NosyFred's Serial Numbers List

[ 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z ]

R & R Report Writer v6.0 Win s/n: 65793
R & R Report Writer v6.5 Win s/n: RRW6-481169
R&R Report Writer v6.5 Win95 s/n: Rrw6-481169
R.S.M MultiPlatForm (Advanced Version) s/n: A41A1KMASQUE00099999TVJ
R.S.M MultiPlatForm (Lite Version) s/n: L41A1KMASQUE00099999EVQ
RAID Option v2.0 (Cheyenne NT trial) s/n: WXYXM-C14XH-XX9YM-M7XXY
RAM Disk Saver v2.0 Mac s/n: 158100157
RAMexam s/n: 5432189569
RAMexam v7.01 s/n: 90060814060
RAR Archiver v1.54+ Dos
Name: !YOU! s/n: A9BC77E742FBCA1995
Name: -=+A+=- s/n: C7D0B6E93115FD1995
Name: ????! s/n: DBC5B1C421E9281995
Name: GooFy! s/n: A45ABA40B3DE701995
Name: NoBoDy s/n: 5FCAF228CFCBB81995
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 485F619CCD2D2C1995
Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 79D32A7FDEC3721995
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: E478F2CB98B7521995
Name: Who Else! s/n: ECCA0DFB87E6671995
Name: Woody! s/n: 94688872D96A621995
RAR Archiver v1.54a Dos Name: ͵A s/n: C7D0B6E93115FD1995
RAR Archiver v2.0 Final release for DOS et WinRAR v2.00 Name: 01-registered s/n: C4BF18BBEB
RAR Archiver v2.01 dos/win Name: 97-DOD-97 s/n: B13CEFB00A29FE
RAR Archiver v2.x (Win) s/n: 1B2608018B1A Name: MARQUIS DE SOIRE: [UCF]
RAR v2.0 Name: REGISTER s/n: 0B9ADDF567B740
RAR v2.00 release
Name: -=MCVD=- s/n: E0EFA01E9F82F5
Name: 96-BRiTiSH s/n: 7DBEB890827BB4
RAR v2.01 DOS
Name: Eugene Roshal s/n: C4108ADB0CB3
Name: Singapore s/n: 28C596F3ADD2
RAR v2.01 Dos/Win
Name: Gen Virus Net [GVN] s/n: DAF2DD64BCF2
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: C60EBE886BC6B4
Name: Gauss Gauss activation s/n: 311688
Name: edison cracking s/n: 536685
RAS Pro v1.1 Win95 Name: Glow Girls s/n: 304362
RAS Professional v0.41 Win95
Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 341769
Name: DjPaul uCF authority key: 194361
Name: DjPaul uCF authority s/n: 194361
Name: EDiSON of UCf s/n: 470751
RAS Timer v.1.03 Win95/NT Name: Core/JES s/n: 4AQ6B98V
RAS+ 95 s/n: 38.RC. 7 Name: MenetZ - R.C.I.
RASprofession v1.3 Name: jake cwc > R: DYWFJBHA
RBase v3.1b s/n: 4650988
RCN Issue #14-#19 (secret articles pwrd)
code14: TKRP
code15: HITAX
code16: DEFACTOE
code18: EMILY
code19: 504-3066
RCN Issue #20-#26 (secret articles pwrd)
code20: COREFART
code21: ENTROPHY
code22: HEATHER
code23: MK3
code25: RISC
code26: FOX
RCN Issue #27-#35 (secret articles pwrd)
code27: CAT
code28: MOJO
code29: ARCH-VILE
code30: KIKI
code31: RCN
code33: MACE
code35: BLUEPHUZ
RGB Editor v3.0
Name: The Keyboard Caper organization/Phrozen Crew '98 s/n: 3467094844
Name: tKC organization/PC '98 s/n: 3248304272
RIPBAR v2.0c Win95
s/n: ZQYZA0
s/n: ZSW1ON
s/n: ZSW30!
s/n: ZTTZ9X
s/n: ZTU=-0
s/n: ZVR1ON
s/n: ZVR30!
s/n: ZWOZ9X
s/n: ZWP=-0
s/n: ZYM1ON
s/n: ZYM29X
s/n: ZZJZ9X
RIPterm Pro v2.00.01
Name: Jabberwocky s/n: TDP0-E9C8-DK31-A6A1
Name: Jabberwocky s/n: TPD0-E9C8-DK31-A6A1
RKS Softwarer 16 bits
Name: Reveals ItsPersonal! : RKS-7169602
Name: Reveals ItsTime! : RKS-12440826
Name: Reveals Just The Fax : RKS-9493560
Name: Reveals Mighty Fax : RKS-9658088
Name: Reveals SuperMail : RKS-2298624
Name: Reveals Things To Do : RKS-6111244
Name: Reveals Visual Business Cards: RKS-8580746
Name: Reveals Visual Envelopes : RKS-12847400
Name: Reveals Visual Labels : RKS-3896444
RKS Softwarer 32 bits
Name: Reveals ItsPersonal! : RKS-7035132
Name: Reveals ItsTime! : RKS-11376140
Name: Reveals Just The Fax : RKS-10983804
Name: Reveals Mighty Fax : RKS-11067650
Name: Reveals SuperMail : RKS-2825430
Name: Reveals Things To Do : RKS-5190520
Name: Reveals Visual Envelopes : RKS-13163800
Name: Reveals Visual Business Cards: RKS-9430280
Name: Reveals Visual Labels : RKS-4420086
ROLLEM v1.1 1) Load the Game 2) quit to bring up the closing Soleau Software screen 3)Press the key 4) Enter name 5) Code: 583385$3
RONNIE v2.1 1) Load the Game 2) quit to bring up the closing Soleau Software screen 3)Press the key 4) Enter name 5) Code: 8921$2934
RSU32 1.1 Win95
I have paid the registration fee for RSU32 of $ for 100 users.
RTVReco v5.1 s/n: 0031302735875
RVS-Com v1.0 Win s/n: 003811-6RJ2TXR9VH
RVS-Com v1.0 Win95/NT s/n: 007311-UAWKVR6APB
RWN Suite for LightWave 3D s/n: 1198-2685-9316
RWN Suite for LightWave 3D Win95
Steps: (1) Click on "Start" menu, Programs, Real World Navigation, Suite for Lightwave 3D, Register Your Product!
Steps: Fill in the blanks as follows - Name: David Matter Password: 1225-8234-4020
RZSplit 97 v1.2 s/n: 93103
RZSplit v1.5 s/n: 72266
Name: 2U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F9A52A911 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: 4U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F9C54AB13 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: ???! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F6F2D49F7 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: Me! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F859D8B73 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: NoBoDy! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9FEC429894 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: SoMeBoDy! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F24140967 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F26182066 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs/ G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F865A9DB1 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F865A9DB1 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: Xxx! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9FA5E9A0F4 Phone: 031+00000000000
Name: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9FCFBD919F Phone: 031+00000000000
Rad van Fortuin (RVF) Name: Leontine Ruiters s/n: EADD-ADFD-BBA6-575512
Radioray v1.0 for 3DS Max Application key: 677-00067174 Authorization s/n: 6AA680D5
RagTime v3.0 s/n: 6601120 Production Number: 8739401
Ragtime v3.0 s/n: 6601120 Production#: 8739401
Ram Disk NT v1.2 Win-NT s/n: 1201110755
Ram Disk NT v1.2 WinNT s/n: 2EY0190-71-31-22-07-12A
Random Password Generator v5.0 s/n: 2WfcFzG2a2
Random Password Generator v6.0 Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 5vEd9A3mxm
Random Password generator v6.0
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: DJqVGkL25W
Name: Cracked s/n: HsYvBp7Xor
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: nJW2FIPM8z
Name: Registered s/n: 00013qpdVg
Name: Saltine s/n: 00027gqukG
Name: Saltine s/n: 7r93R7pk2S
Random Passwordgenerator v6.0
Name: 2U! s/n: qZJgVZMp23
Name: 4U! s/n: GVcIGNY2Hc
Name: Me! s/n: nJW2FIPM8z
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: FsgI5ahpDh
Name: Saltine /PC s/n: 42fHsYwCp7
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: wzNMuGrEeu
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: Ixrgtryw3w
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TgA/GiS] s/n: nJW2FIPM8z
Name: Xxx! s/n: QuDC7yZ4Jv
Name: You! s/n: JZ4Pyovcft
Random Test Generator v1.4 Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 00007ttrSw
Random Test generator v1.4
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 00049sWdmx
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 00006Ngyxk
Random Testgenerator v1.4
Name: 2U! s/n: 00001qpgWc
Name: 4U! s/n: 00083Twsxv
Name: Me! s/n: 00092geyGF
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 00015Pwqrs
Name: Saltine /PC s/n: 00023Yuhqc
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 00061sdeHm
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 00059fGres
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 00084bXadp
Name: Xxx! s/n: 00051gwqPj
Name: You! s/n: 00077cfwhb
RapidTrak Mac s/n: 600001201
Rasputin v1.0 Win s/n: RASPUTIN-ODIN-674617
Ray Dream 3D s/n: SW-500-1-4356-32162
Ray Dream 3D Designer v4.0 s/n: DW-313-1-1610-26598
Ray Dream Designer v3.1.1 Mac s/n: RD-301-1-2116-14832
Ray Dream Designer v3.1.3
s/n: DW-313-1-1095-49340
s/n: DW-313-1-1610-26598
s/n: DW-313-1-8686-4776
s/n: DW-313-1-9424-34021
Ray Dream Designer v3.x s/n: DW-313-1-8686-4776
Ray Dream Designer v4.0 s/n: DW-410-1-1270-31249
Ray Dream Desinger v4.0
s/n: SW-400-0-1026-46336
s/n: SW-400-1-3574-2770
Ray Dream Mac s/n: RD-403-1-9999-24894
Ray Dream Studio s/n: 410-2865-7667
Ray Dream Studio 4 s/n: SW-400-1-6993-12775
Ray Dream Studio v4.0 s/n: SM-00000-0-1-54633
Ray Dream Studio v4.0 Win95/NT
s/n: SM-00001-0-1-54569
s/n: SM-00002-0-1-54637
s/n: SW-400-0-1026-46336
s/n: SW-400-1-4268-6394
Ray Dream Studio v5.0 - Blubble Extension s/n: BBR-W-01-i60cfax-dh4286b-t0801s0
Ray Dream Studio v5.0 3D Fun Pack extension s/n: FP-500-1-8734-39832
Ray Dream Studio v5.0 Ray Dream Main Program s/n: SW-500-1-4356-32162
Ray Dream Studio v5.0 SuperMesh extension s/n: ZA-500-1-4129-29897
Ray Dream Studio v5.0 The Four Elements Pack s/n: 4E-500-1-3476-31659
Razor Professional v2.0 s/n: ARY0000204405E
ReachOut Remote Control Pro v4.04 Dos/Win s/n: 000688192
ReachOut Remote Control Pro-Edition v4.04 Dos/Win
s/n: 000646264
s/n: 000688192
ReachOut Remote Control v5.0 Dos/Win
s/n: 1031-8680-0000-0000
s/n: 1019-0055-3363-0658
s/n: 1031-0130-0000-0000
s/n: 1031-0830-0000-0000
s/n: 1031-1057-3376-2569
s/n: 1031-1100-0000-0000
s/n: 1031-2070-0000-0000
s/n: 1031-3040-0000-0000
s/n: 1031-4010-0000-0000
s/n: 1031-4980-0000-0000
s/n: 1031-5950-0000-0000
ReachOut Remote Control v6.0 Dos/Win s/n: 1031-0100-0000-0102
ReachOut v6.0 Win95 s/n: 1031-0123-4567-8934
ReachOut v7.0 full version s/n: 1031-0256-6333-3413
ReachOut v7.0 upgrade s/n: 1031-0256-6600-0690
Reachout Remote Control Pro v4.04
s/n: 000646264
s/n: 000688192
Reachout Remote Control v5.0
s/n: 1031013000000000
s/n: 1031083000000000
s/n: 1031110000000000
s/n: 1031207000000000
s/n: 1031304000000000
s/n: 1031401000000000
s/n: 1031498000000000
s/n: 1031595000000000
s/n: 1031868000000000
ReadySetGrow! v1.0 Mac s/n: 20475
Real Audio Player Plus v3.0 Win95
s/n: 0096-82-2767
s/n: 0190-56-8653
Real Audio Player Plus v4.0b1 Win95
s/n: 0186-95-9261
s/n: 0195-88-5366
s/n: 0202-62-9186
s/n: 0610-62-7053
Real Audio Player Plus v5.0
s/n: 0195-88-5366
s/n: 0233-18-0663
Real Audio Player Plus v5.0 Beta 2 s/n: 0600-64-2849
Real Audio Plus 32bit s/n: 0020-16-5604
Real Audio Plus v3.0
s/n: 0097-62-7186
s/n: 0106-50-6213
s/n: 0546-51-5461
Real Audio Plus v3.0 - v4.0
s/n: 0094-32-4766
s/n: 1000-00-1000
Real Audio Plus v3.0 beta1 s/n: 0094-32-4766
Real Audio Plus v4.0
s/n: 0094-32-4766
s/n: 0097-62-7186
Real Audio v4.0 s/n: 10097-62-7186
Real Clocks 95 v1.0 s/n: 8580163
Real Estate Software Analysis Dos Name: TANYA P. MOSES s/n: 96031701
Real Player Plus (Beta 1) Download beta, run install and enter : 0094-32-4766 when asked for serial
Real Player Plus v5.0 s/n: 0013-85-5668
Real Player Plus v5.0 beta 1 s/n: 0097-62-7186
Real Video Blackjack v4.1 s/n: 179581
Real Video Poker v4.2 s/n: 586491
Real Word Navigation Name: Nop [Phrozen Crew] s/n: 0591-0463-5461
RealOrche v1.2
Name: Registered User s/n: A2-3Z56-89012-840
Name: Registered s/n: A2-3Z56-89012-840
RealPlayer Plus v4.01 s/n: 0906-30-6028
RealPlayer v4.08.022 s/n: 0094-32-4766
RealServer v1.0.0.45 CustomerName: evaluator Licensekey: 82600zf8c0d00006b02f2e530000fb070000007830c00a03500a10fd4048400003509
Realmz Assault on Giant Mountain Mac s/n: 0000017663 Doom
Realmz v2.0 Mac
s/n: 11603111 RCs/n: 7252020
s/n: 11603111 s/n: RC7252020
Rebecca Name: (your name) email: (your email) s/n: 0012-3437-A102
Reclaim It v2.0 RECLAIMIT!VERSION2-021375
Recognita OCR v2.1 s/n: UI23C2029043
Recognita Plus v1.0 Win s/n: A46AW422604388
Recognita Plus v1.25 Win
s/n: A46IW422685241
s/n: a461w422685655
Recognita Plus v3.0 s/n: RW305CJB0003421
Recognita Standard OCR Win3.11 s/n: sw3075ui0000000
Recognita Standard OCR v3.2 Win95 s/n sn3275ui0000000
Recognita v1.0 Win s/n: A46AW422604388
Recovering Planning Software v8.05 Comp/xxxx Validation Code: All "1" 's
Red Alcemist Pro v4.0 Name: John Kazecki s/n: 556980423
Red Alchemist Pro v1.1 (Red Alert Editor) Name: Green Alert s/n: 507494469
Red Alchimist Pro v1.1 Win
Name: 2U! s/n: 42417640
Name: 4U! s/n: 42417640
Name: Me! s/n: 58017448
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 254805674
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 337902418
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 652962171
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 936631007
Name: Xxx! s/n: 154891206
Name: You! s/n: 140217768
Name: j0b [UCF] s/n: 233354243
Red Dragon Casino v1.1b s/n: ZW0275
Reflection 4 v5.0 s/n: BBJR0500001481599
Reflection Suite v5.02 for X s/n: 001634883
Reflection Sweet for X v5.0 s/n: 001487272
Reflection X v4.0 s/n: WXP400L005847
Reflection/2 v5.1 WinNT s/n: 001686818
Reflection/4 WRQ v5.12 Win95 s/n: 001763649
RegView v2.1 Win95 s/n: 534152250307
RegView v2.2 Win95 Name: Sliverz s/n: 0F90F50AD0AB0E10BA0C2
RegView v2.21a Name: lupin s/n: 0C60EC0B40B40EA
Registered Version s/n: 609314894
Registry Search & Relace v2.10 Win95 Name: tHATDUDE PC Info: PC s/n: 3C885E5C-0077
Registry Search & Replace v2.0 Win95
Name: Gauss info: X s/n: 1119C4E5-1111
Name: MenetZ Info: RCI s/n: 242569D1-0099
Registry Search & Replace v2.10 Win95 Name: blastsoft Info: blastsoft s/n: 3EF32C5D-5555
Registry Search & replace v2.10 Win95
Name: :MARQUIS: Info: UCF s/n: 01a76624-0002
Name: YOU Info: #UCF2000 s/n: 328c6ae7-9376
Regognita OCR v2.1 s/n: UI23C2029043
RemindMe v1.5 remind777me
Reminder v1.2 Win95 Name: cosmo cramer s/n: 452214248946v
Reminders 95 Name: s s/n: 25
Reminders v3.3 Name: SiLicon Surfer company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 3900780454
Remora v0.90 Name: MCVD 1997 s/n : 627457423
Remote Access
sysop: batman bbs: s/n: RFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045
sysop: batman bbs: s/n: RFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045
Remote Access Pro v2.01 s/n: PFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045
Remote Access Pro v2.02 s/n: PFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045
Remote Access Pro v2.02 (250 nodes) s/n: PF026549CB0002319A0045
Remote Access Pro v2.02+
s/n: PF6C03909ECDD90AAC0080
s/n: PF8F674955CDD90AAC0070
s/n: PF9161BC0DCDD90AAC0060
s/n: PFA3B7DE8FCDD90AAC0000
s/n: PFB36AA3E5CDD90AAC0010
s/n: PFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045
s/n: PFC7DB1B8BCDD90AAC0040
s/n: PFCAB17685CDD90AAC0050
s/n: PFE5DF01EBCDD90AAC0020
s/n: PFFBD9F4B3CDD90AAC0030
Remote Access bbs v2.5 pro s/n: XXB2BED670000234FB0001
Remote Desktop 32 v2.1.1 s/n: 9876543210987654DA02
Remote Desktop II Win s/n: 5633342517363453278BD Name: CB4-1996-=BEST=-CF9C
Remote Services Management (RSM) Pro s/n: P41A1KMASQUEUDM99999QNU
Remotely Possible v4.0rc1 s/n: A0002B96C76AF76F Name: AT&T
Remotely Possible32 v3.2
s/n: 10002-B1D27-87B5-6F
s/n: A0002-B96C7-6AF7-6F
Remove-IT v1.0 Win s/n: 10022814
Remove-IT v2.0 Win95
s/n: 20135685
s/n: 20148045
s/n: 20150941
s/n: 20153530
s/n: 20154774
s/n: 20225212
Remove-IT v3.0 Win95
s/n: 20331296
s/n: 20353775
s/n: 20361879
Remove-IT v3.02 Win95 s/n: 20422-704-0768-5802
Remove-It v1.0 s/n: N3-1152-AA
Remove-It v3.02 s/n: 20422704
RemoveIt v2.0 s/n: 20-225-212
RemoveR v1.7 Name: TheForceTeam s/n: 146783
Rems Property Manager 500 v3.0
s/n: 92336 1/2
s/n: 92337
RenameWiz v1.0.3 s/n: 316432591
Render Studio 3D Win
Name: DoH!RuLeZ! Company Name: HeLLAND iNC. s/n: 17 Verification: 863528
Name: DoH!RuLeZ! Company Name: HeLLAND iNC. s/n: 27 Verification: 863547
Render v2.0C 16 bits s/n: 4928
RenderMan Win s/n: 1114897156
RenderMan from Pixar Win s/n: 1114897156
RenderMan v5.5 Mac s/n: 3273071853
RenderSoft VRML Edit v1.3 Win95/NT s/n: PRS29721000Z000
RenderSoft VRML Editor v1.0 s/n: PRS29721000Z000
RenderSoft VRML Editor v1.0 Win95
s/n: PRS00001000Z
s/n: PRS05031600Z
s/n: PRS05031680Z
s/n: PRS07091610Z
s/n: PRS12341567Z
s/n: PRS24101690Z
s/n: PRS43541198Z
s/n: PRS56211932Z
s/n: PRS83541281Z
s/n: PRS98761006Z
Repilica s/n: 1026-0766-6333-3869
Replica v1.0 Mac s/n: RPM-0010-0342-38QD
Replica v2.0 for NetWare s/n: 1030-0755-3348-3004
Report Generator v2.12 Win95 Name: TwinHead [uCF] !97 s/n: D15F2219-D200CD32-6ECD326E
ReportIt v5.x - Report/File printing
Name: BYTE RIPPER s/n: 12646
Name: PCREW RULEZ s/n: 12305
Name: PHROZEN CREW s/n: 11913
Name: REGISTERED s/n: 12074
Resistor/Capacitor ColorCode Decoder v2.11 Name: Plushmm PC'97 s/n: 99-CCD-04189545$
Retrospect Remote Mac s/n: 426-194-0387
Revival v2.1 Final / Registered (UCF) Name: Dr. Animadei Company: United Cracking Force - Hi Lordbike! s/n: rv00900-3801998
Riada Attivo v1.00b2 build 39 Name: Killer+Bee s/n: 57R22QPC0
Riada Billboard v1.0 Build 18 Name: romeo [d4c/97] s/n: ZXXNIV321
Riada Billboard v1.03 build 25 Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: X720RVKB1
Riada Cartel v1.00
Name: Phrozen Crew 96 s/n: SV5LTY123
Name: everyone s/n: Y8V224123
Name: me s/n: 2DNW3S123
Name: surva s/n: V43Y8Q123
Riada Cartel v1.1 build 120 Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: H5J2A2KB0
Riada Cartel v1.1b4 Name: Killer+Bee s/n: I4SQMGPC0
Riada Collections - Riada Attivo v1.0 Name: romeo s/n : T3868K321 Organization : [d4c]
Riada Collections - Riada Cartel v1.1 Name: romeo s/n : HH74VS321 Organization : [d4c]
Riada Collections - Riada Vivo v1.0 Name: romeo s/n : ODC50N321 Organization : [d4c]
Riada Form v1.01 build 32 Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: 6J0HVDKB0
Riada Headline v1.0 Name: Int13 [RBS '97] s/n: EZEZSJRBS
Riada Headline v1.03 build 44 Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: CPWZA7KB0
Riada Linx v1.02 build 22 Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: ZA20RWKB1
Riada Vivo v1.0 build 54 Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: EXUAMQKB1
Riada Vivo v1.00b2 build 32 Name: Killer+Bee s/n: YTZ2IDPC0
RiadaAttivo v1.0 Name: romeo s/n: T3868K321 Organization: [d4c]
RiadaCartel v1.1 Name: romeo s/n: HH74VS321 Organization: [d4c]
RiadaLock v1.02 build 29 Name: Killer+Bee [pC'97] s/n: 0FZ12CKB1
RiadaVivio v1.00b2 build 32 Win95
Name: Killer+Bee s/n: YTZ2IDPC0
Name: ODIN 97 company: EPIDEMIC s/n: 31MDGU123
RiadaVivo v1.0 Name: romeo s/n: ODC50N321 Organization: [d4c]
Rich Win v4.3 s/n: RWA0-579461-0194
RichWin for Internet version 4.3 Win95 s/n: RWAC-724512-0003
RideAway v1.51 Win95/NT Name: TheForceTeam license: Unlimited s/n: 1TS21003-402800-2398004-ZWjfFrtdeWgbmb
Right Fax s/n: SNR056440 R056440 Reference Serial Number 11198
Right Fax v4.02 OS/2 Region: RFS1 s/n: SNR055369
Right Fax v4.5 Win95/NT
s/n: 11198
s/n: R056440
s/n: SNR056440
s/n: SNR057954
RightWriter Mac Name: TGMC s/n: 113695
Rio v6.21 s/n: 205521
RipBAR Pro v2.0c
s/n: ZQYZ9X
s/n: ZSW10N
s/n: ZZK=-0
RipBAR v2.1 Pro s/n: ZQYYMX
Ripper v1.2
Name: Riz la+ s/n: 5$56?ppG
Name: Riz la+ s/n: 5$56?ppG
Name: mRFANATIc [D4C] s/n: 5$56?ppGGpp?65$5
Ripper v1.3 Name: Cheops s/n: 5$56?ppGGpp?65$5
Ripterm Pro v2.00.01 Name: Jabberwocky s/n: TPD0E9C8DK31A6A1
Ripterm v2.20 Name: Aesculapius s/n: TPD0-E9C8-DK31-A6A1 Activation Code: DF56-53CF
RoadTech v1.0 s/n: A5-171754
Rob Alarm v1.51 Win95 Name: ED!SON '96 [Xf/UCf] compa: address: email: date: key: 758-938-866582798378
RoboComm Vga BBS-Board Name: Scott Parsell s/n: 91683846992076418530629133404918614429
RoboComm v4.3 Win Name: Alan R. Hayes s/n: 3491
Robohelp Help-2-Html Conversion s/n: H10001874A
Robsofts speed surfer v3.0 Name: Bob Smith s/n: 27601
Rock & Bach Studio v1.0 s/n: 0247942
Rock Man v1.3 s/n: 43849R2
Rockliffe Mailsite v1.2.2
s/n: 0CFF-FFEC-V097-0104-E97F
s/n: 0CFF-FFEC-V712-4167-CC7D
Rops v4.41 Win95 reg: DoMnAr [PIE 96] s/n: 5866b4cce5f6
Rosenthal Uninstall v4 s/n: DE6D Name: MaRooN
Rosenthal Uninstall v4.0 Name: MaRooN s/n: DE9D
RotoCard v3.1
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 4230
Name: Registered s/n: 3737
Name: daze s/n: 1512
Round Clock v1.00e Win95/NT Name: lgb [REVOLT] s/n: D23C-2DE4D-23C-3C14
Round Clock v1.22 Win95/NT Name: TheForce Team s/n: 7843-4B87-843-A5AI
Round Clock97 v2.0 Win Name: KiLLa [c0re'97] s/n: F086-7800F-086-3CD0
RoundClock v1.0+ Name: MCVD 1997 s/n : 3CC9-2D3C3-CC9-96D0
RoundClock v1.00 Name: Tailgunner [pc97] s/n: D2C9-2D00D-2C9-D29A
RoundClock v1.23 Win95/NT Name: CKL!1997 s/n: 1E57-006B1-E57-D2C9
Route 66 Win s/n: 28424XVMH0333
Route 66 Win3 s/n: 2316FSFE74625
Route 66 v1.0 Win
program s/n: 28424XVMH0335 s/n: 2316FSFE74626 s/n: 21848QSK47810
s/n: 28424XVMH0355 s/n: 2316FSFE74625
Route 66 v1.5 Mac s/n: 28JSSV4559813 Application
Route 66 v1.5 Win program s/n: 2CDDJ76930000 s/n: 180SEPN656641 s/n: 201857282SPQZ
Route 66 v1.9 s/n: 265342LVPX820
Royal Flush Pinball s/n: a217afarwk1
Rubber Duck H30+ v1.0 Win95 Name: SquirtGun [HTG] s/n1: 7e2f / 964e / 35bc s/n2: 5429 / 1f97 / f900 s/n3: e48a / 5f85 / c5ff
Rubber Duck v0.85
Name: Byte Ripper s/n: 7e1008af56b83e2543eb921a9e862ed4e9a5
Name: Free Registered s/n: 7e50d78e35971dc3558e16bd64eb923923ec
Name: Free Version s/n: 7e50d78e35975d04449c83da12d65e056582
Name: PC97 / SPF97 s/n: 7ebe43370b6db0136702c6ba8ee3786cee0b
Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 7ebe951d646c135a73ce46fcc42a01880147
Name: j0b s/n: 7e90f37a71d45b527ab3ba1e949bfe75a2c0
Rubber Duck v1.02 H30+ ( 9 june 1997 ) User: -= +ALI-BABA =- Key: 5f86be15289cbaaadd52c945b91c4373a6ec
Rude Dog On-Line Adventure
Name: 2U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 42863
Name: 4U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 42133
Name: Me! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 16420
Name: NoBoDy! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 154625
Name: SoMeBoDy! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 170570
Name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 124540
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 351145
Name: Xxx! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 39136
Name: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 68869
Name: [-NH-] bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 135236
Rumba APPC v2.1 s/n: 00997290
Rumba MainFrame Connection v4.0 (4 node license) s/n: 00491097
Rumba Office Win95/NT s/n: DJP-70432091 s/n: CEGRGSHU-63
Rumba for the InterNet v1.0 Win s/n: 00955877
Rummy 500 v3.51 Win
Name: 2U! s/n: 207-793-431
Name: 4U! s/n: 213-462-135
Name: AquA / PC97 s/n: 320-118-753
Name: Me! s/n: 295-658-343
Name: NoBoDy! s/n: 111-477-951
Name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 207-968-391
Name: TeLLeRBoP [TeL/GiS] s/n: 194-089-661
Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL [TGA/GiS] s/n: 196-686-583
Name: Xxx! s/n: 158-743-395
Name: You! s/n: 156-932-559
Runes v1.1 1) Load the Game 2) quit to bring up the closing Soleau Software screen 3)Press the key 4) Enter name 5) Code: 3319$25$

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