM33992
Gopher Golf v2.0 Mac Name: Anonymous s/n: MP-7757
Gophergolf Win95v1.2.0 s/n: the riddler 1996! [uCF]/* s/n: 46399
Gotschi PC v1.0 Win95 (German) s/n: 94780
GrabIt Pro Name: /* tHE riDDLER 1996! [uCF] /* s/n: 46399
GrabIt Pro 5.0 Name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 64374
Grabber v1.1
Name: MCVD 1997 s/n : 058729473209
Name: blastsoft s/n: 120743815728
Grabber v2.0.10
Name: Cheops s/n: 113100763150
Name: _RudeBoy_ / Phrozen Crew s/n: 119147598169
Grabber v2.0.12 Name: mRFANATIc [D4C] s/n: 133279771125
GraceLAN Update Manager v5.5 Mac s/n: 794800000000
GraceLAN v2.0 Mac s/n: 14126000000
Grade Quick v4.01 Win Name: Xtremist Inc s/n: BAA228289
GrafCat v1.0b Win
Name: 2U! s/n: decader
Name: 4U! s/n: portland
Name: Floppy of RealLife s/n: answering
Name: Me! s/n: cardboard
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: desktops
Name: RealLife s/n: saayi
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: tokenize
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: hopewell
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: holycross
Name: You! s/n: stardrek
GrafPapr 01.20 s/n: GP-CSS-01200120
Grand Chess v1.0 Name: Cosmo Cramer s/n: 2811811443
Grand Chess v1.11 Name: TheBrabo s/n: 411313532
GrapIt Pro/32 v5.0x Name: /* tHE riDDLER 1996! [uCF] /* s/n: 46399
Graph Pad Prism v2.01 Win95/NT s/n: GPE69127172
GraphMaster v5.5 Mac s/n: US100000598
GraphSaver v1.0b Win
Name: 2U! s/n: rights
Name: 4U! s/n: shorten
Name: Floppy of RealLife s/n: supplied
Name: Me! s/n: crossing
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: rights
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: tables
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: standable
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: airplane
Name: Xxx! s/n: sensible
Name: You! s/n: wrist
Graphic Converter v2.x.x Mac s/n: G13375221 Name: ANONYMOUS
Graphic Viewer v2.2 s/n: 16xxx (x is any#) to register the prog.
Graphic Viewer v2.2 Win
s/n: 16001
s/n: 16091
s/n: 16246
s/n: 16333
s/n: 16345
s/n: 16389
s/n: 16666
s/n: 16724
s/n: 16788
s/n: 16939
Graphic Workshop 95 Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 32507
Graphics WorkShop
Name: *** s/n: 1804
Name: --- s/n: 2067
Name: ??? s/n: 3983
Name: Batman s/n: 14231
Name: Me s/n: 11811
Name: Nobody s/n: 16488
Name: Somebody s/n: 17613
Name: Who? s/n: 7697
Name: XXX s/n: 7812
Name: You s/n: 7839
Graphics WorkShop 32 Name: Aesculapius s/n: 30537
Graphics WorkShop 95 Name: WareZoHolicS s/n: 29581
Graphics WorkShop Win95 v1.1w Name: mARQUIS [uF] s/n: 5116
Graphics WorkShop v1.1W Win95 s/n: 26132 Name: >>> MarQuiS De SoiR‚e <<<
Graphics WorkShop v1.1j Win s/n: 65535
Graphics WorkShop v1.1p Win Name: >>>MarQuis De SoiR_e<<< s/n: 26132
Graphics WorkShop v1.1r Win Name: WareZoHolicS s/n: 29581
Graphics WorkShop v1.1t Win Name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 893
Graphics WorkShop v1.1u
Name: Me! s/n: 6149
Name: WareZoHolicS s/n: 29581
Name: You! s/n: 8153
Graphics WorkShop v1.1u Win Name: Bi$0 from Koruña s/n: 693
Graphics WorkShop v1.1u+ Win
Name: 2U! s/n: 2752
Name: 4U! s/n: 2956
Name: >>> MarQuiS De SoiR+e <<< s/n: 26132
Name: BoyWonDer s/n: 31087
Name: ED!SON s/n: 11954
Name: John Doe s/n: 8038
Name: Mavrik '95 s/n: 21355
Name: Me! s/n: 6149
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 25271
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 29918
Name: You! s/n: 8153
Graphics WorkShop v1.1w Win Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 11551
Graphics WorkShop v1.1x Patch 1 Name: romeo '97 s/n: 29588
Graphics WorkShop v1.1x Win
s/n: 25324 Name: >>> MarQuiS De SoiR‚e >> MarQuiS De SoiR‚e <<<
s/n: 26132 Name: >>> MarQuiS De SoiR‚e <<<
Graphics WorkShop v6.1
Name: G.O.K s/n: 24674
Name: Okware s/n: 13845
Graphics WorkShop v6.X and v7.X
Name: g.o.k s/n: 24674
Name: me s/n: 5923
Graphics WorkShop v6.x and v7.x
Name: All s/n: 4333
Name: C&W s/n: 4421
Name: Me s/n: 5923
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1996
Graphics WorkShop v7.0e
Name: ??? s/n: 03983
Name: any s/n: 04141
Name: any s/n: 05889
Graphics WorkShop v7.0f Dos
Name: Me! s/n: 06115
Name: TGA s/n: 07182
Graphics WorkShop v7.0f+ Dos
Name: 2U! s/n: 02718
Name: 4U! s/n: 02922
Name: ??? s/n: 03983
Name: Any s/n: 04141
Name: C&W s/n: 04421
Name: G!$ s/n: 05095
Name: Me! s/n: 06115
Name: TGA s/n: 07182
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 01372
Name: You! s/n: 09287
Graphics Workshop v1.1r Name: Orthanc[Isengard FORCE] s/n: 24113
Graphics Workshop v1.1u
Name: AlienSoft s/n: 31211
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 19462
Name: Cracks & Hacks s/n: 30319
Name: Free Registered Version s/n: 18842
Name: GWS s/n: 5161
Name: Sabotage s/n: 21877
Name: Satan s/n: 19749
Graphics Workshop v7.0b
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 21444
Name: Sabotage s/n: 24129
Graphit v5.x - Graphing Components
Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 12429
Name: PCREW RULEZ s/n: 12088
Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: 11696
Name: REGISTERED s/n: 11857
Graphitti ISDN Toys v1.0a password: WHiSKy
Graveyard Name: -= +ALI-BABA =- s/n: SH1-102848
Gravity News Reader Win95 Name: Creature of Hell serial/Phrozen Crew'97 s/n: 44TN242-4554-243236
Gravity News Reader v1.1b2 by Anawave Win95/NT Name: romeo '97 s/n: 987654321 code: 4463457-7494-487483
Gravity Newsreader v1.1b2 by Anawave Win95/NT Name: ODIN 97 s/n: REBELS code: 449S244-6834-488495
Gravity Verdict Law Office
s/n: G2772C052D62291B7F72154B67751F53
s/n: GV-940606-6996-000111
Great Plains Accounting s/n: MANAGER password: ACCESS
GreenPrint16 v1.2 Edit your Win.INI and add this info to it in the [GreenPrint] section. [GreenPrint] Password=125?7JQX
Gremlin Soft Organizer v1.1 Win s/n: 0466599409
GremlinSoft Organizer 97 v1.12 Name: TERAPHY Company: PC97 s/n: 4858638074
GremlinSoft Organizer 97 v1.32 Name: MCVD 1997 company: NONE s/n : 7139736171
Gremlinsoft Organizer Name: blastsoft s/n: 8242200204 company=blastsoft
Ground Control v1.01 Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: 8032-8626-694
Ground Control v1.03b+ Win95 Name: j0b [uCF] s/n: 3474-5150-1776
Group Mail v1.6 Win95 Name: lgb [REVOLT] s/n: 1280240640
Group Mail v1.8 Name: KiLLa [c0re'97] s/n: 196068600
Group Mail v1.86 Win95/NT Name: RTA Team s/n: 7020000
Group Mail v1.9 Name: TheBrabo s/n: GM-403574535-S3F
GroupStart OS/2 s/n: nar1080563
Grouper v2.0
s/n: gr1dv
s/n: grldv
Grunt! v1.0.031+ Name: /\/\ tHE pHARAO%mSH /\/\ BBS_Name: /\/\ m00NSH+Ne /\/\ s/n: 317846782178
Guaranteed Undelete v2.0 Mac s/n: 211252619
Guardian v1.2 Name: JaGGeD EdgE [PC '98] s/n: [email protected]#3^&8
Guest Book Star v4.3 s/n: GS1013-US173-S7GBS-31337-WW07634
Guest Star v1.0 Win95 s/n: XX1231-EF6798-GH345-12345-123CD12
Gui4PGP v2.0 s/n: 66820 RegName: MARQUIS: UCF97
Guitare Pro v1.0 Name: Saltine [PC] s/n: XTROLIFCAWTRMLI
Guitare Pro v2.01

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